Hologenesis and the Sacred Wound – the story behind your profile

Your Hologenetic Profile is an extraordinary thing. That it has come into your life now suggests that you may be ready for the next level of your evolution. It provides you with the opportunity to take an inner voyage into some rich and uncharted places inside your being. Unlike many contemporary systems, the Gene Keys is a journey you must take on your own. Even though it will inevitably bring you closer to the people in your life, the true inward journey has always been a solitary process. Your Hologenetic Profile however does give you a clear structure to follow and contemplate as you travel the path of transformation. 

If you decide to take this inner voyage it will be helpful to have a big picture view of the cosmic backdrop into which you are entering. The following story is designed to give you a taste of where your Hologenetic Profile comes from and possibly how it fits into the story of your own evolution and awakening. 

Quiescence – the rupturing of the silence 

In the beginning was the Quiescence. It was a silence that stretched into eternity – perfect and unbroken. Then out of the Quiescence arose an event horizon. And so came the event itself – the first moment of the universe was born as sound, as light, as fire. The circle of perfection was broken as what we know as the Big Bang occurred. The silence was ruptured, and a fracture appeared as space and time were also born out of the first moment. The fracture opened and life poured itself into the hole, trying to fill it, trying to repair the rent. No matter how much life tried, the hole remained. Ever since the first event life has continued to try and fill the black hole at the heart of the whole. This pouring of life into itself we call evolution. The hole we came in time to know as the sacred wound. 

As the fracture opened, life began to spin and as it spUn so it split into geometries. The first geometry of all was the Trinity, for the one never split into two. As the one split into two, instantly there was the three to reunite the two as life continued to try and heal the split. Wherever a principle was formed, instantly it was transcended and synthesised by another principle. Thus the 3’s gave way to the cosmic principles behind matter – the 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s and 9’s. These geometries that arose out of the first fracture we call fractals. As the fractals went spinning out into the void, the fabric of space/time formed itself according to the wheeling of these first geometries. At a certain limit, the fractals reached a constant and at that constant they would once again replicate themselves but at another level. Thus was born the holographic universe. The constant could be measured by the eight octaves of the number 64. 

Thus all life, time and space were encoded within a 64-fold matrix. 

Coalescence – the formation of the stars 

Once the template for life was burned into the fabric of spacetime the initial sunburst of the event began to dissipate, and a gradual cooling took place. With the cooling came the coalescence, the condensing and forming of matter along the radial lines of the still-spinning fractals. Now whole star fields were born as galaxies grew around each holographic black hole. Still life tried to heal the fissure at the heart of the universe and return to the wholeness of the zero point. Out of the coalescence the principles of number and geometry gave rise to the elements and out of the elements came the planets and their wheeling geometries. Every aspect of the unfolding universe was a fractal mirror of the whole. What appeared to be chaos was in fact an endless holographic process of pattern and flow and geometry. 

Quintessence – early genetic life 

As the universe expanded and at the same time cooled the quest for wholeness took another unexpected turn. Certain geometric orbits of planets and suns came together to create the possibility of animate life. Our planet, Gaia was formed. Elements combined and recombined endlessly until a certain delicate balance was struck. Single celled organisms were born. These were the very quintessence of life, as each contained inside itself once again a minute fractal map of the whole. This was the genetic code. The 64-fold matrix had found a way to animate itself. With animate life too came the foundation of awareness. Plants were able to respond to the elements, converting them into energy, and life exploded into the oceans, the air and all across the land. All over Gaia, life sought to heal the sacred wound and as it did so paradoxically life became more complex, more diverse, and more beautiful. 

Presence – the ascent of humans 

As the genetic code continued to evolve and adapt to its environment, so came the time of mammals, which eventually gave way to human beings. Still life followed the same fractal evolutionary patterns as it had always done since the birth of the universe. The hologram was alive and pulsing and replicating. With the human being came another great gift – presence. For the first time, presence afforded life self-awareness. But still the sacred wound lay at the heart of everything. In humans the wound was passed on down the ancestral bloodlines encoded within the substructure of DNA. The presence of the sacred wound also brought great fear and out of this fear humanity sought an escape, sometimes through the quest for pleasure but mostly through violence. The structure of human civilisations rose and fell upon the waves of violence and fear until life spontaneously made yet another breakthrough. 

Transcendence – the promise of wholeness 

Alongside the fear that pursued humanity down the aeons lived another possibility, another question. The question was ‘why?’ Those humans who gave their lives to this question showed that we have the potential for a direction other than fear. We have a higher nature, a transcendent possibility. Down the ages, the presence and words of the wise rang out like bells to remind us of this other possibility. It was discovered that deep inside us, if we had the courage to dive into the sacred wound, lay the promise and even the certainty of achieveing wholeness. So began the human spiritual search. At certain points in history moreover, it seemed that that the search became more intense. Our greatest teachers came in a single epoch – Jesus, Buddha, Zarathustra, Mohammed. The great religions followed, and many sacred texts were written to help guide us towards our higher nature – the Bible, the Koran, the Talmud, the I Ching and many others. Each of these currents of exploration were attempts to decipher the code to our higher nature so that we might find a universal path to awakening. 

The I Ching – a holographic path towards awakening 

The I Ching stands alone among all sacred texts. Based as it is on the original 64-fold matrix behind the space/time continuum, and mirroring the precise mathematical structure of DNA, it perfectly unifies the macrocosm with the microcosm. In its early days the I Ching was used, in particular by the Taoists, as a precise contemplative tool to bring about higher states of awareness. Over the years however the book became somewhat watered down until it came to be seen more as a popular oracle than as a spiritual path. In 1987 however, a man named Ra Uru Hu received an updated contemporary transmission concerning the true use of the I Ching. He encapsulated these teachings in a system called Human Design. This system unified the I Ching code with the ancient science of astrology and an understanding of genetics. 

The 64 – the origin of the Gene Keys 

By laying out the I Ching in a circle around the zodiac, Ra effectively discovered a universal birth clock for tracking archetypal genetic patterns. His revelation led him to a profound understanding of the 64 symbols of the I Ching. Known as hexagrams because of their sixfold design, these symbols each have a specific relationship to the amino acids and base nucleotides in our DNA. Furthermore, the 64 hexagrams are behavioural archetypes, which means that they can be interpreted at different levels within almost any field, from physiology to sociology. As an early student of Ra’s, I made a seven-year contemplation of the 64 hexagrams and experienced my own breakthrough, a key insight that took this wisdom along another new path. Naming the 64 genetic archtypes the ‘Gene Keys’ I understood them not as fixed behavioural characteristics but as a fluctuating spectrum of vast human possibility.  

The Spectrum of Consciousness – becoming the architect of your own evolution 

As a fractal aspect of the original universal pattern of life, each Gene Key has an infinite potential concealed within it. These are the codes for all human consciousness. Depending on your attitude, you can change the frequency of your Gene Keys, therefore influencing not only your own biology but also your destiny. At low frequencies where fear holds sway, your Gene Keys only manifest as victim patterns. These are known as our Shadows. At a higher frequency, as you rise above the victim pattern, you activate the Gift within the Gene Key and catalyse a creative explosion in your life. At the very highest frequencies, every Gene Key manifests an enlightened awareness known as a Siddhi. Working with the Gene Keys, therefore, brings you into a deep process of transformation as you come to accept your own shadows and transcend them. 

The Hologenetic Profile – mapping the cosmos within your DNA 

Throughout this cosmic journey we have seen how deeply everything in our universe in connected to everything else. Despite its seeming complexity the universe has at its heart a startling simplicity. When therefore we apply the same holographic principles to time as we do to space, things get very interesting. What does it mean to say that time is a hologram? At one level it means that there are no coincidences. In every moment a specific pattern is at work in the universe, and since there are only 64 fundamental patterns it is relatively easy to understand the dynamics of a particular moment in time. Let us consider one such moment – your birth. At the time when you were born a certain set of specific fractal patterns were at play. If we could decipher these patterns we would be able to see into the corresponding forces that make you who you are. This is what your Hologenetic Profile is – it allows you to look into the hologram and see the behavioural archetypes – the Gene Keys – that dictate your evolutionary journey. 

The Golden Path – the sequences of your personal awakening 

When you first see your Profile, you will see that it is divided into three sequences. Each of these represents a journey of contemplation and potential transformation in your life. As the quintessence of life, the DNA molecule is programmed to eventually become self-aware. Driven by the sacred wound, it constantly seeks its own higher nature. The basis of your Hologenetic Profile is the premise that inside your DNA there already exists a code for wholeness. If you are able to vibrate this code through the correct frequencies, then you can effectively unlock your highest potential. Your Profile therefore presents you with a series of pathways or sequences calculated from your time of birth that correspond to your particular path of awakening. As you apply these teachings to your daily life, you will gradually begin to experience this wonderful sense of wholeness opening up inside you. 

The Activation Sequence – fulfilling your higher purpose 

As you contemplate the Gene Keys of your Hologenetic Profile, the first big theme you encounter is the theme of your higher purpose. Our higher purpose is encoded in our DNA. In the widest sense we all have the same higher purpose, which is to heal the sacred wound and arrive back at that point of perfect wholeness – the wonderful Quiescence that existed before the beginning and that still exists inside us. However, we each have a different quality of consciousness as we journey back towards our true source. As you enter into a deep contemplation of the particular quality of your purpose and as you embody it in your everyday life, you will activate its higher frequencies within your DNA, and it will manifest. 

The Venus Sequence – reaching the heart of the sacred wound 

Of the three sequences along the Golden Path, the most potent transformation comes from the Venus Sequence. It provides us with a fitting conclusion to our cosmic story. The Venus Sequence takes us back to the beginning of our own life – to the point of our conception. The moment of conception is a microcosmic mirror of the Big Bang itself. It was at the point of conception that you received the sacred wound through your ancestral DNA. This single moment denotes the point at which your awareness left the wholeness of being and entered into the great game of life. The Venus Sequence describes the sacred wound as a sequence that is laid down in holographic stages from the point of conception to birth. Your greatest potentials and your deepest challenges are all imprinted inside your biology before you are even born. 

When we speak of the sacred wound, we know it as sacred in the sense that it is an integral part of existence. Without the fracture, life would not exist, and we could not evolve. When the wound enters the world through a human being it enters through our DNA, the very blueprints of our being. It is quite literally ‘wound’ around our DNA. The wound is also the cause of all human suffering, so when we begin to work with our Venus Sequence, we will be journeying deeply into aspects of our lives where we feel a great deal of discomfort. Having said that, the Venus Sequence gives us a safe and gentle pathway into the heart of the sacred wound – one that we can journey in distinct stages. It is a journey of love into the reasons why we do not always feel love. 

The Solar System – the cycles of archetypes 

Since the very beginning we humans have gazed in wonder up at the stars. We have also always used them for navigation, both externally to guide our way through the landscape, but also internally to guide us in understanding our lives. The cyclical movements of the planets and moons offer us an obvious metaphor for the cycles of change in our own lives. Perhaps this is why we have always wondered whether the movement of the planets offer more than just a metaphor, but perhaps even offer us a mirror? In the holographic universe everything is connected to everything else in a profound synchronicity. 

When human beings first began tracking and contemplating the movements and qualities of the planets, they found specific patterns that informed their intuition. Over the millennia, certain planets became associated with particular archetypal qualities. Over time these qualities were refined and evolved. Although it may be tempting to think as our star-gazing ancestors as naive, in many ways they were more connected to the living universe than we are today. Why is it for example that the planets Mars and Venus have become equated with male and female characteristics? Is it a coincidence that Venus traces a perfect five-fold pattern in the heavens, reflecting the same patterns found in most flowers? 

Venus Rising – the Rebirth of the Feminine 

When the Venus Sequence was revealed in 2004, it came after the Gene Keys. The Gene Keys are the codebook, and the Venus Sequence shows how to apply the Gene Keys practically to one’s own specific life. The essence of the Venus Sequence is about using the Gene Keys as a means of healing one’s own heart, opening us up to the unconditional love that is our birthright. In this sense the Venus Sequence is feminine, because it carries the qualities of the archetype of the mother – tenderness, forgiveness, nobility, and humility. Today there is a great renewal of the power of the feminine in the world – and this is not just about women. It is more about the feminine qualities, which belong to us all. As we look at the modern world we are creating, we are realising that if we are to survive the future, we will need such qualities more than ever before. 

The Wound Sequence – the genesis of our suffering 

Your Venus Sequence is calculated from the positions of Venus, Mars and the moon when you were born. It shows how the sacred wound radiates out in a logarithmic pattern through the cycles of our childhood. Like an egg before it is hatched, the entire blueprint of your particular pattern of wounding is condensed at the moment of conception, and as the egg divides and sub-divides so these microcosmic Divine principles are carried into each stage of your development. The wound is also like a genetic hologram, manifesting in layer upon layer of our developmental cycles. 

Our fundamental developmental cycles occur every seven years. This is because it takes seven years for the majority of the body’s cells to be replaced. Patterns laid down during these cycles then become permanently lodged in our nature until such time as we are ready to confront them. In our first seven-year cycle the sacred wound manifests as a contractive physical reflex. In our second seven-year cycle from 7-14 it manifests as a specific emotional defence strategy and in our third seven-year cycle the wound manifests as a particular mental belief in our own unworthiness. Each of these three stages is imprinted in the three trimesters of pregnancy, which should help us to see how pre-destined this whole process really is. 

Your Venus Sequence details the precise patterns of the imprinting of the sacred wound in your genetics and therefore in the cycles of your childhood. By understanding the Gene Keys of your sequence, you can unravel the mythic story of how, when, and why your heart gradually learned to stop trusting in life. As you contemplate the twists and turns of your sequence you can unpick the weave and open the doors of self-acceptance, self-responsibility, and self-forgiveness, gradually learning how to open your heart fully once again. This is the purpose of the Venus Sequence – to take us into the Shadow patterns that underpin our relationships in order that we can transform them and experience the full power of our nature as unconditional love. 

The Pearl Sequence – the perfect ending 

We begin our journey into our Hologenetic Profile with the Activation Sequence and the question of our Purpose, then we gradually discover through the Venus Sequence that our true purpose is to heal our heart. The finale is called the Pearl Sequence – once our heart begins to open, we witness the organic flowering of our prosperity. These themes of purpose, love, and prosperity flow naturally out of each other as a sequence – the Golden Path. The Pearl is a very special sequence because it has not yet fully emerged into the modern world. The Pearl concerns the birth of collective intelligence. Once our hearts have opened, the true meaning of prosperity in our lives completely changes. Instead of being about personal achievement, prosperity is realised as a need to be of service to something greater. Our hearts wish for only one thing – to use our highest gifts to help to others. 

The Pearl describes the manifestations of your highest form of prosperity. It also indicates how you will draw in the right allies to manifest your higher purpose in your community. This occurs through synchronicity. The opening of one’s heart also brings us to the threshold of a new form of intelligence that is still evolving on our planet. This intelligence is founded upon the principles of philanthropy. Philanthropy begins where competition ends. It is not that competition is bad but that it is based upon conflict. As a new collective intelligence dawns among human beings, we will find a completely new way of thinking, behaving, and organising our society. This is how the sacred wound will be healed at a collective level. 

Evanescence – the quiescent mind 

Thus, all great stories must run their course. When the human being has transcended the mind, all returns once again to the quietness of being. The sacred wound is healed through a process of divine annihilation. Without the hole in the centre of our being consciousness is finally freed from the grasp of evolution. This is the mythical time of evanescence, in which humanity and indeed all of creation will return once again to its source. It will be humanity’s beautiful swansong. To look through these eyes with a silent mind is to witness the end of all questions, of all seeking. Such a time existed before we were born, and it has always been held as a memory and a longing and a dream by every culture. The purpose of being is a paradox – for it is to return to the timelessness of being. 

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