Victoire Slakey

Cusco, Peru

“My name is Victoire QoriQ’ente (Golden Hummingbird) Slakey
I was born in Paris (Rue des Volontaires) in 1965 and have lived in the Congo, the United States, France and now Peru where I have found the land of my dreams and am helping to build there a place for grounding our sacred vision for the convergence and emergence of our collective Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

Whether in private sessions or group play-work, my approach is synergistic and in service to our awakening.
I have been immersing with the Gene Keys transmission since 2015 and attended these retreats :
Seven Sacred Seals in Cortez, BC, Canada
Venus Sequence in Romania
Star Pearl, Findhorn Scotland
The 64 Names of Love, Victoria, BC, Canada

Services Offered

    • Simple Solutions for a Good Life : Whole Body Neurosciences, Gene Keys and Gentle Art in the Peruvian Andes
    • Coaching and group work in situ and anywhere on the planet thanks to the internet 😀
    • English, French and Spanish speaking
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