Zornitsa Simidjiiska


Zornitsa Simidjiiska or in short Zuz is part of the Gene Keys Bulgaria team right from it’s creation, and now, more than 4 years later, she continues to explore and play with the Gene Keys wisdom in her life. She translated the Gene Keys book in Bulgarian and now continues to work with her whole heart, so more people can be touched by the Gene Keys on their own language in their unique and powerful way.

Zuz believes that we are truly the architects of our own destiny and the key is always in our attitude not only to the life as a whole, but especially to our darker side – our shadows. When we stop rejecting, denying, oppress and judge ourselves for them, the magic happens! We start to embrace them as a part of us, we start to see the opportunity in the challenge, we start to love that engine inside of us that pushes us to grow and begging us to see them as the light which they are. And this is pure freedom! This is what the Gene Keys bring in your life – eternal love for yourself and the others for who they really are and the magical freedom with it.

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