The Seven Sacred Seals – an introduction

The Corpus Christi Teachings

The Gene Keys transmission is a path of wisdom. It is a path that each person must walk in his or her own way, following the loopings and curvings of the pilgrim’s way through a great and ancient body of world teachings that is vast in scope and rich in Truth. At the mystical heart of the Gene Keys are a set of teachings that form the basis of a new Mystery School. Known as the Corpus Christi, these teachings ripple out into the living matrix of the Gene Keys, bringing into form a sacred knowledge drawn directly from the higher realms.

If you are working with the Gene Keys in your life, whether you are reading the book or travelling one of the sequences of the Golden Path, the Corpus Christi delivers a powerful embodied context to the particular path you are taking. As I myself travel through these teachings, listening to and learning from the Gene Keys transmission, every now and then a special Ray falls to earth, and the Corpus Christi announces the time for a new revelation.

The Seven Sacred Seals are such an event. In fact they are more than an event, they are an initiation, in the deepest sense of the word. That they are coming out into the world at this time is to me a miraculous occurrence because I sense that once they are at work in the world, a huge change will begin to take place. One might also look at this the other way around, that the Seals are coming because we are finally ready for them and because we have earned them.

As they come into the world, the Corpus Christi teachings lay out the canvas of a higher universal Truth. They provide us with nothing less than the living template of the true human, Homo Sanctus. Homo Sanctus refers to your future body, a Body of Light, sometimes also known as the Body of Glory or the Rainbow Body. Even though this body appears to have its full manifestation in the future, it exists inside us as a seed, alive in every moment, and at differing stages of evolution within each of us. The Corpus Christi describes and activates each of the seven layers of the Rainbow Body, through a series of transmissions, invocations and initiations. Some of these may occur as formal and collective events (like the coming Retreat in Canada), but most of the time these teachings are internal, occurring within our everyday lives.

The Seven Sacred Seals – A Revelation of St John the Divine

The first recorded transmission of the Seven Sacred Seals was given in the Book of Revelations by St. John the Divine. This extraordinary testament is one of the great enduring mysteries of esoteric writing. It contains in coded form the living transmission of the Great Change – that epoch in which humanity will move through a complete transmutation before ascending to its final flowering. Having ascended to the highest peak of consciousness in the Ninth Initiation, the spirit of Christ flooded the subtle bodies of his closest disciples, allowing them to access very high states of siddhic consciousness. This is what happened to John on his island retreat of Patmos, although it took some years to mature inside him.

Of all Jesus’ disciples John stands alone as one gifted with great esoteric knowledge. The resurrection of his master propelled John to be the receiver of a transmission that very few have been gifted, or been able to survive. When we read the Revelation of St John now it seems full of obscure imagery, metaphor and obtuse terminology. However, the truth of St John’s vision is far beyond human words to describe, which is why we can only penetrate this teaching if we can rise to a higher frequency ourselves. This is an ancient tradition in esoteric lore – that the highest teachings are written in a code woven from image and light that remains inaccessible to the lower frequencies of the human mind.

At the core of St. John’s Revelation lies the teaching of the Seven Seals. Below is the definition from the Gene Keys Glossary of Empowerment:

The Seven Seals — The Seven Seals describe the specific pattern of awakening for humanity as the higher currents of involution and grace move over time through our species. Outlined in allegorical form in the Revelation of St. John, the unfolding of the Seven Seals can be understood as a sequential predestined awakening code hardwired into all human DNA. As each of the Seven Seals is mystically ‘opened’, all aspects of the human wound, both individual and collective, will one day be healed. The teachings of the Seven Seals are contained within the transmission of the 22nd Gene Key, whose highest aspect is Grace. In the teaching of the Venus Sequence, you learn the precise science and underlying patterning of your suffering. As your awareness moves deeper into these Shadow patterns, you may become aware of the functioning of the Seven Seals as they affect your own individual awakening. At even deeper levels, you may become aware of how the Seven Seals are gradually opening up within the body of humanity. Such insights will lead to a great welling up of compassion and peace inside you.

So the key factor to understand the teaching of the Seven Seals is that they are a very refined frequency transmission that can only be activated and understood after considerable inner purification.

The Ring of Purification – The sublimation of Discord and Desire

If you wish to work with the Seven Sacred Seals in your life, you will need a fierce inner commitment. It may take many months of inner preparation before you receive signs that you are making progress. However, if your yearning is deep and sincere, a sustained effort will inevitably lead to a breakthrough. In the Gene Keys teachings, the secret of inner purification is guarded in the Codon Rings, and in particular by the Ring of Purification, which is a genetic grouping in human DNA that links together the 13th Gene Key and the 30th Gene Key.

13th Gene Key – Discord – Discernment – Empathy 

30th Gene Key – Desire – Lightness – Rapture

When you look at the two Shadows of these Gene Keys you will see the key to any serious course of purification. When we talk here of purification we are really talking about bringing about an upsurge in awareness around those patterns inside us that keep us at a low frequency.

Purification through The 13th Gene Key

When you begin to work with the 13th Gene Key (it doesn’t matter if you have it in your Profile or not), then you will become much more adept at seeing through your negative patterns in your relationships. The 13th Gene Key teaches the art of inner listening. You listen to your own emotions and thought patterns and you listen to the way you react or respond both consciously and unconsciously when faced with confrontation. The Shadow of Discord is the inability to discern your own issues from the issues of others. This is why the Gift of Discernment opens up inside you as you begin to pull out the emotional and mental weeds from the garden of your relationships.

This kind of purification is tough, back-breaking work! The only rewards come initially from your own quiet sense of victory as you manage to disable your Shadow patterns. An example might be not being pulled down into the lower frequencies of your own mind by the way someone else thinks about you or treats you. Relationships are all based on projection. We have to learn to purify our projections so that we only see the best in others, and at the same time, we must be consistently vigilant when it comes to our own Shadow projections. At a certain level of frequency, a beautiful disentanglement occurs in your key relationships. You are no longer pulled down into someone else’s projection field but can retain your own high frequency no matter what the circumstances. This is the beginning of the Siddhi of Empathy.

Purification through The 30th Gene Key

Working with the 30th Gene Key is a very private and internal process. It is the basis of all teachings that come under the label of ‘Tantra’. Tantra refers to the gradual sublimation of our desire nature, and this 30th Gene Key has at its lower frequency the Shadow of Desire. It is important here to state that there is nothing wrong with any of the Shadow frequencies. They are the touchstones of the higher states. However, if you do not feel ready inside yourself to sacrifice your lower desires to a higher goal, then this teaching is not suited to you at this time.

Working with the Shadow of Desire will take you into some challenging zones of consciousness. Our desire nature shifts according to the seasons of our lives. Thus you will need to examine your daily urges and needs in depth and without any self- judgment. The important thing is just to see what forces are driving you, and how those forces tend to lead to further cycles of hunger and desire. The Gift of Lightness occurs as you begin to see how deeply you have allowed yourself to become a victim of your desires. Lightness here refers to two new qualities – the first is that as you begin to loosen the hold of your desires, you feel less heavy, both emotionally and mentally. You feel more buoyant and joyful. The patterns begin to let go on their own, just from you seeing them over and over again. In the early stages it is painful, but after some time, it almost becomes amusing to watch the soap opera of your desires playing out in your life.

The second quality that comes with the Gift of Lightness is literally that of light. You begin to feel incandescent, as though lit up from within. This is because every desire you have can really be reduced to a single overarching desire – the desire to know your true nature. When you can trace this huge insight in your life, all your desires begin to serve the one goal – to purify your inner nature in order to experience the higher frequencies of your greater Self.

Opening the Seven Seals using the Venus Sequence

As you begin to purify your inner being (a process which also happens naturally as you engage with the Gene Keys and the Golden Path), so you may one day be fortunate enough to experience the transmission of the Sacred Seals opening up inside you.

Each of the Seven Seals is a very high frequency essence that is gifted to you at certain times in your life. As you work more deeply with the Gene Keys and particularly with your Venus Sequence, you will transmute the karma that you have generated over the course of your life. This karma often comes in the form of cellular memory from your childhood – for example – those deep patterns that occurred at crisis points in our early life, when we unconsciously closed off our heart and lost our natural sense of trust in life. Such memories have to be deeply felt and wrapped in our new awareness. This is not a comfortable experience as we are required to feel very vulnerable for periods of time, even as we go about our daily life.

As your awareness tracks through your Venus Sequence, you will begin to see how the sequence naturally unlocks the old patterns inside you. This is an interactive transmission, brought alive through your relationships and the mirroring patterns that they provide. At points within the process, and usually after some considerable time, you will suddenly experience a breakthrough. Such an event, whether mental, emotional, physical, or all three, always results from the opening up of one of the Seven Sacred Seals. It is as though the heavens open for a brief moment and the light pours through, opening you up to a great inner vision of your higher self.

The teaching of the Seven Sacred Seals is directly analogous to the Venus Sequence. The Venus Sequence shows us the evolutionary path, as we strive to purify our hearts and minds in order to raise our frequency and re-set the original openness of our being. The Seven Seals on the other hand, show us the involutionary path, as the aspects of our higher self rain down upon us in infinite compassion, opening the gates of grace so that we can rethread the weave of our highest expression and purpose in the world.

Grace and the Seven Siddhis

The Seven Sacred Seals and their respective Siddhis, lines and planes

The First Seal – Divine Will (40th Siddhi) – heals the 1st line – Physical 

The Second Seal – Omniscience (17th Siddhi) – heals the 2nd line – Astral 

The Third Seal – Universal Love (25th Siddhi) – heals the 3rd line – Mental 

The Fourth Seal – Epiphany (43rd Siddhi) – heals the 4th line – Causal

The Fifth Seal – Forgiveness (4th Siddhi) – heals the 5th line – Buddhic 

The Sixth Seal – Truth (63rd Siddhi) – heals the 6th line – Atmic

The Seventh Seal – Grace (22nd Siddhi) – – heals all lines – Monadic

If you are working with your Venus Sequence in depth you will soon realise that there is a certain configuration to the way your heart opens and closes. Each line number in your sequence is like the combination of a safe, and as you turn your awareness in these locks, so they progressively open, along with your heart. Over time, the reward of the Venus Sequence is the permanent healing and opening of your heart. This rare occurrence can however only come about through the activity of the Seven Seals. In your healing process there will be moments of despair, moments of exultation and moments of pure Grace. Grace operates through the 6 Siddhis of Grace (see above). Each Siddhi is an outpouring of Divine energy or ‘shakti’ that works its way ever so subtly into our heart.

The 6 Siddhis of Grace each contain the specific antiserum that transmutes the 6 ‘wounds’ of the 6 lines. Therefore there is a deep mystery to these Siddhis of Grace. Each contains a specific transmission to heal an aspect of both the individual karmic wound and also the collective karmic wound of humanity. The Seventh Seal is the integrating field that brings the final culmination to this process of healing. For further insight on this you can read the 22nd Gene Key as well as the section on healing the Core Wound from Treading the Golden Path.

Serendipity – a side effect of Grace

The transmission of the Seven Sacred Seals may at first appear complex to you or hard to comprehend but in truth it is simplicity itself. I recommend you thoroughly read and contemplate the 22nd Gene Key and work with the Venus Sequence (Part 2 of the Golden Path) in your relationships for a minimum of 9 months. After this period, the knowledge will have naturally found its way into you, and what once seemed complex to your mind will appear obvious. The Gene Keys wisdom and the Corpus Christi teachings are holographic in nature. This means that as you imbibe their truths, they begin to create clarity at all seven levels of your being. This process however takes time, courage and commitment.

One of the beautiful signs that this wisdom is opening up inside you is the increased presence of serendipity in your life. Serendipity is a side effect of Grace. You will find that things in your outer life seem to flow more smoothly, and at the same time, your inner world will become more peaceful. Your physical body will learn to relax all on its own as you embrace the joy that comes from this increase in serendipity. Serendipity brings good fortune to you, it brings health and joyousness and a vision of a new possibility for a new kind of life. Embrace this wonderful gift of serendipity in your life. You are beginning to move in rhythm and harmony with the greater being of life. You are touching into the greater reality that is you. One day such a gift will lead you all the way to the Godhead itself, and then like St John the Divine, you may even see the true face of God.

Excerpted from ‘The Seven Sacred Seals ~ Portals to Grace’ – Book available from amazon. The Seven Sacred Seals online course can be purchased here.

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