The Corpus Christi

Initiations into the Mysteries of the Rainbow Body

One of the journeys making up the Gene Keys Synthesis, the Corpus Christi is the complete science of the ‘Rainbow Body’ — the true underlying nature of all human beings. The Corpus Christi is a synthesis of transmissions, teachings and techniques that underpins the 64 Gene Keys. Representing the higher ‘Mystery School’ teachings of the Gene Keys, it includes the teaching of the Seven Seals, the Seven Sacred Bodies and the Nine Initiations. Deep immersion in the teachings of the Corpus Christi assists you in grounding and embodying the higher frequencies of light into your everyday life. These are the teachings and techniques that allow you to draw the transmission of the Gene Keys layer by layer into the subtle bodies that make up your aura. Literally meaning ‘The Body of Christ’, the Corpus Christi prepares you to work with higher evolutionary frequencies by progressively purifying the many dimensions of your inner being, beginning with your physical body.

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