Gene Keys – a simple introduction

The Gene Keys – a voyage of Self Illumination

Based on a fundamental code of consciousness and inspired by the Chinese I Ching, the Gene Keys are an inner journey whose purpose is to transform our core beliefs about ourselves, thus raising our lives onto a whole new level of awareness.

The Story

The year is 1987. It’s an unusually hot and dry autumn day in Sussex, England. A young man falls asleep in the middle of an oak forest. On waking he finds himself encircled by 3 adders, venomous snakes. For over an hour neither serpent nor man stir so much as an inch, until eventually one by one, the snakes vanish back into the dark, lush undergrowth from which they emerged.

My name is Richard Rudd and I was that young man, and shortly after that terrifying encounter I inexplicably began to experience visions. Turning away from a career in a highly reputable family wine business, I took the road less travelled and set off on a global quest to try and find answers to the questions that now burned inside me. It took 25 years before the visions came into a sharp focus. One day finally everything became synthesised inside me – all the systems I had studied and all the teachers I had learned from. A vast book just came pouring through me, and it united all these different strands of teachings into a single stream of consciousness – a synthesis that I call the Gene Keys. 

The Book

I am sure that many authors have the experience of a book coming alive as they write it. But when I sat down and wrote Gene Keys, it literally re-wrote me. It took me seven years to write and refine the text, but this was only the beginning. I literally experienced the codes within the book urging me to look deeply into my Shadows and live a more authentic life – a life with a clear higher purpose. Based on the same universal code as the Chinese I Ching and mirrored in human DNA, I have come to describe the Gene Keys book as a living transmission, by which I mean that just reading it can have a lasting affect on you. Uniting both science and mysticism, Gene Keys weaves together a kaleidoscope of insights from fields as diverse as biology, theosophy, anthropology, mythology and indigenous wisdom. Beyond all this however, Gene Keys is a book designed to bring about personal transformation by actually influencing your DNA. In the tradition of many mystical texts it has an uncanny habit of coming alive as you contemplate and probe its interwoven insights. 

The Science

At around the same time as Gene Keys was being written, a whole new current of breakthroughs also took place in the sciences. The ‘new biology’ was born by molecular biologists such as Bruce Lipton, who showed that our DNA is not pre-programmed as we used to believe but is a highly sensitive open system that responds to both emotion and thought. Experiments have shown that the phosphates deep within our cells expand and contract according to the electromagnetic impulses of our environment. And the environment that has the greatest impact on us is the subtle quantum bio-field generated by our unconscious attitude towards life. In other words, our consciousness creates our biological reality. The Gene Keys were evolved as a new programming language that not only guide you through a transformation of your unconscious core beliefs, but also anchor this into your living DNA as you apply its insights to your daily life.

The Journey

From time immemorial, the saints and sages of all cultures have suggested that inside the human body there exists a code for a higher human evolution – a transcendent state of great compassion and inner freedom. The central premise of the Gene Keys is that this code lies dormant within the actual coils of your DNA. So how do we unlock this code to our higher purpose? 

This is where the Gene Keys book comes in. Consisting of 64 human behavioural archetypes, Gene Keys is a codebook of the pitfalls and potentials of human consciousness. Each archetype or ‘Gene Key’ has 3 levels of frequency known as Shadows (victim patterns), Gifts (creative genius) and Siddhis (divine manifestations). As you contemplate Gene Keys over time it takes you on a deep personal journey into your specific Shadow patterns in order that you can unlock their latent higher potential. In the spirit of the original I Ching, Gene Keys teaches from within you by reflecting back the level of your authenticity and awareness as you go about your everyday life. This is an experiential teaching that can trigger a process of profound illumination in your life.

Your Hologenetic Profile and The Golden Path

An additional dimension to the book comes from a unique online profiling system that provides each person with a free ‘Hologenetic Profile’. Your Profile is based on a holographic understanding of the cosmos in which the time and place of your birth is seen as having a direct connection to your genetic imprinting. Your Profile displays 3 sequences of Gene Keys that relate specifically to patterns in your life. One unlocks your genius, one reveals the higher purpose of your relationships and one aligns you to the forces of prosperity. Together, these sequences form a ‘Golden Path’ – a personalised inner voyage towards higher consciousness. Using the Gene Keys book as your map and your Profile as a compass, your daily life itself becomes the Golden Path towards a higher potential. 

The Synthesis

Since the Gene Keys were first conceived in 1987, they have consistently revealed themselves to be a multi-dimensional teaching with a vast scope and breadth.  As the scribe for this wisdom I continue to relay the many pathways across the labyrinth of this incredible Synthesis.  Although the essence remains simple and pure, the paths towards Truth are infinite. The result is that the Gene Keys Synthesis continues to grow in depth, with new strands constantly being added to the tapestry of the teachings. Once you have become oriented in the basics, through your profile and the Golden Path, you can then explore the deeper veins of these teachings. At this point your journey with the Gene Keys becomes highly intuitive. 

The Gene Keys teachings are for the seeker who is tired of collecting more information and who doesn’t want to follow another teacher or external teaching. The Gene Keys are an interior teaching whose purpose is to increase your awareness through sustained contemplation of both your Shadow patterns and your purest essence. They are a spiritual teaching for modern life that you shape to fit your life, and like the original I Ching, they are a journey of Self Illumination that brings personal transformation right into your daily life.

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