The Pearl Articles

Articles by Richard Rudd – 2009

Part 1 – Executive Magick

‘And he drew forth the brand Excalibur…’

-Alfred Lord Tennyson

At the University of Edinburgh, there is a well-known student pub called ‘The Peartree’. It stands adjacent to the main university buildings and library, and because of its unique position, it tends to be the place where students congregate before lectures and exams. In the summer of 1988 I was sitting at the bar in the Peartree having a final drink before my first year exams for an MA in Business Studies. It was a fateful drink. As my friends quaffed their last rites and set off apace for the examination hall, I called out that I would come directly. As it turned out, I came extremely indirectly. I turned to the barman, ordered another drink, sighed a great sigh of relief and made the decision then and there not to sit my exams. Later that week, I re-applied for an entirely new degree, a Masters in English Literature specialising in poetry, which I did complete and which I absolutely loved.

To poets, there is no language that can sound more grating than the often over-complicated jargon of business and commerce. The moment I hear someone talking this kind of business talk, a part of my brain just switches off. I actually think it may be a gift. It’s not just the language either – I have come to realise over the years that it’s the whole vibration behind the language. The expression ‘business is business’ rings in my ears. People have actually come to believe that because something is about business, it means they can forget all normal human values, as though it gives them automatic license to forget the feelings of others. To me, business is not business. Business is a part of life, and life follows universal laws. I am forever glad for that decision I took back in Edinburgh because it has kept my mind open and clear concerning business, and this uncluttered approach has allowed me to formulate my own original ideas about business without having to overcomplicate everything with the ludicrous jargon that we now have accepted as normal. To me, the essence of business is simplicity and elegance.

In a recent article I made mention that I was working on a new model for business based on the knowledge of fractal geometry. This latest article is an introductory foray into this concept.

I have called this article Executive Magick, mainly because I want to inject some sense of adventure into the world of business. The word ‘executive’ literally means ‘to follow out’; so executive magick really means to follow your own magick out into the material world. My personal definition of magick is also very simple – it is the art of doing nothing outside your own nature. What this means is that magick is everywhere and in everything, and if you simply move from your heart, then magick is the result. This may sound rather lame for the hard-nosed business people out there, but there is nothing soft about making money the easy way. The easy way, as you will see, is through keeping everything as simple as possible. More money is lost to businesses through inefficiency than any other way, and inefficiency is the result of over-complicating life.

Creative Branding

According to me, one of the greatest secrets of Executive Magick is creative branding. The word brand comes from the Saxon ‘brinnan’ meaning to burn. It also means ‘a sword’. I love how the word ‘sword’ is really the word for ‘word’ itself with an ‘s’ branded on the front. A brand is many things, but above all, it is a name. The moment you name something, you put magick out into the world. This is where the whole notion of spelling and casting spells comes from. Brand names have real power because they come from the collective unconscious where all names are hidden. Every brand has a certain resonance with a certain lineage of people, and has the power and I would even say intent to reach those people. I am not talking here about established brands like the word ‘coca cola’, which has the power that people afford it through popularity. I am talking about new brands that come into the world. It is so important to have the brand that suits your fractal lineage; otherwise you will always be drawing in the wrong people, which means that your brand can never spread throughout the fractal.

Since your brand is your sword, you need it to reflect a truth that you hold deep within, and your brand also draws you together with those others who carry the same brand. The power of a brand is the power of fellowship – it unites those with a common purpose through its deeper meaning and symbolism. Alongside the brand name and of equal importance, is the symbol representing the brand. Whereas the name enters the left-brain, the symbol enters via the right brain, which is where brand loyalty and recognition is found. The yin brain intuitively recognises its own fractal, whereas the yang brain explores, accepts and/or rejects it.

Marketing Truth

At the highest level of frequency, there is only one product, and that product is Truth. In the world, there are simply degrees of truth masquerading as products, and we get so attached to buying and selling them all. All of this is the currency of communication that takes place between elements of the one Truth who have forgotten their common source and therefore feel the need to trade aspects of their own separateness with each other. The world of business and commerce is all a great stage upon which the state of human evolutionary consciousness is made manifest. That we can now see the whole world stage rather than our tiny corner of it makes the mirror even clearer than ever. As Truth begins to break through into the business world, we will see a slow but sustained transformation moving across the world stage.

One of the first things to be clear about if you are intending on going into business is what your product really is. This may sound very obvious to people, but it may not be so. At the highest level, whatever your physical product is is not the real product – You are the product! The product and its branding are simply an excuse for you to communicate a frequency down your fractal line. What gets communicated down that line is up to you – it may be fear, greed, desire, love, service, awakening or any other frequency. The highest frequencies are Truth, Love and Awakening, which all amount to the same thing. There is a huge irony if you find yourself in the business of marketing Truth, which is that really you are marketing death! To the separate self in the marketplace, the last thing it wants is to die into its higher nature – which is what happens when one meets Truth. As you may imagine, it is not easy to sell someone their own death, so you have to hide it, and this is where branding comes in.

The New Age market is filled with all kinds of people peddling all kinds of wares and making all kinds of claims. Most of the time, these people don’t really make any serious money because they fail to realise that they are the product. The moment you grasp that you are selling Love or Truth, then your brand becomes much more powerful because you see it for what it really is – a trick to make others feel safe about who you are and what you are doing. Truth is the most unsafe product there is, and it is the most rewarding product there is. If you are marketing Truth, you have to play this game, or you won’t have any real success. Once you have realised that your brand or product is really an excuse for you to pass a sacred transmission down your fractal line, then you will find yourself an exponent of Executive Magick. Without really doing anything much at all, your product will market itself, because people cannot resist the Truth.

Synthesis and Cross-Fertilisation

As the 45th Gift testifies, great wealth comes through Synergy and from working with one’s own fractal. In a perfect business, everyone displays their unique Gifts and those Gifts are synthesised together to create a higher harmony or Communion, the greatest potential of the 45th Gift. On a wider level, entire separate businesses can synthesise and dovetail together to increase the spread of the transmission down other aspects of the same fractal. As long as the brands are configured to dovetail together, then the success of one arm of the fractal can immediately be transferred to all the others. If for example, you are working with The Venus Sequence, and someone else is working with the Seven Seals, then their clients can easily be introduced to your work and vice versa, and because both systems are rooted in the same matrix, cross fertilisation is easy and financially rewarding. Instead of working in competition with one another, the members within a Synarchy work alongside each other.

Entrepreneurship for the future

Since we at Gene Keys are creating a multi-layered matrix of systems and brands, we cannot possibly manage and run them all on our own. There are many more brands still to create, which means more business and exposure for everyone in the long term. For this reason, we are always looking for allies who feel a deep affinity with the overall vision of the Gene Keys and who are interested in being a part of this future business model. It doesn’t matter what you currently do, or what your skills and training are. The only prerequisites are that you have an entrepreneurial spirit, are open to working with us in a spirit of transparency and are ready to follow your personal magick out into the world. If this describes you, then please consider joining the Gene Keys community and you will find all the allies and tools you need to support your vision.

Part 2 – Fractal Philanthropy

Business Model of the Future

Over the past few years I have often spoken prophetically of a new business model entering the world – one based on the knowledge of fractal dynamics. As I am currently engaged in the deep research that always precedes a new course, I find that everywhere I look I can now see evidence of such a model just beginning to come into the world.

There is a relatively new science known as ‘Systems Theory’ whose major purpose is to understand and describe the mechanics of dynamic, living and manmade systems. Systems theory is very important to the modern holistic world view because it is one of the few sciences that truly bridges all the other sciences, covering everything from computer systems to brain chemistry. Interestingly, one of the early founders of this science, C. West Churchman identified the Chinese I Ching as one of the very first means of measuring complex systems. Often linked in with Chaos Theory and Complexity Theory, the study of systems thus far has also revealed some startling symmetries between many systems previously seen as unrelated. In a nutshell, scientists at the cutting edge of all fields seem to be discovering similar patterns underlying all kinds of phenomena.

The one truth that is coming through with increasing regularity is that life keeps on demonstrating its ability to self organise. Beyond this, scientists are also realising that even though closed systems exhibit vast complexity, the study of multiple systems appears to be bound by very simple laws. What this is saying is that the more macrocosmic your view is, the simpler it all becomes. In other words, scientists looking into only a single field are often caught by the old adage of ‘you can’t see the woods for the trees’.

Prosperity Through Simplicity

In our modern complex world there is a deep and ever increasing need and yearning for the simple once again. We have even forgotten that the best things in life really are the simplest. My new course, The Pearl is a distillation of all the great truths that I have discovered in the Chinese I Ching, the first great binary system. Its essence is simplicity itself and I have focussed my new language on a system which has I think become so complicated and uncomfortable for so many people that it really feels like it is in need of an overhaul. The subject is of course money, and the system is the world economy and how to understand it and align yourself with it. To be in alignment with the natural flow of the world economy is to live in a state of permanent prosperity. It is something every other ‘successful’ businessman or businesswoman claims they have mastered. My question is: Have they really?

The Pearl will not tell you how to make money. It shows you how to be happy. I hope those two statements speak for themselves. Money is relative to individual destiny. The real question you have to ask yourself is not ‘how can I make more money?’ but ‘how can I be prosperous?’

Now I would like to turn this question back to each of you. Are you doing something you truly love in life? Are you fulfilled in your relationships? Is your body in good health? If you can answer yes to these questions, then you are already prospering right now. Often, the only thing that prevents us from being happy is the belief that we are not already happy. If you can answer yes to these basic questions then your bank balance right at this moment is exactly where it should be. It is at its operating optimum. That is the simplest solution to the question of happiness – you already have it. If however, you cannot answer yes to the above three questions, then somewhere in the quantum field that is your life, you have a glitch. The reason why the glitch exists is not important – the only thing that matters is how to re-set the glitch itself. A glitch is nothing more than the mis-reading of a frame of information.

The majority of such glitches fall in one of two main life categories – relationships or money. It doesn’t matter which one it lives in – you can reset the information from either since all areas of your life are dynamically interconnected as one system.

The Elegant Six

I recently had the good fortune of working with bees. Over two glorious summer days in the England Lake District I removed the excess honey from a cluster of beehives. As most of us know, bees make their honeycombs in perfect hexagonal matrices, being the most efficient geometric shape for any fractal system. As most of my readers will also know, the I Ching is based on the hexagram, a six-lined pictogram with a web of internal correspondences that mathematically match the genetic code exactly. It is these six lines, ‘the hexagramma mysticum’, which allow the fractal language of the genetic code to be read in archetypal form. I have already interpreted these six lines into the dynamics of mythology, psychology, sociology and a host of other systems. The elegant six are the fractal language underlying all system theory.

The Money Triangle

Every system, living or otherwise, conforms to a certain set of geometric laws. In the same way, our genetic code contains sequences that control every conceivable aspect of our physiology, brain chemistry and therefore physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual experience. Human relationships for example conform to universal laws governed by pentagonal geometry, which unfurls through a 5-stage sequence as demonstrated through the Venus Sequence. The economic system however is governed by a tetrahedral geometry, which in two dimensions means it forms a triangle of points with a fourth integral aspect in the centre. Thus there are only 4 stages to the Money Sequence and in this respect money is the simplest realm of all to master, which is why any idiot can make it! The mastery of relationships, we can see, involves a far higher evolution.

The 4 stages of the Money Sequence

1. Talent
2. Initiative
3. Growth
4. Service
5. Quantum

Stage 1 – Talent

The first stage of the money sequence is called Talent. Every human being alive is born with some unique talent – a genius for doing something that no one else can. If you can find this talent and have the courage to follow it, then you will succeed in unlocking the first two stages of your money sequence – Initiative and Growth. To follow your talent in life is to take a great gamble in yourself.

As you can see from the above, talent creates initiative, which drives the turbine that feeds growth.

The Six Fields of Talent

Line 6 – Philanthropy
Line 5 – Management
Line 4 – Sales
Line 3 – Strategy
Line 2 – Marketing
Line 1 – Production

Whatever your specific talent, it operates in one of the six fields above. You can learn all about this in depth in Part 3 of the Golden Path and your Pearl Sequence.

Free Trade and Fair Trade

The current dominant world business model is based upon an economic model simply called Free Trade. Free Trade is basically a system that encourages a free flow of the exchange of goods and services between different countries and nations, without any form of major legislative restriction. In this sense free trade encourages self-empowerment as long as you live in a more or less democratic nation. The problem with free trade is that it has also created a high proportion of extremes, so that we have a very small group of people with most of the money and a great deal of people with very little money. Now in systems theory, this is always a dangerous marker that signifies one of two things: either there must be a system collapse imminent or a complete system readjustment and paradigm shift must take place.

The magic bullet of Free Trade is philanthropy. If humanity continues along its current course unchecked, there will inevitably be a collapse of the global economy. Such a collapse has never happened before in our history because we have never been so interdependent before. We have seen networks fail, markets crash and empires overthrown, but we have never yet seen a complete system collapse. It would be a horrendous event, ultimately leading to chaos, war, poverty, disease and all manner of apocalyptic scenes on a global scale. Many highly intelligent people think this is the way the world will go, and they would be right but for one hope – philanthropy.

Philanthropy as a word means ‘the love of humanity’. Often mistaken for charity, it is in fact a very different phenomenon. In the I Ching language, charity is a fourth line term, whereas philanthropy is a sixth line word. If a 4th line person sees a beggar on the street, they will take them in, maybe feed them, clothe them and save them from their plight. This is the compassion of the 4th line. The 6th line philanthropist however might walk right past that beggar, appearing to ignore them. However, when they got home, that 6th line would go to work to calculate exactly how to change the entire system that creates beggars in the first place. Whereas the 4th line is fixed and limited to seeing only from the heart, the 6th line fuses the heart with the mind and goes beyond both.

Philanthropy has more to do with investment than charity. Philanthropy is not about giving away money and it is not, as is generally misunderstood, a privilege only for the very rich. Philanthropy is actually an integral aspect of the Free Trade business model, and it must and is being born out of that model. Prosperity, as I wrote in my introductory article for The Pearl, is based on giving. Prosperity does not like stockpiling. Money that simply sits there without feeding anyone or anything turns rotten. So it does not matter how little money you begin with, if you invest it in the right consciousness, it will bring you even more prosperity. If you invest it in the victim consciousness, like the fourth line does, then you may not get a great return. But the fourth line is not motivated by return – it only wants to give, and in that respect it is beautiful. The sixth line however is interested in the entire system, so it has to think in terms of the bigger picture – it considers the environment, the future generations and the possible knock-on effects. Philanthropy invests in Fair Trade because Fair Trade is a symbol of individual empowerment. Philanthropy is about freeing individuals from the system itself, and to do that you have to help them become independent.

Stage 2 – The Links of Culture

Moving money down the chain

Line 6 – System
Line 5 – Society
Line 4 – Network
Line 3 – Unit
Line 2 – Partnership
Line 1 – Entrepreneur

In the future, philanthropy must become the natural way of siphoning excess capital to places and people where there is a deficit. To do this, and to reach individuals, you have to move the money down the economic chain. To move huge amounts of money at a system level, you have to first go through the societies (line 5) – the huge corporations and the super-rich. These must siphon money and investment into pre-established networks (line 4) that can get the money down to the local units (line 3) on the ground. Once money reaches down into the communities at this grassroots level, it can motivate entrepreneurs and individuals (line 1) to form business partnerships (line 2) and initiate the money sequence from their respective talents. This is how you bring Prosperity into the world according to the fractal model.

The second stage of your individual money sequence is called Culture. Corporate culture is now a big buzzword in the business field, and in terms of the Pearl it refers to the way in which nature naturally builds a business around you the individual. Once you have initiated prosperity through your talent, your support structure shows up, and this is your natural role within the organic growth of your fractal. More than this, your cultural keynote also shows you how you resonate within any organism. If for example you have a second line, you will naturally form a partnership and share your prosperity and responsibility, whereas if you are a first line, you have to be the sole founder or patron/patroness.

Stage 3 – The Brand

In order to keep at least some mystery, I am going to hold back from a discussion of Stage 3 in the money sequence. What I will say is that it represents the turning point in your own life. To reach the top of the Money Triangle is relatively easy and it will inevitably make you relatively wealthy. However, if you wish to turn that wealth into prosperity, you must make service the core principle behind your business, rather than security or greed. It is only when you can do this that you will hit the fourth and final stage of your money sequence and manifest the quantum power of the pearl inside you.

Stage 4 – Realising the Pearl

The Six Motivators

Line 6 – Nature
Line 5 – Power
Line 4 – Charity
Line 3 – Celebration
Line 2 – Recognition
Line 1 – Simplicity

When you get to this last stage in your Pearl sequence, you really get to see what is really the motivating force behind your life. These six keys are to me so beautifully elegant and profound. You can only realise these qualities through taking your core talent and pressing it into the service of something greater than yourself. That is your sixth line investment in the system. The ultimate system is the universe itself. The Pearl shows you your genetic resonance within the universe – it is the hardwiring in your body that manifests your particular destiny.

If you have a first line Pearl then you won’t ever need very much money, because money makes things so complicated, and that isn’t your trip. Your whole life, all you have really been seeking is simplicity.

If you have a second line Pearl then what you really want is to feel you are making a difference to the world – that comes through recognition. You will probably handle very large amounts of money and are designed for this responsibility.

If you have a third line Pearl, all you want to do is spend money! You are designed to really use money for your own and other’s pure enjoyment, which means you will have access to a lot of money, but it doesn’t really matter who it belongs to. For you, the money simply allows you to live in the limelight.

If you have a fourth line Pearl, then all you want is to simply give it all away! You will want more in order that you can give more. This is the mystical nature of the fourth line, which is something of an anomaly within all the six lines. You can also see here how the lines resonate through the hexagram structure – the quickest way to simplify your life is to give things away!

If you have a fifth line Pearl, then you are destined to be a leader in some sphere. You are one designed for power and responsibility, but you also have the humility to wield it well.

Finally, the beauty of the ending, and the quintessence of the Pearl itself is the sixth line, which is nature. The true nature of prosperity is to be penniless. All sixth lines are transcendent. If this is your Pearl, then life will make certain that you always have what you need without you having to own or handle any of it yourself. The Pearl comes from nature, and arrives by dint of this glitch in the matrix. It is the irritation in the oyster that forms the pearl, and so it must always be the irritation in your life that brings you your greatest prosperity. You can see from its resonance with the third line that all nature really wants human beings to do is celebrate!

The ultimate aim of philanthropy therefore is to take humanity back into alignment with nature. Nature has no need of trade but gives of itself unconditionally. Trade is the afterglow of identification with the form or ego. Thus as we surrender our individual nature back into the nature of the whole cosmos, so money itself will eventually become defunct. The closer we come to acting with the whole system in mind rather than from our own little corner, the less need we have for any of this funny green stuff. As we enter this collective functioning of consciousness, so the system absorbs us into itself and we become like Krishna’s hollow flute, with the celestial wind blowing through the vacuum that once was our suffering. This is the revelation of The Pearl, and it is a revelation that is coming to all of humanity, and as it comes it will once again make our lives so elegant, so prosperous and above all, so simple.

Part 3 – Human Thermodynamics

‘Far away in the darkness where the furthest stars recede,
the infinite adjusts itself to our need.’

-Norman Nicholson

As a revelation, the Pearl is a study of the way in which energy, in the form of money, moves in and out of our lives. The process of ‘unpacking’ a revelation is always an amazing time for me as information arrives both digitally through logical understanding and analogically through synchronicity. I always find that sustained contemplation eventually leads to breakthrough and even epiphany.

My recent epiphany concerns science itself and in particular the scientific laws that underpin the way we see our universe. This is important information and even though it may sound theoretical, it actually has a deep bearing on all of our lives, so please bear with me as I explore it over the course of this long article. It was Sir Isaac Newton who discovered the 2 great laws of physics – the first and second Laws of Thermodynamics. In a nutshell, the first law states that energy can never be created or destroyed, only recycled. The second law adds to this by observing how all energy flow in our observable universe has a natural tendency to move from order to disorder.

As I contemplated these laws, I found that there was a large niggle sitting inside me. Not only did they feel rather depressing, but also I have learned over the years that all good things come in threes. I knew that there must be a third law – a transcendent solution that integrates the first 2 laws and takes away my niggle! Actually there is a third law of Thermodynamics, but it was not discovered by Newton. The third law refers to the state known as ‘absolute zero’. In a nutshell it states that no object or system can ever have a temperature of absolute zero. This is a mathematical impossibility. This third law is really interesting because it attempts to resolve the great riddle of infinity. The implication is that the universe has a mathematical limit.

As you might have guessed, despite this third law my niggle still didn’t go away!

There are huge problems with the current laws of physics, and they all concern energy and time. The basic problem of physics is that a lot of energy seems to be missing in the universe! This is why scientists are running around trying to find it. If they could find the missing energy then all the theories would fit together into one grand unified theory. As a mystic, I find this hilarious to watch. You have a set of theories that don’t quite work so you go out and try and find the missing something that would make the theories work. Even so, I have a deep respect for some of these theories and the physicists who propagate them. The great niggle is of course infinity, and the current Big Bang theory really elegantly resolves the mathematical problem of infinity, by demonstrating that time itself was born at the Big Bang. But am I alone here? Even though that sounds great, doesn’t the great niggle remain? What is this feeling that nature has put inside us? Why is it that we cannot quite conceive of something as having an absolute beginning or end?

The Last Equation

I found my own epiphany in a most unusual place – in the wording of the Newtonian laws. These laws all talk about the behaviour and flow of energy within ‘a closed system’. This proved to be the source of my niggle. Through the Pearl I have learned that the process represented in the I Ching by the sixth and final line of the hexagram always represents the ‘system’ view. However, the sixth line is unique in that it could never be described as a ‘closed system’. It is more like a membrane that connects all systems together. There is an old law of esoterics that states that lower dimensions cannot comprehend higher dimensions, but higher dimensions always include lower dimensions. The sixth line process actually represents an infinite hierarchy of dimensions.

Science is based on equations. But equations are based on closed systems. Take the greatest equation for example e = mc2. This equation is only true if you cannot travel faster than the speed of light. If you could travel faster than the speed of light then this equation would break down. What I am therefore saying is that there is no such thing as a ‘closed system’. That is the only way I can make my niggle go away. Below then is my own ‘niggle- free’ version of the Third Law of Thermodynamics:

‘Infinite systems exist in infinite dimensions. On account of this truth, the existence of ‘closed’ systems can be seen as false. The perceived ‘openness’ of any system is always equivalent to the frequency of consciousness pervading it. It is therefore the degree of ‘openness’ of a given system to its own multidimensional nature that directly determines the flow of energy through that system’.

Another man once put it in another way:

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’ – JC

The problem of science is the problem of infinity. You cannot make the infinite finite. It will not be placed in a box and labelled. It cannot have a beginning or singularity without that beginning leading to another unseen dimension. All the great mystics and teachers have always testified to the truth of the eternal. As the poet says: ‘the infinite adjusts itself to our need’. But science will eventually prevail because it has logic on its side. One day, science will discover the ultimate equation – the equation that proves all science is itself an insoluble paradox. On that day, all equations will end. You cannot find the missing energy because it is in another dimension. The ‘closed system’ is only closed from this side!

The Speed of Being

You may be wondering what all of this has to do with you, your life and money? Well, it has a great deal to do with it. In an infinite universe, a great deal of energy is stored in other unseen dimensions. Not only is it stored, but it also responds to your behaviour even though you cannot see it responding. This is why my proposed Third Law concerns consciousness. You cannot measure energy without involving consciousness. Quantum physics has already discovered that. The frequency of consciousness is therefore directly related to how open it is to higher dimensions. If you view life from the frequency of the second law of thermodynamics, all you will see is entropy and disorder. However, if you view life from a higher frequency or dimension, you will see that the disorder is in fact a part of a higher order. This happens to be the essence of Chaos Theory.

All of which brings us to the black hole. The black hole hides the secret of money and prosperity. In an infinite universe, energy moves from one dimension to another through its sixth line membranes, but such membranes are not always open from both sides. To pass through a black hole physicists theorise, you would have to cease to exist. Black holes draw in matter and even light, therefore condensing time itself. But unless you are also a mystic, the truth of how to pass through a black hole will always elude you. Even faster than the speed of light is the speed of thought, but even the speed of thought, which is almost instantaneous, is drawn into a black hole. The only way therefore to move through a black hole is to dissolve back into pure being. This is what the mystics have always spoken of as the dissolution of the ego and the cessation of thought.

In human terms, such dissolution translates as selfless action, or what the Buddha called ‘right action’. Selfless action stirs energy flow in higher dimensions, and even though you may not see this flow for a long time, it nonetheless takes place. The energy of goodwill must go somewhere, but it exists at such a high frequency that it takes time to translate back through the wormhole into your life. If you are fortunate enough to discover the vision that lies inside you, even as an energy signature, then your continual trust in that vision will also activate energy in higher dimensions. All the new age-isms and clichés about manifestation are therefore absolutely true, but the great key is patience. The more you slow down, the faster it happens. Only when you come to a complete rest in your being does manifestation occur instantly. This is why physics says that it is impossible for energy to reach a temperature of absolute zero – because the lower the temperature gets, the more energy you need to lower it further. The only way therefore to reach complete standstill is to be so pure in heart that you draw energy from a higher dimension. (This is incidentally, the mystery of the 12th Gene Key).

Wormholes to Grace

The secret of the 6th line is the secret of investment. Whereas the 3rd line spends for pleasure in the now, the 6th line invests for the future. Now this investment might sound boring, but in truth that is not the kind of investment we are talking of. This is not about saving, but investing. Where do you invest your thoughts? How do you invest your emotions? Above all, how do you invest your time? Time is money. The ultimate investment is higher consciousness, because only higher consciousness connects you the individual into the whole, pulling you into harmony with all of nature. But this does not mean you should necessarily run away to the Himalayas and meditate. It means you must accept every moment you are given as a perfect sacrifice to a higher vision. If you can do that then it doesn’t matter what you do with your time because every moment is given over to a higher cause.

Eckhart Tolle teaches us the great truth that the future is created only in the present moment. This is the profoundest of mysteries. Money can be created in every moment or it can be thrown away in every moment. If you are serving a goal higher than yourself then the circumstance of your life is always the perfect money laundering facility! The trick is not to try and escape what life throws at you. You need do nothing but remain steadfast in your inner vision. The rest you must accept and move more deeply into. Everything on the mundane plane is a potential alchemical agent for higher dimensional thermodynamics. The most boring act if done willingly in the spirit of acceptance and sacrifice will release currents of vast power to work for you in a higher dimension. The magic however has a built-in testing mechanism – patience. You have to go on forgiving, you have to go on turning the other cheek to your infuriating mother-in-law and you have to become the black hole that absorbs whatever negativity life throws at you.

If you can become the black hole, then sooner or later grace must and will enter your life. It will provide you with exactly the requirements and support your need for the effortless implementation of your highest aspiration. But you will have to earn this through faith. Grace operates according to laws outside the scope of our illusionary 4-dimensional universe. But Grace does operate according to universal laws nonetheless.

These higher laws can cause what we perceive as miracles or synchronicities in our world of cause and effect. In fact, acts of grace are simply the natural distortion of our 4 dimensional vision as it meets a higher vision unbounded by the constraints of time and space. We only have to remember that the 6th line membrane is always open for business, but that it only responds to higher frequency energies.

The Umbilical Chord and the Music of Money

In the recent years and particularly since the Hubble telescope was launched, astronomers have made some momentous discoveries. Chief among these is the fact that almost every galaxy we can see appears to have a black hole at its epicentre. These ‘supermassive’ black holes present a vast mystery to science. And yet to the mystic, there is no surprise in this. The mystic knows that all life is holographic and that the macrocosmic body must therefore mirror the microcosmic. For millennia, the mystic has known that the navel centre in the human body is essentially a black hole or energy vortex that leads to the source of being itself. Moreover, the navel acts as an alchemical cauldron for the refining of all lower frequencies into higher frequencies.

In a beautiful metaphor, the navel connects us to our true mother through the great cosmic umbilical cord. In other words, the navel centre is a wormhole to a higher dimensional reality. Through this centre, we are nourished by the universe itself. In the Indian yoga systems, the navel centre is known as the ‘manipura chakra’. This root-word ‘mani’ refers to a jewel or pearl that lies at the centre of our being. The best known of all the great mantras (another word derived from the same root) is ‘om mani padme hum’ meaning ‘hail the jewel in the lotus’. In Christian mysticism the initiate is also fed by celestial ‘manna’ when he reaches the higher frequencies of consciousness. This ‘manna’ is the cosmic nutrient that moves from the mother to the child, the higher dimensional field to the lower. The prefix ‘ma’ is universally known as the vibration human culture uses to address the mother.

It does not take much imagination therefore to see how the word ‘mani’ is the same as our modern word ‘money’. Money is the physical equivalent to energy that moves from a higher dimension into our lives. The only thing we therefore have to do to draw money into our lives is attune to the mother through the umbilical cord, which means to raise the frequency of our DNA so that the higher dimension can reach down and enter our body. Money is thus all about being in harmony with the greater life. It is all musical in nature.

Financial Breakthrough – the Final Word

Throughout this article I have really only just scratched the surface of what money really is and how it works at a higher level in our lives. But before I go and massage my own navel, I have one further insight to share with you regarding what I call financial breakthrough. If you have always had trouble making money in your life, this may be a valuable insight for you to ponder.

Investment, as we have seen, is a sixth line word. It relates to the ‘system consciousness’ and the system is terrifying to the individual. The more you try and buck the system, the more isolated you end up becoming. The future of money at the higher frequency of consciousness is all about being synthesised into the system itself. There are systems beyond systems. As you therefore raise the frequency of your own consciousness, you naturally arrive at breakthrough points. Every time this occurs, it is a sign that the system is ready to integrate you into itself at a higher level. But to pass through the wormhole, your old way of being will have to be dissolved. At higher levels of consciousness, business is becoming more and more self-organised, and it does this through living fractal lines. To make a financial breakthrough you will have to merge your business in some way with that of another, and indeed with many others. You will have to allow the system to integrate your vision into a wider vision involving many other players and people. This also means you will have to give up being in control and trust the mothership to guide you in.

This collective community is the way the future of business is moving. It signifies the end of manipulation (note the root of that word), and the entrance into a greater possibility than most of us have ever dreamed of. We will have to learn to trust each other in ways that we have never had to before. Money always brings up the oldest survival fears. But through allowing the higher consciousness to suck these fears into itself, we will gradually transform the way money moves in and out of our lives. At a certain stage, the system integrates us completely and we disappear into it. This is what the mystics refer to as the ‘second birth’, and it is a stage of complete financial group harmony.

If therefore you are having trouble making money in your life, here is my advice: look to the people in your life who you trust absolutely, and go into business with them. It really is as simple as that. Finally, if you didn’t understand any of this article, I can’t say I blame you! Please allow me to give you the simpler version:

When you are nice to people, nice stuff will happen to you.

There, I have finally done it – Prosperity Through Simplicity.

Part 4 – Economic Meltdown

Survive or Soar

‘If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs
Yours is the earth and everything that’s in it…’

-Rudyard Kipling

I am entirely in agreement with the poet. And I would go further…At times such as these, when others are succumbing to their deepest fears, you can do more than simply survive the transition – You can soar on the waves it generates.

Every now and then a great fear moves through the world. It is literally being leeched out of humanity’s DNA. In mysterious cycles, the global economy suffers repeated strokes, and when it happens, everywhere people tighten their belts and scramble to keep their money safe. The release of this fear into the collective however is not rooted in economics, but in emotions. The global economy is actually built upon emotions – chiefly upon greed and desire but above all upon fear. It is also important to understand that the economy is a system, and as such it is interrelated with all other systems, both living and manmade. In this respect, the Pearl teachings can explain the basic infrastructure of the economy, and indeed of all systems.

Line 6 – System
Line 5 – Society
Line 4 – Network
Line 3 – Unit
Line 2 – Relationship
Line 1 – Individual

The economy is made up of individuals. That is the bottom line. The overall frequency generated by all those individuals working, interacting, buying and selling is what creates the frequency within the system. Beneath our current world economy beats a heart of fear. The great empires, monopolies and groups that dominate our world economy have been built upon desire, which is nothing but concealed fear. Only when there is no fear can there be no desire. You cannot point the finger of blame at the individuals that run the empires either, because no one person has designed the system. It is simply the expression of our collective emotional nature.

As I said, systems are all holographically interrelated. Our economy is actually near the very end of a whole line of systems. It is a microcosm of what is occurring within the ecosystem, the solar system, the galactic system and the universe as a whole. At the individual level, there is the physical system of your body, made up of its own sub-systems – your immune system, your cardiovascular system, your endocrine system and so on. All of this leads back to your DNA, the last system that we can see before the hologram enters the atomic and sub-atomic world. What is occurring in the economy is therefore a mirror of what is occurring in your DNA, and of what is occurring in every single system within our universe. I hope that at some level that makes you breathe a sigh of relief!
The fact is that when evolution wants to take a quantum leap it mutates all elements within the chain. Here is how a healthy or unhealthy system works:

You have to empower the individual or he/she will rebel
You have to nurture the partnership or it will dissolve
You have to nourish the unit or it will split apart
You have to strengthen the network or it will crash
You have to serve the society or it will be overthrown
You have to bow to the system because you can’t beat the system!

As is evident, our current economic system is proving itself unable to empower, nurture, nourish, strengthen or serve us. Neither can you fix the system by throwing money at it. Only if all the societies colluded, could the system respond as we need it to, and that is a highly unlikely scenario because of the great sacrifice it would take from those in positions of power.

The system itself can never die. It is beyond death, which is why you can never beat it or outwit it. When it needs to change, like the phoenix, the system gives birth to itself anew from the inside, whilst at the same time it allows the old elements to rot away. And as the old empires crumble and fall, so the new shoots appear amidst the ashes. This rebooting of the entire system occurs only periodically throughout evolution. Empires are built, overthrown or decimated, only to be replaced by other empires serving the same master – fear. But the system only changes after thousands of such events have taken place. The ancients were particularly adept at predicting system reboots. The Vedas describe the Yugas, great spans of time in which evolution progresses gradually until it reaches one of the great tipping points, those rare times known as the Great Changes.

Now is such a time. A Great Change is upon us, and what we are seeing is more than just another empire in decline. Today, as the Mayans predicted, is a time when the whole galaxy is engaged in a leap in consciousness.

The new shoots are even now beginning to emerge. People will find new forms of currency that support and venerate the living chain of all beings. All life forms are involved in this transition, even the inanimate forms. So if you are in resonance with the new – with what is coming, then now is far from being a time of gloom where you are merely worried about your own or your family’s survival. On the contrary, now is the time to take to the air. Just as the old energy is descending there must be an ascending counter-action, and it will come from those who carry the breath of the new frequencies in their hearts. We who have dreamed of freedom for so long, and all those ancestors who have fought for freedom down the ages – all of them live inside our DNA, where they create a vast pressure inside humanity – a great surging updraft of lightness and light. We know what is really coming.

Genius – the true human currency

All the empires we have seen throughout our history have been built upon debt. Today the world’s largest empire, the USA, has debts of more than 10 trillion dollars! Financial debt is again simply a manifestation of an emotional state that has been repressed throughout humanity. Debt is guilt, and guilt eats away at the system like a cancer. Today we are seeing all the guilt coming out of the emotional system of humanity. All of our collective suffering down the ages, all of our unaccepted selfishness, our lust, our cruelty, our betrayal and our anguish is being thrown to the surface, literally cast out of our DNA. DNA is the physical repository that holds all this memory, this collective karma, this great debt. It is actually held within the solar plexus centre, the seat of emotions. The money simply follows the emotions.

A great mutation is underway in the solar plexus centre of humanity, and it is throwing this debt to the surface so that it can be burned from our DNA. Our modern world will doubtless drown under the weight of this debt, but it will also be purified. The new system will incur no debt whatsoever because its nature is philanthropy. Philanthropy, derived from the two terms ‘philos’ and ‘anthropos’, literally means the love of humanity. As a word and a practice it has become somewhat confused with charity. But it has many more dimensions to it than charity. A philanthropic system is a sustainable system, in which energy investment is the primary consideration. Philanthropy is not in the business of rescuing victims, but of empowering individuals to thrive. The philanthropic view is the 6th line long-term view. It will not invest in empires that are founded on fear, even though people may be suffering under those regimes. It will begin a new system that invites all people to come and be educated in order that they may free themselves. That is the true love of humanity.

Below are the 6 economic keys in relation to this, placed for your inspiration alongside the 6 wound keys:

Line 6 – Investment – Isolation
Line 5 – Debt – Guilt
Line 4 – Loans – Rejection
Line 3 – Risk – Shame
Line 2 – Credit – Denial
Line 1 – Savings – Repression

The only way of removing the fear from your system is to unlock your own innate genius. Your genius is your 1st line foundation of a secure life, because your genius is where you naturally contribute to the system and therefore the way in which you are designed to prosper. However, because our current system does not empower the individual, it does not empower genius. In a system that does empower individuals, no one ever need go into any debt, so there is no need for credit either. With no creditors and no debtors, there are no victims and no controllers. In a philanthropic system, your genius is your natural currency, and it makes everything in your life so simple. Your genius allows you to thrive. It feeds you and those close to you, and it feeds humanity. In a philanthropic system, individuals are self-empowered because they bow to the system that they know they are part of.

The Gene Keys and the Pearl teachings are primarily aimed at the empowerment of individuals, through the embracing of the Shadow and the releasing of your true genius. Armed with your genius, which can only ever come through an open heart, you are equipped not only to survive the oncoming deluge, but to soar over the top of it. As some will drown beneath the emotional waves of the Shadow frequency, others will lead the way and thrive, growing wings of freedom rooted in their genius. Then from above the waves you can see how to lead others to this same freedom inside themselves.

It is a time of great hope, of great inner certainty. The most important thing now is to use this opportunity to rise up, rather than allowing yourself to fall victim to the fears of the world. If others are constricting and tightening their belts, you must be one of the rare ones who expands and loosens your belt. It is a time for generosity of spirit, of innovative thinking, of deep love. It is a time to nurture your true partnerships, to nourish your families, to strengthen your networks and serve the new society. The new society belongs to no single being, but at its heart sits the empress – the vision of a higher world based on philanthropic principles. All those who build their lives around such values are serving and being served by the new society.

The new society is self-organising, has collective intelligence and is rooted in the principle of synarchy. Its frequency creates the attractor field that will draw its subjects together. Slowly, imperceptibly, it will arise as the old world continues to fall away. Old energy is leaving the world. New energy is being born.

It’s an amazing time. You decide…

Survive or Soar.

To learn about your Pearl Sequence and find out how you are designed to prosper, please explore Part 3 of the Golden Path.

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