Dream Arc Animal Codex

For millennia our ancestors have created codices of the animal and nature spirits that affect and inspire their cultures. Such systems are always built on the combining of the mythologies of the tribal lineage together with a rich knowledge of the local fauna and flora. The Native Americans have their coyote medicine, the Mesoamericans have their jaguar shaman and the Celts have their stag. All cultures that have a strong shamanic background have created such codices, since they allow human beings to identify more powerfully with the natural world and to enter into the quantum field known to shamans as the ‘Dreamtime’. To move in and out of the Dreamtime, one must have some kind of language that enables the human psyche to integrate the lessons and wisdom that is found therein. This is why man has always intuitively created such symbolic languages.

We are now entering into the Age of Synthesis, and the Dream Arc Animal Codex is a universal synthesis of all the major mythical animal archetypes from across the world. The advantages of entering into a global dream language are many and its implications are far-reaching. Humanity is now being forced to communicate and think globally, which means that cultural differences and barriers are being continually challenged. Working with the Dream Arc Animal Codex is a very powerful responsibility because one is actually re-programming the Dreamtime itself. By uniting multiple strands of lineages, we are entering into the serpentine coils of human DNA itself at a collective level. By dreaming across continents, we are expanding the dreaming consciousness of humanity, which will in time change the way all human beings think. That is something worthy of consideration.

The Dream Arc Animal Codex is designed to operate alongside ‘The 64 Gene Keys’. The Gene Keys themselves are universal archetypes arising from the mathematical structure of human DNA. As such they can be translated into any realm within our universe. The 64 Gene Keys are arranged in three ‘frequency bands’ known as the ‘Shadow’, the ‘Gift’ and the ‘Sidhhi’. These bands also represent the three main stages of human awareness as it moves in and out of the sleep cycle. These stages are called ‘alpha’, ‘theta’ and ‘delta’. This triple grid therefore gives birth to the inner structure of the Codex and its 192 animals, arranged into the three realms of Birds, Mammals and Underworld creatures (reptiles, amphibians, insects and fish). In the Codex, these levels are called the Vision Key, the Life Key and the Fear Key respectively.

The Dream Arc Animal Codex allows you to correctly decode the true archetypes and processes that lie behind all creatures. We contain every creature within the spiral helix of our living DNA. This means that when we encounter an animal, bird, insect, reptile or fish, then that creature is communicating something to us from within the infrastructure of our very own DNA. The codex is like a universal dream codebook that lists all categories of creatures. Even if the creature you have met is not listed in the codex, you should be able to fit it into the codex through aligning it within the appropriate ‘Category’ within its realm. A little tip that you might find insightful and enjoyable when you would like to introduce this knowledge to someone you know, is to simply ask them to name their favourite animal. When you then read them the meaning, it is often quite a revelation. This can be done with all three of the realms, so that you can accurately have a sense of a person’s highest destiny (the Vision Key), the creative gift that will unlock that destiny (the Life key) and the initiation that they will have to move through before that destiny can manifest (the Fear Key).

May your fears become your allies, and may your true destiny be revealed!

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