The Coming Storm

Practical guidance for thriving during the 21st century

By Richard Rudd

We live during the time of The Great Change – an unprecedented and extraordinary time in human evolutionary history.  It is likely that there will come times during the 21st century in which we are faced with the forces of chaos and decline. How we respond to such times will dictate our future and the future of our species. The Guidance below is offered as fuel for your inspiration. Contemplate the keys below and let them permeate your life, so that when times of greater intensity appear, you will enter the storm prepared and with a spirit of deep trust and love.

1. Times of Challenge always highlight the most radiant beings 

We are entering a time in which there will be many challenges to face, both individually and collectively. At such times, fear spreads like wildfire and the majority enters its default survival mode. However, those who have been working inwardly for many years now have their opportunity to shine and to expand and share their radiance with others. The world is being transformed and at such times people need leadership by example. It is a great time to break old patterns and raise the frequency of your life exponentially. 

Deep within the collective a slumbering giant is awakening, and its heart streams forth light and love. If you recognise the truth of these words then you must also know that this is your time – the time you have silently waited for all your life.

2. Your deepest, wildest inner guidance is the only foundation you can trust 

In times of mutation there is little external to rely upon, so the natural place to find stability is within. The more solidly you are anchored in your highest frequency inner guidance, the more others will gravitate to you at this time. When the majority are recoiling and worrying, you must be the risk taker – you must trust in the wildest, most outlandish knowing about who you are and why you are really here on this planet. There is deep purity inside your DNA – now is the time to really let it shine forth. You are like the long‐distance runner who has kept pace with the race from a deeply hidden place, but all along inside, you have been guarding a hidden reservoir of strength. 

Now is the time to make your break from the pack and let them see the terrific vitality and love that has lain latent inside you.

Now is the time to unleash the full force of your love upon the world! 

3. There is strength in numbers – draw your true allies close to you 

Our collective evolution is approaching a finite fork. One branch leads to the future and one leads to the past. The DNA that does not adapt to the new evolutionary impulses will gradually leave the world. Thus old DNA is being purified and wiped from the global gene pool, leading to an inevitable worldwide population decline in the future. The chances are that this old energy will not go quietly. The new mutating DNA on the other hand, must build itself new structures on the material plane – and a new worldview will therefore emerge – in science, technology, economics and government. But this will all take time. 

What is of primary importance now is to recognise and bind yourself to those forces which are allowing themselves to be transformed. 

Now is the mythical time of the gathering of the clans – represented by the DNA that is going to build a new kind of human ‐ spiritually, socially and physiologically. We must know therefore where to spend our energy. Energy that refuses to evolve will drain your resources, so you need to simply let it go gracefully. 

All kinds of new ways of aligning with others are becoming possible. We need not fear the way of communion – of alliance. True alliance will allow us more creative freedom rather than less. 

When a group comes together around the same high frequency understanding, the individuals in that group accelerate their growth enormously. 

There are new fractal formations of human beings waiting to work together, waiting to share individual genius, resources and networks outside of the old competitive model. Pay attention therefore to those around you and especially to those special relationships rooted in a wordless trust and natural devotion. These relationships will be a source of great inner strength to you, and more than that, they point the way ahead for you. Work with such relationships, meet regularly, contemplate the hidden higher purpose in the relationship and trust in the dream that emerges from this love. 

4. Prosperity lies in the Essential 

One likely shift that will come during this century is a change in the balance of power. Money will begin to lose its power in the world and those wedded to it will wither. There is one huge advantage to this economic transformation. It invites each of us to consider that which is essential. It is a time of great trimming and slimming. One of the deepest esoteric truths is: How you do anything is how you do everything. There are so many areas of our lives where energy is being used for the non‐essential. It is therefore crucial to know the meaning of essence. 

Beauty for example, is essential. Money spent on beauty – that is, on the appreciation of inner beauty, is as essential to you as food. 

The world is caught up with the non‐essential, and yet it yearns for the essential. This is the obvious place for prosperity – to lead others towards their inner beauty. In the time ahead, we will see everyone’s true colours. Some will feel the kiss of Grace, others will meet the fire of disgrace. Grace will touch down primarily wherever community is united and strong. People everywhere will be making compromises, but the one thing you must never compromise is integrity. 

Integrity coupled with patience always calls down the power of Grace. 

In the times ahead, greed is going down. Fat is the fuel of mutation, so everywhere we will see fatness being burned ‐ in people’s wallets, in their lifestyle, in their emotions and even in their bodies. Fat impedes energy flow, and true prosperity lives off flow. Money comes in; money is shared, invested, given, recycled, enjoyed. The economy is overweight, the population is overweight, the planet is groaning! This fatness is wonderful because it is fuelling the Great Change. It is wise therefore to look deeply at your life and your behaviour and see where you are accumulating fat. 

It is a time of slimming, and even though the burning of fat may hurt, the result is always wonderful ‐ You feel ecstatic! 

5. Enter the ecstasy of the storm 

Be assured. A great storm is coming. There will be great uncertainty, pessimism and reaction. Already the winds are driving us indoors. You must therefore consider how you will face this whirlwind? 

You have a single choice – contract or expand. Survive or Soar. 

Of course, the storm will not last forever, but when it has passed, the world will look different. This is not simply another socio‐economic cycle. It is the finale of a whole cycle of cycles. This storm may or may not hit us with its full force on the material plane ‐ there are things we cannot know. What is certain is that this storm is coming internally, deep within the genetic and auric substructure of all humanity. During this century, a door will close, and the sealing of this door will determine who is in the game and who is leaving. This truth is to be understood on a collective level rather than a personal one. None of this is personal. The spirit of Gaia needs to build a new form and to do that she has to select only certain strands of DNA from the global gene pool. That which is left over after this process will simply dwindle away on its own. 

There are powerful and heavy karmic forces at work in the world. Because we cannot yet see what is being reborn on the material plane, it makes it all the more frightening for the majority. And yet it isn’t frightening at all. 

It is the most wonderful, beautiful and sweetest time in all of human history. 

The mother’s embrace is pure tenderness as she watches her eggs hatching out. She knows that many of the hatchlings will never make it, but she also knows that this is all natural. 

There is a dervish inside each of us, and that dervish was born for moments such as these. The dervish loves the storm. She enters it with her arms flung wide and feels its rush thundering through her heart and soul. For the dervish, the storm is ecstasy. She surrenders completely to its rotating, elemental power and thus gains access to the mystical eye at its core. Here within the eye of the storm, all is quiet and peaceful. The nature of being is fully embraced. 

This is how you must enter the spirit of the coming age – from a place of ever deepening relaxation. So never forget this – be the dervish and don’t just ride out the storm by shutting yourself away indoors. Relax into its swirling dynamism and enjoy the rush of the new forces as they explode into our world. 

Call them towards you and find the ever‐deepening silence of the eye – 

The eye that knows and sees
That all is love and love is all. 

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