The Freedom of Transparency

the loosening of systems

By Richard Rudd

The 60th Gene Key and The Power of Structure 

If you know the Human Design System, then you will know that the 60th gate, along with the 3rd gate, form the channel of Mutation, and that the 60, along with its polarity the 56th gate, create an incarnative theme called ‘the Cross of the Laws’. In the Gene Keys, the 60th Shadow is called Limitation, the Gift is Realism and the Siddhi (its transcendent expression) is called Justice. These are heavy terms with profound meanings and implications and which I have explored in this Gene Key. For me, every Key is a process I find myself spontaneously moving through as I contemplate it, and I would like to share with you some of my revelations concerning this 60th Gift and its allies, the 3rd Gift and the 56th Gift. 

The 60th Gift is about structure, and the 3rd Gift is about Innovation. In the work that I do, the ultimate structure is language itself. The actual mutative spark lies within the secret of the 3rd Gift, whose highest expression is Innocence. The 60 therefore represents the material form that houses the magical spirit. Without a strong structure, the spirit cannot leap into another being and set them on fire. I always remember a single line that Osho, the well-known guru of the last century used to repeat over and over like a mantra: ‘All structures have failed. All structures have failed’. I now understand what he was saying – that structure is temporary but the spirit is eternal. If you really embody this truth, you can have an enormous sense of freedom in life. The low frequency of the 60 is the frequency of Limitation. The moment you get bogged down in the structure, the magic begins to dwindle. However, if you hold the structure loosely, then you can play with it like a child and the magic will take hold. 

To anyone who is immersed in a system of thinking – any system at all – this idea is heresy. What I am suggesting is that the knowledge is never the thing. It is a façade, a distraction (the 56th Shadow) that allows you to pass across an essence that is intangible. The interplay of the 3rd Gene Key and the 60th Gene Key is the expression of magic. The unknown explodes into the world through this fusion – but you have to get the balance right. Too much structure, and the magic dies, too little and it cannot take root. The secret is to use a strong structure but to hold it loosely. You have to leave the door open so that the mutative spirit can play with it. That is how magic is transferred – not through one’s intellectual certainty, but through one’s heartfelt delight. If anything, one’s intellect should be absolutely uncertain! 

Through all this, I found myself drawn to thinking about Human Design. It has a single aim – to set off a magical process whereby one begins to live as oneself. The grail of Human Design is Type and Authority. They represent the structure that carries the mutation. And yet there must be a million other ways for someone to be themselves, unless we are saying that no one can be themselves without Human Design, which would be a very limiting and dangerous thing to say. Being oneself is a vibration, and there are many ways for that vibration to be transferred. The Venus Sequence is another way to transfer this same mutative vibration, and it has a totally different style, even though it is computed from the same structural algorithm. The equivalent of Type and Authority within the Venus Sequence is the Core Issue, affectionately known as ‘your wound’. This is derived from a single planetary position – the unconscious mars. 

Mars as the Wound 

Mars is the God of War. He represents the wounded child, the immature masculine pole without its mother. It is through the interplay of Mars and Venus that all our battles of love and pain are fought. In traditional numerology, Mars is represented by the number 9 and Venus by the number 6, its reversal. When you add them together, you get 15, which reduces again to 6. Venus always wins the battle, because Venus represents love. However, the process of separation from love began through the male archetype, so this is what we have to learn to understand within us. If you know your Human Design but are not familiar with the Venus Sequence take a look at the position of your unconscious mars. This is the grail within the Venus Sequence. It can all be reduced to this single gate and this single line. Where is your wound? Depending on the frequency passing through it, it will continue to cause you misery, or it will become your highest Gift. At the Siddhi level, it is the only element within you that can finally trigger your full self-realisation. 

It is fascinating to me that I came to my wound and its Gift through following my Type and Authority in Human Design. Human Design afforded me the courage to trust in the Gift of my Intuition – the 57th Gift, which is my unconscious mars. But it is also clear to me that it works the other way around – that if you continually reflect upon and observe this wound within you, you will automatically find your way to your Type and Authority, without even having to know them or intellectually understand them. It is the same mutation with a different structure. The magic is undeniable to anyone who has opened their heart to the Venus Sequence. However, because the nucleus of the wound lies so deep within us, it takes quite a process for the magic to reach it. There are many layers to our wounding. 

Thus the structure of the Venus Sequence allows you to follow and release a sequence of different archetypes and gates within your design as you gradually allow the wound to unravel. 

The Freedom of Transparency 

All structures and systems by their very nature have an agenda. They manipulate the form in order to create some kind of change. The Venus Sequence has a single agenda – to make humans more human. This is not a process that you can do from the comfort zone of your living room over cyberspace. You will actually have to communicate with human beings. Our wounding is after all an emotional process. Humanity is currently going through a great genetic preparation – we are preparing for a new kind of human being. The precession of the equinoxes will move into the 55th and 59th Gene Keys in the year 2027. The 55th Gift is the Gift of Freedom and the 59th is the Gift of Intimacy. At their highest levels, the 59th Siddhi represents Transparency and the 55th again represents Freedom. In the case of the 55th Gift, the keynote does not change from the Gift to the Siddhi. This is the only Gift in which this occurs, and it has rather large implications. 

All these states of consciousness that I have been referring to as ‘siddhic’ states really represent our future consciousness in another more advanced vehicle. Every now and again, a freak occurrence spontaneously happens and a human being hits one of these states. People call this enlightenment or self-realisation. There is no route to this consciousness. It simply occurs as a seemingly random mutation, which is why it can never be duplicated. In humanity’s future vehicle or genetic structure, these higher mutations will be normal. This is why the Gift level and the Siddhic level become one through the 55th Gift. Freedom refers to freedom from being trapped within the structure. In other words, the mutative magical energy or awareness will not remain ‘stuck’ or limited to the structure housing it. We call this spiritual consciousness. 

The purpose of the Venus Sequence, like the Human Design System, is to create authentic human beings in preparation for these coming shifts. The Venus Sequence has an enormous focus on Transparency as its highest goal. Transparency can only be arrived at through emotional intimacy. Unlike Human Design, you cannot do this alone but have to work through relationships. Transparency means that you no longer hide anything from others or yourself. The future consciousness will be utterly transparent, as the awareness has to be able to move through space itself. This means that all issues, blockages and wounds must be fully embraced and accepted. Through the Venus Sequence, one begins to strip oneself down of all one’s hidden agendas. One is continually reminded of the wound whenever one experiences suffering. In other words, once the process has begun, you cannot stop it because life goes on reminding you through your emotional pain. 

Transparency is coming to humanity whether we like it or not. If you want to be with the programme, you will have to begin emotionally disrobing soon! My personal experience of transparency is that it makes you feel freer than anything else you have ever encountered. My chest is softer and more open than it has ever been. This is the emotional freedom that comes from having nothing to hide. It means you have to be absolutely honest with yourself and others, and when this occurs, so much baggage drops away from your life. The lower frequency of the 55th Shadow is entrapment in your victim patterns. Where in your life do you feel trapped? Which structure limits you? Money? Relationships? Health? The Venus Sequence addresses the entire being because it goes to the core wound, and the real beauty of it is that it all happens like magic. It isn’t even the structure that does it. It’s the transmission of the sequence through another openhearted human being that catalyses the process. All you have to do is turn up! 

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