Glossary of Empowerment

By Richard Rudd

The following Glossary, found in the back of the Gene Keys book, is designed as a contemplative tool in its own right as well as a reference for understanding the Gene Keys terminology. Each word contains an empowerment, as does its description, so that as you contemplate these words and their deeper meanings as well as their relevance to your life, they may over time help you to raise your own frequency. The Glossary also operates in a holographic way, so that one term appears within another. The more words you therefore contemplate, the deeper the wisdom moves within you and the more clearly you will see the overall vista. Eventually the words themselves and their meanings may become embedded in you as a field of higher remembrance that transcends the language itself.

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Absorption — A state of consciousness in which your aura begins to feed off its own light, thus perpetuating a very stable high frequency throughout your being. As you enter the state of Absorption your DNA begins to trigger your endocrine system to secrete certain rarefied hormones on a continual basis. These hormones are associated with higher brain functioning and involve states of spiritual illumination and transcendence. At such a stage, it is no longer possible for you to be drawn back into the lower frequencies for more than brief periods of time. Arising naturally out of Contemplation and leading to Embodiment, Absorption occurs when you first begin to inhabit the buddhic body, after the Fourth Initiation.

Activation Sequence — The Activation Sequence is the primary genetic sequence in your Holo- genetic Profile. The Activation Sequence describes a series of three leaps in awareness that unfold in your life as you activate the higher purpose within your DNA. These inner realisations are called your Challenge, your Breakthrough and your Core Stability. Calculated from the position of the sun at the time of your birth, your Activation Sequence pinpoints four specific Gene Keys (known as your Four Prime Gifts) that form the vibratory field of your genius. As its name suggests, your Activation Sequence is a trigger that can catalyse a period of intense transformation in your life.

Amino Acid — A chemical constituent used by your body to build proteins. There are 20 major amino acids. You have within you the power to influence the various combinations of amino acids in your body, thus building a body of radiant health and catalysing the chemical foundation for all higher states.

Archetype — A compressed idea containing many dimensions of meaning, imagery and feeling. Archetypes resonate with deep universal themes in the unconscious of all human beings, regard- less of race, genetics or conditioning. According to the Gene Keys, there are exactly 64 universal archetypes. When you continuously contemplate and identify with a particular archetype, it has the capacity to transform your state of consciousness from a low frequency to a high frequency.

Astral Plane — The 2nd of the 7 major planes of reality upon which all human beings function. The astral plane is a subtle electromagnetic field generated by all low frequency human desire and emotion. On the astral plane of reality, your every feeling or desire has an independent existence and can be understood as an entity with its own vibratory frequency. Through the law of affinity, you draw into your aura the astral entities that match the frequency of your feelings and desires. As you purify your emotional nature, it gradually becomes impossible for astral entities to influence your life and feelings. At this point you begin to function on the higher octave of the astral plane, known as the buddhic plane.

Astral Body — The 2nd major subtle layer of your aura, corresponding to the astral plane. Of all the subtle bodies, the astral body is closest in vibration to the physical body and its etheric counter- part, which means that your emotional life has the most powerful and direct effect on your physical health and vitality. The astral body is gradually developed in your 2nd seven-year cycle, from the age of 8 until 14, during which time all your major emotional patterns are laid down. As you contemplate the Shadow consciousness field and how it affects and governs you personally, you are reaching down into your astral body and re-imprinting your basic emotional patterns with a higher frequency. This will bring about a major transformation in all your relationships as you become less reactive and more emotionally mature.

Atmic Plane — The 6th of the 7 major planes of reality upon which all human beings function. The atmic plane is the higher frequency octave of the mental plane and is the plane of your true ‘higher self ’. On the atmic plane of reality the entire cosmos is experienced as a living mind whose primary impulse is love. When you cross the threshold to this plane (through the Sixth Initiation), then all your independent thinking immediately ceases — to be replaced by pure light. To contact your greater being on the atmic plane all you have to do is focus consistently and intently on this inner light.

Atmic Body — The 6th major subtle layer of your aura, corresponding to the atmic plane and the Christ consciousness. Your atmic body, which manifests through the 64 Siddhis, is so vast that it defies comprehension. To enter fully into this body your identification with the lower bodies — physical, emotional (astral) and mental must be severed completely. When this happens, your cycle of incarnations will come to an end. The atmic body creates an increasing pressure on your lower nature as its light gradually filters down to illuminate the lower three bodies, resulting in a magnificent phenomenon known as the dawning of the rainbow body. Over time, this leads to a complete restructuring of your life as the inner light of the Atmic plane dawns inside you, culminating in your full embodiment of divinity.

Aura/Auric Field — The true multi-dimensional body of all human beings, the aura is a broad- spectrum electromagnetic field emanating from and grounded by your physical body. Your aura acts like a prism that refracts various different wavebands of light. It is the electromagnetic expression of your chemical state at any given moment. This also means that you can change your physiological chemistry by means of your aura. Through meditating or concentrating on your aura, you can refine its frequency and impact your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing for the better. As the overall frequency of your aura rises, its magnetic power also expands and you even begin to transform your environment and those around you. Your aura always relays the absolute truth of your inner state, registering your every thought, feeling, urge and hidden pattern as a subtle emanation. By working with the 64 Gene Keys, you are effectively purifying the many dense layers of your aura, making you more radiant, more sensitive and more compassionate towards all beings.

Awareness — An aspect of consciousness unique to all life forms. In a human being, awareness can be divided into three main layers, although in reality they are all a single awareness — physical awareness, emotional awareness and mental awareness. At low levels of frequency, human awareness is confined to the human body — physical awareness remains rooted in survival and fear, emotional awareness remains rooted in desire and drama and mental awareness remains rooted in comparison and judgment. As you raise the frequency throughout your being, your awareness becomes more refined and shifts from the local environment to the cosmic. Physical awareness becomes Divine presence, emotional awareness becomes universal love and mental awareness becomes silence and wisdom.

Bardo — The intermediary stage between incarnations. At a certain point before your physical death, you enter into the bardo sequence, in which the subtler layers of your aura begin a pro- cess of disengagement from the lower three bodies (physical, astral, mental). This sequence leads to physical death, but also continues after death. In the bardo stages after death our subtle bodies move through a series of alchemical distillation in which the low frequency material that we have collected throughout our incarnation is separated from the high frequency essence. The continuity of the Bardo cycles and their sequences interconnect our many lifetimes until we transcend human evolution at the Sixth Initiation.

Bhakti — The subtle fluidic emanations generated by your heart when it devotes itself to the highest good. You generate bhakti through your aura as your inner radiance continues to grow. Bhakti is the refined essence of your lower three bodies (physical, astral and mental). Through living a life of devotion and service, you flood your own aura and the world with bhakti. Bhakti always rises up and is the counterpart to shakti, which always rains down. Whereas bhakti is the evolutionary quintessence of all that is good in human beings, shakti is the involutionary quintessence of the Divine. The more you open your heart and allow it to speak and live in your life, the more bhakti you generate and the more shakti (Divine Grace) rains down upon you.

Buddhic Plane — The 5th of the 7 major planes of reality upon which all human beings function. The buddhic plane is the higher frequency octave of the astral plane and is the plane of devotion and ecstasy. In many ancient traditions, this plane of reality is known as the realm of the gods and goddesses. When you identify with a Divine entity, you are engaging directly with the buddhic plane. Here your own individual identity becomes merged into the collective body of humanity, and all the pain and anguish of the lower planes are transformed into an all-encompassing love. As you purify your DNA of its ancestral memories and Shadow patterns, so you gradually come to know a new life on the buddhic plane.

Buddhic Body — The 5th major subtle layer of your aura, corresponding to the buddhic plane. Your buddhic body is only accessible to you once your heart has completely opened. All true higher mystical experiences or revelations come through your heart and are therefore rooted in the buddhic body. Once your awareness is fully anchored in the buddhic body, the causal body dissolves and reincarnation in the normal sense is no longer possible. The buddhic body also corresponds to the mystical state of Absorption (the Fourth and Fifth Initiations), which is what occurs as your awareness becomes stabilised in the higher frequencies. It represents the third feminine realm of the Divine Trinity — that of Divine activity or compassionate action.

Causal Plane — The 4th of the major planes of reality upon which all human beings function. The causal plane is the higher frequency octave of your physical body and represents the plane of pure archetypes, where thought and feeling become one. The causal plane is the realm of synthesis, and all human genius rises up into this plane in order to see the holographic nature of the cosmos. Even though the causal plane is beyond language, its energy and nature can be communicated through language as frequency. The 64 Gene Keys themselves are a transmission from the causal plane. The causal plane also forms the bridge that links the human evolution to the higher evolutions beyond humanity, and as such it holds the mysteries of death. To raise your frequency beyond the Causal plane is to transcend death.

Causal Body — The 4th major subtle layer of your aura, corresponding to the causal plane. The causal body is generally known as the ‘soul’ as it represents that aspect of your consciousness that incarnates again and again into the world of form. Your causal body stores the collected goodwill of all your lives as a memory signature written in light. After death, your lower three bodies (physical, astral and mental) disintegrate and only that which is refined and pure is drawn up and retained in your causal body. As your causal body develops more lucidity through the process of reincarnation, so the higher bodies can use it as a means of directing the lower three bodies to higher and higher frequencies. In this respect, your causal body is the great bridge between the lower and higher planes.

Codon — A section of DNA made up of three base pairs, and which codes for a specific amino acid. There are a total of 64 codons in human DNA. The 64 Gene Keys allow you to directly communicate with the 64 codons in the DNA of every cell in your body through the law of resonance. Through contemplation, absorption and embodiment of the Gene Keys, you will raise the frequency of vibration in the 64 codons, thus unlocking the secrets of your higher nature.

Codon Ring — A chemical family within your body made up of one or more codons. There are a total of 21 Codon Rings, each one relating to a specific amino acid or stop codon. The Codon Rings are trans-genetic chemical families that operate across entire gene pools, drawing certain people naturally together in pairs, groups and ultimately forming whole societies. The Codon Rings are the biological machinery behind what the ancients called ‘karma’. The manner in which they interlock forms the geometric unified field underpinning humanity, and as human DNA mutates in order to carry the higher frequencies that are coming with the Great Change, the 21 Codon Rings will bring humanity into the biological realisation of its true nature and unity.

Concentration — One of the three primary paths leading to the higher states of Absorption and Embodiment. Concentration is the left hand path, represented by the ancient science of yoga. It utilises focused effort and willpower to bring about a series of transformations that gradually raise the frequency of your awareness.

Consciousness — Consciousness is all that exists. As the source and creator of reality, it is indivisible, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. Consciousness does not necessarily involve or require awareness. It is the ground of all being and non being.

Contemplation — One of the three primary paths leading to the higher states of Absorption and Embodiment. Contemplation is the central path, represented by the Tao. It utilises elements of both Concentration (effort) and Meditation (no effort) to bring about a heightening of your frequency. Contemplation takes place on all three of the lower human planes; there is physical contemplation, emotional contemplation and mental contemplation. Over time, contemplation transforms the physical, astral and mental bodies into their higher frequency counterparts — the causal, buddhic and atmic bodies. Prolonged Contemplation on the 64 Gene Keys is one of the quickest and easiest ways to activate the higher frequencies lying latent within your DNA.

Corpus Christi — One of the journeys making up the Gene Keys Synthesis, the Corpus Christi is the complete science of the ‘Rainbow Body’ — the true underlying nature of all human beings. The Corpus Christi is a synthesis of transmissions, teachings and techniques that underpins the 64 Gene Keys. Representing the higher ‘Mystery School’ teachings of the Gene Keys, it includes the teaching of the Seven Seals, the Seven Sacred Bodies and the Nine Initiations. Deep immersion in the teachings of the Corpus Christi assists you in grounding and embodying the higher frequencies of light into your everyday life. These are the teachings and techniques that allow you to draw the transmission of the Gene Keys layer by layer into the subtle bodies that make up your aura. Literally meaning ‘The Body of Christ’, the Corpus Christi prepares you to work with higher evolutionary frequencies by progressively purifying the many dimensions of your inner being, beginning with your physical body.

Cosmometry — The visual science of the sacred geometries underlying creation. Through under- standing the foundation of Cosmometry your mental body (your mind) can surrender into the certainty of the perfection of all phenomena. Through accepting the laws of Cosmometry your astral body (your feelings) can over time become purified and loving. Through embodying the principles of Cosmometry your physical body can become radiant and relaxed as it comes into vibrational harmony with the entire cosmos.

DNA — Deoxyribonucleic acid. The multi-dimensional programming software of human con- sciousness. Your DNA is a super-sensitive substance found in every cell of your body. Depending on your attitude at any given moment, your DNA is the architect (via your endocrine system) of your physical, emotional and mental reality. As you raise the frequency of energy passing through your DNA, it unveils higher programming functions that were lying latent inside you. These higher functions give rise to the natural expression of your innate genius. At the most refined levels of frequency, your DNA synthesises hormones that allow your physical awareness to actually transcend DNA itself, culminating in the embodiment of your inner Divinity.

Embodiment — The natural culmination of the process of Concentration, Meditation or Contemplation. After you attain the state of Absorption (the Fourth and Fifth Initiations) you eventually make the great quantum leap into full Embodiment (the Sixth Initiation). Embodiment relates to what many traditions know as enlightenment or realisation. It involves the complete embodiment of the higher three bodies onto their corresponding lower planes. The process of embodiment begins from the moment you are born into a human body, and it follows the trajectory of your evolution. The more evolved you are, the more embodied you become.

Epigenetics — The branch of genetics devoted to the study of how and why environmental signals can mutate gene expression within the body.The revelations emerging out of epigenetics are already changing the way mainstream science thinks about evolution. While the old paradigm thinking was that our genes come pre-packaged and govern all aspects of our behaviour, epigenetics is showing how our interactions with the environment can create lasting changes in our DNA, some of which are imprinted in our offspring for generations. The greatest import of epigenetics is that it demonstrates how interrelated all life is, thus building a greater understanding of the universe as interdependent and holographic. It is through epigenetics that we can see the true power of human attitude and its electromagnetic effect on our DNA. Different frequencies of attitude activate different expressions of genes, even though the sequence of those genes may remain the same. The greatest insight offered by epigenetics is still dawning in the scientific world — the timeless truth that consciousness creates reality.

Etheric Body — Sometimes known as the ‘etheric double’, the etheric body is the counterpart of your physical body, extending out beyond it into the aura. As the closest of the subtle bodies to the physical, the etheric body is quite well understood by many cultures, in particular in its relationship to our physical health. Systems such as acupuncture or energy medicine work directly on the etheric body, which consists of a vast network of subtle pathways, meridians or ‘nadis’, which create the fundamental grid of the aura. Illness and disease in the physical body first manifest through blockages in these inner energetic pathways. However, the root of all human illness does not lie in the etheric body, but is to be found deeper in the astral or mental bodies. As you purify your astral and mental bodies, your etheric body is directly impacted and blockages to the flow of ‘chi’ or ‘prana’ are cleared. This releases a huge amount of healing energy and vitality into your physical body, which over time becomes lighter, healthier and more radiant. In the teachings known as the Corpus Christi, the etheric body is seen as an integral part of the physical body rather than a separate subtle body in its own right.

Evolution — An impetus or higher ‘will’ innate in all material forms. The current of evolution is responsible for gradually raising the vibratory frequency of all matter, even matter without aware- ness. As forms evolve, they gradually assume awareness and in time transcend their sense of separation and return to their formless essence. There are many spheres of evolution, all interconnected with each other, and human evolution is but one. Evolution represents that force within matter that always strives upwards towards spirit, as opposed to involution, its counter-force, which is the essence of spirit descending or embedding itself within the form.

Fractal — The holographic manifestation of light as it enters the material world and illuminates its true nature. A fractal is an endlessly repeating natural pattern that is maintained throughout the universe regardless of scale. For instance, the microscopic patterns within the membranes of cells in the human body are similar to those observed across the landscape of the earth when viewed from space. Similarly, the geometric laws that govern galactic nebulae are visually replicated when you slice a fruit in half. The more deeply you realise the fractal nature of reality, the more embodied and loving you become. Every act you make in life generates a fractal wave pattern that affects all creatures in the universe. Through a process of continual evolutionary biofeedback you can refine your life to such a point that you are in complete resonance with every fractal aspect of the universe.

Fractal Line — When our current universe was conceived at the moment of the Big Bang, the crystalline seed of our evolution shattered into countless fractal shards or fragments. These fractal aspects of the whole radiated out in precise geometric patterns known as fractal lines. All fractal lines can be traced back to one of three primary fractal lines, thus seeding the trinity within all aspects of the holographic universe. As you move into deeper harmony with your true nature, you come into alignment with all beings within your seed fractal line, which catalyses great synchronicity and grace in your life.

Frequency — A means of measuring the vibratory nature of radiant energy such as sound, light or even awareness. The central premise of the Gene Keys Synthesis is that you can alter the frequency of light passing through your DNA, thereby speeding up or slowing down the force of evolution itself. Through deep contemplation on the 64 Gene Keys and their teachings, you can raise the frequency of your DNA and thus change the vibratory frequency of your aura, coming into higher and higher states of harmony with the universal field.

Frequency Band — In the Gene Keys Synthesis, the vibratory rate of your aura is mirrored in three frequency ‘bands’ known as the Shadow, the Gift and the Siddhi. Although there are in fact many layers or bandwidths of frequency, this threefold language makes the Gene Keys simple to understand, contemplate and ultimately embody. The three frequency bands are laid out precisely through the Spectrum of Consciousness — the linguistic map of the 64 Gene Keys and their frequency bands.

Gene Key — One of 64 universal attributes of consciousness. Each Gene Key is a multi-dimensional portal into your inner being whose sole purpose is to activate your higher purpose and ultimately allow you to embrace your own Divinity. One way in which your higher purpose is activated is through sustained contemplation of the Gene Keys and their frequency bands.

Gene Keys Synthesis — The Gene Keys transmission made manifest as a new body of world teachings. The Gene Keys Synthesis is a holographic synthesis of many of the great lineages and strands of human spiritual teachings and paths. The Gene Keys Synthesis is one of the most comprehensive and accessible holistic systems for exploring, understanding and integrating the vast changes currently taking place across the face of our planet.

Genetic Code — The master code of all known organic life. The genetic code contains the programming hardware for physical, emotional and mental life. Your genetic code comes with layers of programming that can be activated by means of your attitude — your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Low frequency signals (rooted in unconscious fear) activate the older hardware of your reptilian brain, whereas high frequency signals such as creativity and love activate the genetic hardware that allows you to experience and eventually embody higher consciousness.

Genius — The innate intelligence of all human beings. True genius (as opposed to intellectual genius) is a spontaneous and unstudied creative uniqueness rooted in unconditional love. Genius is the natural manifestation of a human life when it is allowed to expand without force. Genius is a hallmark of the Gift frequency band where self-forgiveness leads to a progressive opening of your heart, resulting in an explosion of creative energy throughout your being. The higher the frequency of your DNA rises, the greater your urge will be to use your genius in service to the whole. As more and more people join their genius together, the world as we see it today will be transformed.

Genome — The complete genetic matrix of any living organism. Made up of DNA, your genome contains the entire set of hereditary instructions for building and maintaining your life. At a quantum level all genomes are holographically related and interconnected, which means that when one species or even one individual mutates its genome, then all other species and individuals are subtly affected. All genomes are designed as open systems that can mutate their own programming according to environmental signals. Your genome is the physical repository of your sanskaras — the blueprints of your karma in this life. As you live out this karma, so your genome mutates until one day you transcend your DNA entirely and attain the state of full embodiment at the Sixth Initiation.

Gift (Frequency) — The frequency band relating to human genius and open-heartedness. As your awareness delves more fully into the Shadow frequencies, it unlocks latent energy held within your DNA. This energy is released through your physical, astral and mental bodies as light. Physically, this can lead to changes in your body chemistry and increased vitality. Emotionally, it can lead to uplifting feelings, joyousness and a pervading sense of optimism. Mentally, it can lead to insight and great creativity. The Gift frequency is a process of gradual revelation as your true higher nature (the Siddhi) is unveiled. There are many states and stages within the Gift frequency band and it represents the quantum field where the forces of involution and evolution come together. One of the hallmarks of the Gift frequency is the ability to take full responsibility for one’s own karma — that is one’s thoughts, feelings, words and actions. At this level of frequency, one no longer identifies as a victim of any perceived external stimulus.

The Golden Path — The master genetic sequence for permanently raising your frequency from the Shadow to the Gift frequency. An integration of the Activation Sequence, the Venus Sequence and the Pearl Sequence, the Golden Path describes the natural unfolding of human awareness as it matures beyond the victim patterns of the Shadow frequency. All human beings sooner or later must walk the Golden Path, as it symbolises the passage of the individuated ‘soul’ through the first four Initiations. As your lower three bodies (the physical, the astral and the mental) are gradually purified and brought into harmonic resonance, you will experience the opening of your heart and the releasing of your creative genius into the world. The Golden Path lays the foundation for living a high frequency life.

The Great Change — A phase of evolution in which all systems within our universe will make a quantum leap into a higher dimension. The Great Change refers to a specific time period in which human awareness is moving from being self-centered to being collective. In order for this shift to take place a worldwide genetic mutation is underway within the human species.This unprecedented event is taking root within humanity between the years 1987 and 2027 and its repercussions will continue to evolve and transform our species for many hundreds of years. The result of the Great Change will be the gradual dawning of a new kind of human, Homo sanctus, the sacred human. Because all systems and species throughout the universe are holographically interconnected, the Great Change is not local to our solar system alone, but is one part of a vast ripple passing throughout the immensity of spacetime.

Hexagram — A pictographic binary symbol that forms the basis of the I Ching.The 64 hexagrams of the I Ching are directly analogous to the 64 Gene Keys. Each hexagram is made up of six lines, either broken (yin) or unbroken (yang). The Gene Keys offer a modern interpretation of the 64 hexagrams as they relate to our core genetic structure and to the underlying structure of the universe itself. Each Hexagram or Gene Key is a portal to an encyclopaedia of knowledge and insight about yourself and your place in the universe. Through sustained contemplation on the hexagrams, their structure and interdependence, you can raise the frequency of light moving through your DNA and experience life at a new level of awareness.

Hologenetic Profile — A universal geometric matrix whose central purpose is to show the rela- tionship between an individual and the whole. Your Hologenetic Profile is a personalised map of the various genetic sequences that will unlock or awaken different aspects of your genius. Unifying astrological calculation with an archetypal understanding of genetics, your Hologenetic Profile is the original blueprint that tells you who you are, how you operate, and above all, why you are here. As you contemplate your own Profile and its many pathways, sequences and geometries, it will activate and awaken the resonant faculties within the living field of your aura. As the central path working tool within the Gene Keys Synthesis, your Hologenetic Profile allows and invites you to bring the power of contemplation progressively deeper into your life. Because of its ‘hologenetic’ nature, wherever you place your awareness within your Profile, you will activate all other pathways simultaneously. This means that all the sequences and pathways within your Profile serve the same purpose — to raise the frequency of your whole aura and activate the higher purpose within your DNA.

Holographic — The underlying nature of the universe. The foundation of the holographic view is the realisation that everything is a mirror of everything else, and that everything is dynamically interrelated and moving through time and space in perfect concert. When you finally come to experience your true nature as embodiment, you stand in the centre of the hologram of existence, and every single cell within your body resonates with this fundamental holographic truth.

Homo Sanctus — Literally, the ‘blessed human’, Homo sanctus is the new human emerging into the world. Catalysed by the ‘Great Change’, Homo sanctus is the new genetic human vehicle. Although this new human may have the same genome as the existing model, it resonates from birth at a higher frequency due to subtle mutations that are taking place, primarily within the solar plexus system. These mutations allow the activation of higher coding sequences within our DNA, which essentially make the vehicle immune to the Shadow frequencies. Homo sanctus represents what many mystics have termed the emergence of the ‘Sixth Race’ — a universal human who experiences directly the holographic unity of all beings through his or her solar plexus and heart. Homo sanctus will emerge in the world gradually as a worldwide genetic mutation over many generations. The dawn of this new human will in time bring an end to the current age in which human beings have forgotten their true universal nature.

I Ching — The original ‘prima materia’ of the Gene Keys, the I Ching is a sacred Chinese text dat- ing from around the 4th century BC. Many commentaries and versions of the I Ching exist and it is perhaps best known as a popular oracle. The Gene Keys are a natural culmination of all previous incarnations of the I Ching. They ultimately point to the truth that all sacred texts have their source inside us. The same truths intuitively grasped by the ancient sages can now be proven by modern genetics — that the universe is built upon natural codes and these codes can be deciphered and unlocked. The original I Ching was held in the highest esteem as a sacred text with the capacity to mirror living wisdom in every moment. Likewise the Gene Keys point us inwardly to seek the source of our suffering in our Shadows and guide us in transforming that suffering into creativity and freedom.

Initiation — As consciousness travels through its human journey, it follows a fixed evolutionary structure.This structure is known as the Nine Portals of Planetary Initiation (as outlined in the 22nd Gene Key). As we travel in and out of form in our incarnative journey, we move gradually along this ladder of consciousness. At certain points in our journey we move through ‘initiations’ — periods of intensity in which we undergo huge transmutations. True Initiation is not something that can be predicted or ritualised. It is a natural part of life itself as it evolves. Neither does it require any learning or religious or spiritual affiliation. True Initiation is a rare process that one always undergoes alone. The great Initiations are upsurges in the frequency of our subtle bodies, and when we pass through them, they are often dramatic and challenging to integrate into our lives. Not only do individuals pass through the Initiations, but humanity itself also must pass along this same ladder of consciousness.

Involution — The means by which Grace — that Divine essence that lies beyond all under- standing — incarnates progressively into form. Involution is the counter-force to Evolution — that current which gives us the impression we are progressing and evolving of our own accord. From the point of view of involution, all things are predestined and there can be no individual free will, since all events are simply playing themselves out according to a higher unraveling. As evolution evokes aspiration towards something higher, so involution invokes inspiration as something higher that already lies inside us waiting to be discovered.

Karma — Karma refers to the specific slice of suffering you have undertaken to transform during your lifetime. The agents of karma are your sanskaras — the specific manifestations of karma as it is played out in your life. From the point of view of the Gene Keys Synthesis, karma is understood in a different way from its traditional form. For instance, karma cannot be personal but is always a collective phenomenon. This means that all acts are performed by the whole for the purpose of the whole. Neither does karma carry retribution or reward beyond our lifetime. However, in the bardo state beyond death, we come face to face with our karma in a form so powerful it cannot be described. Therefore it is always in our interest to take full responsibility for our actions during our lifetime. Karma is determined according to the level of frequency made manifest in our subtle bodies, and by the stage we have reached as we move through the Nine Initiations (described in the 22nd Gene Key).

Logoic Body — The mysterious 8th Body of the Corpus Christi. The Logoic Body rep- resents the body that always lies beyond the concept of beyond. In the mystical teachings of the Corpus Christi, the ultimate state of consciousness is represented by the 7th Body, known as the Monadic.The 8th Logoic Body is the paradoxical expression of the void itself. After all the currents of evolution and involution have played out their cosmic dramas, then once again the cosmos as we know it will cease to exist. The Logoic Body represents the eternal cosmic pause known to the ancient Vedic sages as the ‘Night of Brahma’.

Maya — An illusory veil formed by the human mind that prevents consciousness from realising its eternal nature. All forms exist within layers and layers of sheaths. Our human perception is also subject to the limitations of our frequency bandwidth. As we attune our awareness to higher frequencies, it passes through the layers and sheaths of the Maya.

Meditation — One of the three primary paths leading to the higher states of Absorption and Embodiment. Meditation is the right hand path, represented by the ancient science of tantra. The true essence of the meditative path is to simply watch, witness and allow. Through medi- tation one gradually comes to the realisation that one’s true nature dwells in a choiceless awareness. This great revelation may come as a gentle unfolding that raises the frequency of your awareness over time or as a sudden implosion that allows you a permanent experience of your Divine Self — or it may come as both.

Mental Body — The mental body exists at a higher frequency than your emotions and is construct- ed out of your thinking life. The mental body is greatly influenced by the collective mental body of humanity itself, which tends to pull our thinking down into the unfulfilled desires of the astral body. As your thinking revolves around higher impulses, the mental body gradually disentangles itself from the astral body and takes on greater power. The mental body can also be used by the lower consciousness to repress the natural impulses of the astral body, which can also lead to problems in health at all levels. A low frequency and limiting mental paradigm sets up low frequency emotional patterns within the astral body, whereas a high frequency mental paradigm creates emotional clarity and freedom.

Mental Plane — The 3rd of the 7 major planes of reality upon which all human beings function. The mental plane is the frequency plane created and dominated by the energy of thought. On the mental plane, all thoughts and ideas have an independent life that human beings either attract or repel. The mental plane itself is made up of different strata of mental energies that resonate at different frequencies. A low frequency mental paradigm for example, is created by thought patterns that are self-limiting, creating division and separation. Such a paradigm activates neural pathways that are based upon fear and survival. A high frequency mental paradigm is characterised by a mental openness that encourages insight and breakthrough from the higher causal plane. This kind of thinking is unifying, positive and sees where things are interconnected, rather than where they are threatened. As you enter a higher mode of thinking based on how to be of greater service to others and to the whole, all manner of insights and gifts begin to dawn in your mind. Eventually, your awareness transcends the frequencies of thought altogether and you rise above the mental plane and experience true clarity.

Monadic Body — The 7th major subtle layer of your aura, corresponding to the monadic plane. The monadic body cannot be said to be a body, rather it represents the point of origin of the current of Involution or Divine Will. When human consciousness has attained its highest potential in the 6th atmic body, then it is said that the Rainbow Body dawns. This refers to the monadic body, which has often been symbolised as a flowering or a rainbow, since it is an expression of unity and completion. For the monadic to be expressed through human awareness, the lower three bodies, physical, astral and mental, must be absorbed into their high frequency counterparts the causal, buddhic and atmic. When this happens, all layers and levels dissolve, all powers and siddhis are transcended and surrendered, and you become once again a truly ‘ordinary’ human being.

Monadic Plane — The plane of the first aspect of the Holy Trinity — that of Divine Will. The monadic plane is the event horizon where the twin currents of evolution and involution spontaneously dawn. Represented symbolically by the hub of the wheel of life and law, the monadic plane is the central organising principle around which all life is built. Infinitesimal in nature, the monadic plane exists down to the tiniest imaginable particle and imbues it with consciousness. In the mystical metaphor of the Corpus Christi, the monadic plane is the intersection of the lower and higher trinities and, as such, it is not really to be understood as a plane in and of itself. It is the transcendence of all levels of separateness and the culmination of human evolution.

Mutation — An unpredictable event that breaks the continuity in any linear sequence, at any level within the universe. In genetic terms, mutations are ‘mistakes’ made during cell replication. Mutation is the mother of difference, since it creates endless forks in the evolutionary impulse, leading to new and unseen processes. In our everyday lives, mutations also occur all the time. They occur whenever there is a break in the established patterns or rhythms of your life. It is our fear of mutation that fuels the Shadow frequency field. For example, when you find yourself moving through a period of mutation, you will feel a profound uncertainty about yourself and your life. If you repress or react to this feeling out of fear, you will disturb the processes of good fortune that always accompany mutation. As you learn to surrender to the natural mutative processes in your life, you will unlock the powerful creative gifts inside you and place yourself in alignment with the synchronicity of your true destiny.

Pearl Sequence — The third and final sequence comprising the Golden Path, the Pearl Sequence is the primary genetic sequence for opening up our mental awareness to operate on a higher plane. Constructed from the positions of Mars, Jupiter and the sun at the time of your birth, the Pearl Sequence is a contemplative journey using the Gene Keys whose purpose is to open your mind to a transcendent view of the universe. Such a view allows one to see the inherent simplicity of life and move one’s energies and resources into alignment with it. Your individual Pearl Sequence is made up of four specific Gene Keys which have a direct bearing on your ability to be efficient and prosperous in your life. Each of these four Gene Keys shows you a Shadow pattern that prevents you from living a prosperous and liberating life. As your awareness enters into these patterns and unlocks their hidden Gifts, you will discover a resource of untapped genius and creativity. The other great secret of the Pearl Sequence is the power of philanthropy as a world view. The Pearl allows us to find our closest allies and work together in service to our community and a higher goal.

Prime Gifts — Calculated by the time, date and place of your birth, the Prime Gifts are a series of four Gene Keys that relate profoundly to your overall purpose in life. Known as your Life’s Work, your Evolution, your Radiance and your Purpose, the Prime Gifts represent the living field of your genius that was imprinted in your DNA at the point of conception. By understanding and embracing the Shadow aspects of the Gene Keys that correspond to your four Prime Gifts you will activate their higher frequencies and catalyse a mutation to take place deep within your DNA. This process is known as the Activation Sequence. By sustained contemplation on the highest frequencies of your four Prime Gifts you will witness a complete transformation in your life as you unlock the true genius inside you.

Programming Partners — Two Gene Keys that are holographically bonded together through opposition — in other words, they are exact mirror opposites. There are 32 such programming partners within the genetic matrix, and each creates a biofeedback loop that reinforces the themes of those Gene Keys at every level of frequency. At the Shadow frequency, the programming partners create physical, emotional and mental patterns and complexes that mutually reinforce each other. As awareness penetrates these patterns and transforms them, they release waves of creative energy at the Gift frequency, which in turn are mutually reinforced, leading to a continual raising of one’s evolutionary frequency. At the Siddhic frequency, the programming partners no longer oppose each other but dawn as pure consciousness, creating a harmonic so pure that it deletes their difference.

Sanskaras — Biogenetic memories that are passed down all ancestral lines. Your sanskaras are the ‘wound opportunities’ that you have inherited during your lifetime. Such memories are more than simple memories held in the mind, but are charges of kinetic energy that give rise to your behavioural patterns, beliefs and general outlook. Sanskaras are not in any way personal, nor are they the result of actions in past lives. Rather, your sanskaras determine the specific themes of the great challenges you will face during your life. Once you realise that such patterns are not caused consciously by you, but are your greatest opportunities for transformation and evolution, the challenges in your life become much easier to bear. The Venus Sequence provides a systematic means of tracking and transforming the specific sanskaras that you carry during your lifetime.

Seven Seals — The Seven Seals describe the specific pattern of awakening for humanity as the higher currents of involution and grace move over time through our species. Outlined in allegori- cal form in the Revelation of St. John, the unfolding of the Seven Seals can be understood as a sequential predestined awakening code hardwired into all human DNA. As each of the Seven Seals is mystically ‘opened’, all aspects of the human wound, both individual and collective, will one day be healed. The teachings of the Seven Seals are contained within the transmission of the 22nd Gene Key, whose highest aspect is Grace. In the teaching of the Venus Sequence, you learn the precise science and underlying patterning of your suffering. As your awareness moves deeper into these Shadow patterns, you may become aware of the functioning of the Seven Seals as they affect your own individual awakening. At even deeper levels, you may become aware of how the Seven Seals are gradually opening up within the body of humanity. Such insights will lead to a great welling up of compassion and peace inside you.

Shadow (Frequency) — The frequency band relating to all human suffering. The Shadow frequency band emerges from an ancient wiring in the human brain. Such wiring is based on individual survival and is linked directly to fear. The unconscious presence of fear in our system continues to enhance our belief that we are separate from the world around us. This deep-seated belief propagates a ‘victim’ mentality, since the moment we believe we are separate, we feel vulnerable and at the mercy of outside forces. When we live at the Shadow frequency band then we live within a culture of blame and shame. We blame those forces and people that we believe are outside us, and we feel shame when we believe we alone our responsible for our lives. Once you begin to understand how the Shadow frequency controls the majority of people in the world, including yourself, you realise how simple it is to move out of its grasp. Simply by shifting your attitude, you release the creative currents hidden within the Shadow frequencies and your life takes on a higher purpose. Your very suffering becomes the source of your salvation. Thus begins your journey away from those internal patterns and traits that keep you believing you are a victim and towards the inherent genius and love that is your true nature.

Shakti — The ‘divine rain’ that accompanies spontaneous manifestation of Grace. Shakti is a subtle fluidic emanation of the most refined frequencies imaginable. It moves from the highest subtle bodies, such as the atmic and buddhic, down into their lower counterparts. When one has lived a life of service and surrender, or if one happens to be the recipient of Grace, then shakti will pour through the subtle vehicles, allowing you to experience higher states of absorption and embodiment.

Siddhi (Frequency) — The frequency band relating to full embodiment and spiritual realisation. The very concept of frequencies and levels paradoxically dissolves when the Truth is realised as a Siddhi. The word ‘siddhi’ is from the Sanskrit meaning ‘Divine Gift’. The siddhic state only comes about when all vestiges of the Shadow, particularly at a collective level, have been transformed into light. As you enter the state of Absorption, this alchemical transformation begins to accelerate, until finally, all falls silent and you enter the state of Embodiment at the Sixth Initiation. There are 64 Siddhis and each one refers to a different expression of Divine Realisation. Even though the realisation is the same in each case, its expression will differ and can even appear contradictory. The Siddhis spoken of in the Gene Keys Synthesis are not to be confused with the way they are understood in certain other mystical traditions. The 64 Siddhis are not obstacles on the path to realisation but are the very expression and fruition of realisation.

The Six Lines — Relating to the hexagram structure of the I Ching, the six lines describe further nuances of each the 64 Gene Keys. If we see each Gene Key as a pre-designed archetypal picture, then each line is like the colour of that picture. Once you can see the colour, the whole picture comes alive. Knowing the six lines and their keynotes is an essential skill to master, as it enables you to interpret the many elements of the Hologenetic Profile in a simple and accessible way. There are many, many layers of keynotes for each of the six lines and they are fun to learn and illuminating to apply. The deeper you can feel the resonance of the six lines inside your being, the easier it is to understand your own sequences and share that resonance with others.

Solar Plexus — The area of the body below the diaphragm down to and including the perineum. In the understanding of the Corpus Christi, the science of the Rainbow Body, the solar plexus is the alchemical laboratory where the higher Christ consciousness is gestating. A great transmutation is occurring in this area throughout the human gene pool, and it will in time bring a new kind of human, Homo sanctus, into our world. It is through the complex ganglia of the solar plexus that our individual, racial and collective memories (sanskaras) are being transformed. The genetic mutations in our gut will dramatically change our physiology — gradually human beings are evolving the means to draw and digest higher frequency currents into our bodies. This will in time allow us to live on subtler kinds of nutrition. The likelihood is that the human beings of the future will therefore eat less dense foods. They will stop eating meat and eventually even stop eating plants. As our diet changes, so will our Solar Plexus evolve its new function — to be the equipment for our higher awareness. It is through the belly that human beings will one day realise their oneness with all creation.

Synarchy — The universal principle through which collective intelligence naturally aligns itself in perfect harmony with all that is. Synarchy is the underlying nature of humanity that can only be known once it has emerged from the Shadow frequencies. As the new collective conscious- ness dawns all across our planet, humanity will self-organise its creative genius and manifest the true higher purpose hidden in its DNA — to bring about the New Eden. Whereas the Shadow consciousness manifests on the material plane through the principle of hierarchy, and the Gift consciousness through the principle of heterarchy, the siddhic consciousness manifests though the principle of synarchy.

Synthesis — The universal principle through which collective intelligence sees and understands the holographic nature of reality. As humanity begins increasingly to understand the world around us as a perfectly interwoven fractal pattern, with us as the eyes of that pattern, we will enter into the Age of Synthesis. In order to know what Synthesis means, you must first unlock the latent genius within your DNA. The very manifestation of that genius is to see beyond any single discipline. At the level of genius, one can see and directly know the interconnectedness of all patterns and disciplines. As humanity begins to move more as a synarchy, we will begin to externalise the truth of synthesis.

Syntropy — The universal principle through which collective intelligence transforms itself physically in order to become a synarchy. The law of syntropy holds that all energy in the universe is intricately ordered, even at its most chaotic. The essence of the law of syntropy is contained in the phrase: give and you shall receive. In a syntropic world everything is entangled with everything else and everything is responsible for everything else. In human terms, the collective embodiment of syntropy would mean the end of selfishness. When you give for the sake of the whole, you activate the currents of Grace and move into synchronicity with the whole. As human genius awakens, we will organise our living systems to mirror nature and the law of syntropy. A world based upon this law would look utterly alien to us today. It will give us the means to harness free energy anywhere and anytime, and it will demand that we eventually eradicate money from our world. It is money that is the great collective symbol of conditional giving.

Synchronicity — The universal principle of good fortune that is activated whenever you think, act and speak from a higher frequency — that is from a place of unconditional giving. Synchronicity is a universal law at all levels of frequency. When you understand the perfection of the cosmos in every moment, then you can only surrender and trust life. Synchronicity is summed up by the phrase: ‘nothing is by chance’. Every event that occurs in your life is an invitation to evolve and unlock the hidden higher gifts inside you. As your higher functioning allows you to see the truth of synarchy, synthesis and syntropy, you will see that the three laws are one, and they are bound together by synchronicity.

Transmission — A higher field of consciousness whose sole purpose is to penetrate and awaken those aspects of itself that still remain unaware of their greater reality. Most transmissions assume the form of a teaching or set of teachings that enter the world exactly when the world is ready to receive them. All transmissions follow natural ‘fractal lines’ as they spread throughout humanity, bringing with them a higher order of consciousness. Even though transmissions may take the form of words and practices their true nature lies shrouded in mystery. The Gene Keys Transmission is a part of the wave of awakening generated as the Great Change is felt in the world.

Transmutation — The process of dynamic and permanent change that comes about as you surrender and accept mutation. At the Shadow frequency, mutation is something that is greatly feared as it always challenges an established pattern, rhythm or routine. Unless mutations (periods of natural upheaval) are embraced and fully accepted in your life, transmutation cannot occur. Transmutation involves a complete shift from one state or plane to another. After a transmutation, nothing is ever the same again. Transmutation only begins to occur at the Gift frequency band, as your deepest cellular victim patterns are transformed through awareness. Periods of intense mutation in your life are always a great opportunity for transmutation. So long as your attitude is open-hearted and accepting and you embrace and take responsibility for your own state, transmutation will occur in your life. With transmutation come great clarity, freedom and creativity. It is the process through which your genius emerges into the world.

Trinity — The underlying nature of all manifest form. As form emerges from the undivided state of the formless it spontaneously moves from one to three.To the human mind and our current perception, it appears that all around us is a binary. Because of the limitations of our current awareness, the trinity at the heart of creation is not easily apparent. The trinity is the reflection of the infinite, whereas the binary is the reflection of the finite. As you raise the frequency of your DNA and begin to see through a higher kind of vision, one of the first patterns you will recognise is the trinity. As the fundamental building block of the holographic universe, the pattern of the trinity allows life to keep on transcending and evolving. It ensures that nothing can ever be consistent and fixed, even though things may appear so. As you begin to attune your mind and heart to the secret nature of the trinity, you will begin to relax more and more deeply into the Truth of the inherent self-ordering perfection of the universe.

Venus Sequence — The primary genetic sequence for unlocking deep core emotional patterns in your life. As the central axis of the Golden Path, the Venus Sequence is an inner contemplative journey into the dynamics of your specific emotional wounding patterns, inherited through your ancestral DNA. Constructed from the positions of the earth, moon, Mars and Venus at the time of your birth, the Venus Sequence outlines a natural pathway of six Gene Keys which govern all your emotional patterns in this life. As your awareness begins to understand and observe the Shadow aspects of these six Gene Keys, particularly in your relationships, you will begin to transform the low frequency patterns into higher frequency Gifts. In this way, your astral body (your emotional nature) moves through a process of transmutation leading to the permanent opening of your heart. During our current phase of evolution known as the Great Change, the Venus Sequence has particular relevance as its underlying purpose is to open up a new centre of awareness in the solar plexus.

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