Blessing of Birth

By Richard Rudd

Great Beings of Infinite softness and truth
We salute you.
We entreat you to witness this birth.
May your manifold blessings shine forth
Upon the brow of this, our new beloved.

May the fruits and mellow seasons of the earth
Rain down upon this little life
Inspiring a lifelong journey of reverence and wonder.

Please protect and nourish this,
Your precious seed
As it falls and rises and learns and grows
In this, our dawning world.

May the great steadfast oak of your love
Offer peaceful, daily umbrage to this soul
As she weaves her dream
Into the waking hearts
Of the people of this world.

May the spirits of tree and plant and flower and star
Of wind and waves and distant mountain,
And all the creatures and elements of this earth
Inspire you little one…
May they be your constant companions
And may you serve them well,
As they shall serve you.

And as your life sprouts
And your soul’s true purpose
Echoes round the valleys of your life,
May your roots plunge deep
May your path run smooth,
May your friends be many
May you find your sacred partner
May you face all storms
With the heart of the rose
And the valour of the lion.
And may the winds of wisdom
Loosen the leaves of your dreams
As you offer your gifts to the world.

And May the tender cradle of your family
fill you with vigour and the gentle faith
That all is well in this life.
May your every cell remember this truth
As you step forth from this day onwards.

May you carry the blessings of the Ancient Ones
May your life be blessed
By the sacred Mystery of the Three.

(anoint the head with 3 drops of pure water)

We offer these gifts as a sacred talisman
May they too be blessed.

(blessing the gifts)

We weave these circles around your head
And close our eyes to bow
In sacred Veneration.


May your life be blessed.
May you help bring an end to all suffering.
May you realise in this very life
The Eternal Truth of your origin.

We give great thanks for your birth.
We give great thanks to our ancestors
And ask that they watch over you
As you shine your light in this world.

May your life be blessed
May your family be blessed
May all families be blessed
May all beings be blessed.



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