The Dream Arc – A Gene Keys Yoga

The Dream as the Soil

All human beings are fascinated by their dreams. 

We also all dream differently, and we dream differently at different times of our lives. Most of us probably assume that our dreams are the affects of our outer lives, since most of us have experienced how increased stress in the world seems to lead to a muddled and hectic dream state. We also each have different levels of dream recall – some of us dream vividly every night and remember a great deal of our dreams, whilst others recall very little of their dream life. For millennia, mankind has found ways of accessing the information from dreams. The shaman sees the dream life as more real than the waking life. Depth psychology sees dreams as the working out of the unconscious forces within our lives. Above all, we seek to interpret the strange flood of imagery and information that dreams harbour.

The Dream Arc is a completely new approach to the world of dreaming and dreams. It contains an astounding central message that has rarely been considered by us humans – that the dream world is not a mere echo of the waking world – rather it is the fertile ground in which our waking life is germinated.

Consider this: every night, whilst you are dreaming, you are in fact laying down the energetic blueprint of the next day of your life.

This is the reversal that the Dream Arc is based upon – that what the shaman has said is true – the dream life is more powerful than the waking life because it is the very source of the waking life. Armed with this truth, we would like to invite you to consider a few of the possibilities of working with the Dream Arc system – If you can influence your waking life through your dreams then that means you can change your destiny whilst you are asleep. If you are struggling financially for example, your dreams have the capacity to change this. If you are looking to find that mythical perfect partner in life, you can use the dream realm to call them towards you. Perhaps you have a difficult health issue, or know someone else with one, you can enter into the core of the issue deep within the unconscious through your dreams, and you can gain the insight for how to tackle this challenge. All of these examples have already been proven to generations of true shamans from many different cultures. The Dream is the soil in which the outer life is sown.

Animated Imagination – following the white rabbit

The Dream Arc is a complete inner dream technology that is waiting for anyone with enough imagination to unlock its secrets. The human imagination is one of the greatest keys for changing one’s life because it is through the imagination that images can cross over between the various layers of consciousness. This is what the word ‘imagination’ means – the images move ‘inwards’. It all depends upon how deeply you can incite an image to travel into your unconscious. The image has to travel across many inner divides, moving from waking consciousness to the outer or ‘alpha’ level, then moving into deeper ‘theta’ sleep until finally reaching into ‘delta’ or deep sleep. If you can move an image into this deep sleep sphere of consciousness, then you have sown the seed in the richest inner soil there is, and it must manifest a result in your outer life. However, to drop an image this deep into the delta state requires a specific inner knowledge of the workings of the unconscious and it requires one learn the language of the dreamtime, which is the language of symbols and totems.

Diving into the realm of our dreams, we will be entering into a new territory in which every image we meet represents an aspect of our own psyche. This is why we need to learn a whole new dream language – a language that for millennia has been based upon the kingdoms of nature and in particular the animal kingdoms. Through the Dream Arc will learn precisely why it is that animals, birds, insects, reptiles and fish form this alphabet of our dreams. Contrary to most people’s thinking, the dream world does not end when we wake up each morning, but continues as an unbroken chain of consciousness. The only thing that changes is our point of access into the dream world. Thus the animals and totems continue to come at us even as we go about our daily media-soaked lives. Every totem is a white rabbit that leads us deeper and deeper into the matrix of our full consciousness, and if we are alert to those totems, then our lives can be enormously enriched and transformed.

Dream Yoga – How it works

The Dream Arc system is described as ‘a complete shamanic synthesis for expanding and manifesting inner vision’, and as you will see, this is exactly what it is and what it does. First of all, we have to come to understand what exactly inner vision is and how it relates to us on a personal level. Inner vision refers to an inner blueprint held deep within the DNA molecules inside every cell in our body. Within the human body, one of the greatest secrets is not in fact DNA itself but the cellular membrane, through which information is filtered before it reaches our DNA. In the cutting edge world of the new biology, the cellular membrane is now being heralded as more important than DNA itself. The reason for this is that the cellular membrane, which is a relatively thin sheath surrounding each cell, is the intelligent interface between our genes and our environment. In a nutshell, the cellular membrane is an archetypal threshold by means of which DNA can be influenced, and it is known to be particularly sensitive to electromagnetic energy fields such as those generated by human thinking and feeling.

What this means is that although our DNA blueprints are pre-encoded and therefore unchangeable, it is possible to alter the electromagnetic frequency within our DNA by means of the cellular membrane. When we raise the frequency passing through our DNA, then we unlock hidden dimensions within that DNA. These hidden dimensions represent our inner vision – a state of heightened consciousness that exists within every human being alive, but that is generally lying dormant as an unrealised potential.

The moment we re-access our inner vision of who we really are, then it begins to uncoil within us. The role of the Dream Arc system is to maintain this high frequency whilst awake and to gradually learn how to retain it during the various stages of our sleep. Eventually then, an aspect of our waking awareness will penetrate even our deepest sleep, and when this happens our whole being becomes so saturated with our inner vision that it begins to manifest in our waking lives. The result is an exponential improvement in every conceivable aspect of our lives.

The Three Stages of the Process

The structure of the human sleep cycle is actually quite complex and is generally divided into 5 phases in which the various brainwave frequencies overlap and interpenetrate each other. It is interesting to note that as our overall vibrational frequency goes up, so our brainwave frequency goes down. This is due to a shift in our awareness from the cranial brain to the more advanced system located in the solar plexus. The various phases of the sleep cycle can be further distilled into three main stages or spheres:

Alpha – the sphere of Vision

First of all, the image that is going to manifest in your life must be recognised as an inner vision. One’s inner vision is the crystallisation of all one’s deepest longings. It is nothing less than the highest destiny that you can imagine for yourself – it is you living at your absolute zenith. One’s inner vision is accessed through the alpha frequency of consciousness, which is our natural state during extreme relaxation, deep meditation or light sleep. The Dream Arc process trains you the individual to enter the alpha sphere at will and to therefore access and maintain constant contact with your inner vision. The symbolic carriers of the alpha consciousness are the bird totems, which for time immemorial have been associated with visions or auguries of the future. Your DNA contains a highly specific vision of your future destiny and your bird totems capture this in symbolic form. Through a process of inner discovery, the Dream Arc will introduce you to your three bird totems, which will symbolically carry your inner vision deeper into your consciousness.

Theta – the sphere of Communication

Getting an image into our deep sleep phase is no mean feat. At best, most people can move an image into their theta sleep pattern, which is itself quite an accomplishment. In the theta phase (also known as REM sleep) one’s vision or image can reach out to touch the dreams of others, and it is through this theta layer that humans can communicate with each other in dreams. Whenever we dream of another person, these dreams occur within the theta phase of sleep consciousness in which the image moves from the personal to the collective consciousness field. In waking consciousness, the theta frequency can only be accessed through a heightened state brought about through unconditional love, a rare phenomenon in human beings. During sleep however, everyone can access the theta frequency, since during sleep our sense of individuality shuts down as we begin to merge back into pure consciousness. Theta dreams are always powerful dreams since human identities often seem to merge together with our own consciousness.

It is in the theta sphere that the mammal totems reign. It is where our inner vision is communicated to the entire collective unconscious. It is also out of the theta sleep phase that our human creativity emerges, and the deeper we let our vision go, the more creative genius manifests on the surface of our lives.

This theta sphere is also the most dangerous level within the Dream Arc system because there is enough of our awareness still left to cling to our fears. Whatever we hold on to at this level will immediately present itself in our waking life. This is the purpose of one’s three totem mammals – they each represent a gift within our nature that protects us within the dreamtime. This is why the ancients always referred to them as our guardian spirits. Your three totem mammals thus help you to actively express your inner vision appropriately in your waking life – in other words, they give you the confidence to begin communicating and expanding that vision out into the world.

Delta – the sphere of Manifestation

The delta consciousness field is the final frontier for human consciousness. At the delta level of consciousness, all dreams and images disappear. This is the phase known as dreamless sleep. All human beings need to enter delta sleep every night in order for our psychic structure to stay healthy and intact. Sleep deprivation really refers to an inability to enter the delta cycle of sleep. Human consciousness does not need to spend very long at the delta frequency but dives into it for brief phases each night during which the entire psychic inner structure is cleansed and refreshed. This is akin to a computer rebooting after having run multiple programmes all day long. It is only within the void space of the delta frequency that an image can manifest back into the world of waking consciousness.

The delta frequency is really the realm that the mystics call enlightenment. If a human being enters into this state in their full waking awareness, they are permanently transformed. Every night, when we enter dreamless sleep, our consciousness returns to its true source of unlimited potential. Many people in the modern world have problems in their health and in their lives that are rooted in their inability to enter dreamless sleep for long enough periods, or in some cases they do not enter it all. The reason for this is either external – for instance, a mother nursing her baby throughout night, or it lies deeper within the psychic structure itself. The delta realm is the sphere of the underworld creatures – insects, reptiles and fish. The underworld creatures are the guardians of humanity’s collective fears. If one is unable to enter deep sleep, it is most probably due to a deeply lodged unconscious fear. Whichever creature you are most afraid of is holding the key to unlocking a specific fear, and behind that fear lies a world of rest and relaxation.

The underworld creatures also impact us strongly in our waking life. The Dream Arc process will also introduce you to your three underworld totems – totems chosen consciously or unconsciously by you. These three creatures hold the deepest secret of all – they each open the final door to the sphere of Manifestation. Specific fears lodged deeply in our unconscious prevent our inner vision from manifesting. Thus this final phase of the Dream Arc process is an unlocking of those fears so that the body can feel them and accept them. In the old shamanic systems from around the world this process of unlocking our deepest fears is known as ‘soul retrieval’ since it involves us literally retrieving the lost parts of our soul, spirit or psyche. To dislodge a deep core unconscious fear pattern is in many ways the most exhilarating aspect of the whole Dream Arc process. It is akin to unblocking an inner dam behind which lies a flood of psychic energy and information. As this energy is released, all kinds of extraordinary events may occur in our lives.

The Dream Arc Bridge – Investing in your Dreams

The Dream Arc Bridge refers to the symbolic and literal pathway that awareness takes as it moves through the various stages of wakefulness and sleep. The Dream Arc system introduces us to a whole new way of looking at the world and at ourselves. Its core purpose is to guide human awareness to consistently widen these pathways across our inner thresholds. The more fluidly awareness can travel across the Dream Arc Bridge, the more awakened our whole being becomes. In this day and age we talk about investing our energy and our money into different projects in the world ‘out there’. What we don’t often realise is that the only place really worth investing in is our dreams. Our dreams are the architecture of our outer lives, and if there is a flaw or discrepancy between what we want and what we have, then the answer is always within our dreams.

Many people seek to interpret their dreams. They would like to know what their dreams mean and what mysteries they conceal. The irony is that it is not our dreams that need to be interpreted but our lives. Most of us lack the inner language to interpret the events of our outer lives, let alone our dreams. The Dream Arc system gives us this inner language and is founded upon the premise that we are each sitting on a vast nest egg that lies unhatched within our very DNA.

Working with the Dream Arc system is also easy and above all it is fun. Everyone loves to work with animals, and they love to work with us. Because we have evolved out of animals, we recognise them deep inside us, and they recognise themselves in us. As we learn to recognise their beauty, so we begin to see our own more clearly, and as that happens our lives become simpler, clearer and filled with a new awareness.

The icing on the cake is that we will also become prosperous. We will prosper internally and externally because the nature of each of the animal kingdoms is multiplication and abundance. Such prosperity is not only for ourselves but also for a higher purpose – it is a purpose that unites humans and animals through a single awareness and thus promises to restore a lasting state of harmony to our beautiful planet.

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