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PART 1 – The Venus Sequence – Waking up from awakening

‘Only a woman has more influence over a man than power’

Our world is fast approaching a crossroads.

Times such as these require honesty and courage, which is why I have decided to write this series of articles aimed directly at all my current readers. Whilst I know many of you, there are many more who read my work that I have never met, which is always a strange phenomenon for someone like me, because in truth I am the kind of man who likes to look people in the eye and shake their hand. Writing like this and firing my words off into the void is an unnerving experience at times. You never really know who is reading your words or what effect, if any, they are having.

So much has changed in the last 10 years. On the surface, the world does not seem to have changed that much – we still seem to be blindly heading for the same global precipice. But think about yourself 10 years ago. Consider how naïve you were about certain things back then. Consider what a deep transformation you have gone through since then. Because you are reading my material right now, I know something about you, even though you may not know how I know it. I know that some deep part of you is beginning to get tired – perhaps you are tired of trying to understand the world, perhaps you are tired of trying to understand yourself – but above all, I suspect I know why you are really tired – you are tired because you hold a dream deep inside your heart and after all this time, it still hasn’t quite happened.

I know this because I can feel it in the collective energy field. This tiredness hits us every time we hear the world headlines. It’s there on almost every TV channel. It follows us into our relationships, it dogs us when we sit down and wade through the mountain of paperwork that floods us in our modern world. At its height, the tiredness becomes exasperation – it asks questions like:

‘Why can’t these politicians just wake up and start saving the world?’

‘How can the most advanced nation on the planet elect leaders like these?’

‘How can these things keep happening?’

For years now, you and I have sought to better ourselves and live a life of purpose. We have each awoken from our sleep, we have smashed our conditioning to smithereens, processed the pain we felt as children, held hands with the great sages and been through what can only be described as an epic journey of transformation from ignorance to awareness. We have won through. If we haven’t already celebrated, then we should. We each have to see that we have won through. The reason we have to see this now is that the world needs us now. The world doesn’t need people who are awakening. It needs people who are awake. The world doesn’t need people who are learning what it means to lead. The world needs leaders. The world doesn’t need us to transform ourselves any more. It needs us to transform it.

Many of you know a little of my own journey. Since I have this infuriating habit of writing everything down, much of my own process of transformation is fairly well documented. And each of us has our own story to tell – our own fascinating little mystical play. So my question to all of us, myself included is: isn’t it time we woke up from our awakening? Out there in the world, there are things that really need changing. Most of us learned along the mystical path that it isn’t the outer world that needs saving – it’s the inner ‘I’ that needs to awaken – and so we have tended to focus more on our inner being rather than the outer world or ‘maya’ as it has come to be known.

But now things seem to be changing again. We are at another of those cosmic turning points. We need to end the spiritual self-obsession now. There is a time for meditation and there is a time for action – we need both right now. There is a powerful new stream of energy entering the world – through my work, it has taken the form of the Venus Sequence, but others give it other names. It seems to emanate from a source that we call Feminine or Yin. All along the cutting edge of consciousness this energy stream is being aroused – I am just one of many in whom it speaks. Many spiritual teachers and leaders are coming out of deep retreat to answer the call – it is an immensely exciting time.

The Feminine principle is so often misrepresented – it is often pictured as soft, flowing, motherly, patient, spiritual and compassionate. Although the feminine principle may have many of these traits, it really represents something more – it represents the power of matter. When the feminine principle enters the world at its highest frequency, one of the first things it looks at is money. Money is the key to matter. Money is the ‘chi’ of the material plane. If you don’t have money, you cannot do very much. Up until now in history, mainly men have controlled the flow of money in the world – but now it is time for the feminine to take a lead. How many women do you think want to spend their money on a shiny new Ferrari?!!!

Just as the Tai Chi master moves their body through different positions to enhance the flow of chi within their body, so must we align ourselves to the right activity in order for money to flow more powerfully into our lives. On a global scale, the energy body of humanity is hugely imbalanced. Certain areas are absolutely starved of chi, whereas others are blocked with too much. As the feminine principle enters into the body of humanity, so the money begins to flow where it is needed – to the people who know how best to redistribute it. A whole new type of economics is about to be born. Simultaneously, dormant areas of the body will once spring again into life.

If you have a true dream inside you, then the money to implement this dream is waiting to come to you. The only thing stopping this money is your inner attitude. If you don’t believe in yourself enough – or if you think that life is going to hand you that money on a plate, you might need to think again. Life may hand it to you on a plate, but only if you are on fire with your mission. If you are just lukewarm sitting there hoping things will get better on their own, you may well be in denial. The Venus Sequence can only come alive in you if you have the courage to step out of the shadows and stand up as a leader.

The Death of the Victim

The Venus Sequence has come into the world to put an end to self-obsession. It has one purpose only – to stop you from being a victim – whether you are a victim of your culture, your mind or your fears. This is not just another clever system to learn. This is the system to end all systems.

I discovered something magical hidden at the heart of the I Ching, and I called it the 64 Gene Keys. We each have a hidden gift in life – it may be a composite of many gifts – but essentially, every one of us has a genius inside us. I also found that our genius is hidden behind a series of blocks – I call them Shadows. These are the blocks within our own meridian network in our body. Behind these blocks lie two amazing things – our Gifts, and the means to implement them. The moment you release these energy blocks, you alter your own destiny.

Understanding your specific victim pattern is an essential aspect of the Venus Sequence. Many simply do not want to hear this about themselves. However, if you do not unlock your sequence and catch yourself in the act, the chances are you will never see your true authentic self in action. You see, I have learned how clever our shadow-self really is. Our shadow can easily take any system of thought and build it deeply into its own delusion.

For me, the Venus Sequence offers a clear route into the matrix. It also uses a language that is so simple that it cannot be avoided.

You use one of six patterns to stay a victim – you either hide, deny, escape, reject, delude or disconnect.

Once you can see which of these patterns has been running your life, the doorway to your Gifts very swiftly begins to open. Simplicity is a wonderful thing. You don’t need to study for years to understand it, and if you did, I personally wouldn’t trust it one iota.

The Venus Sequence has one single aim – to turn your blocks into your Gifts, and to pull you out of self-obsession and launch your life’s dreams onto the material plane. That is what the world is currently calling for – and that is exactly what our current generation is here for. No one here is a victim of the direction the world seems to be taking. If you think you cannot do anything about it, you have fallen for your own Shadows. Now is the rising of individual power – it is the time when the leaders are stepping forward. The mass consciousness of humanity is beginning to crack and crumble – they are ready for this now, and they are looking for people to lead them out of their own Shadows. The Venus Sequence is a key tool for that purpose – it speaks in plain language and is designed for plain-speaking people.

In Part 2 of this series I explain how quickly and easily the Venus Sequence can awaken ordinary people, and how in particular it speaks to the women of today through the medium of relationships. Every woman already understands the atomic power inherent in all relationships, and it is only in the unlocking of this power that our planet has a chance to change its destiny…

Only a woman has more influence over a man than power.

It is upon this single sentence that the future of our world will ultimately pivot.

PART 2 – The Rising of the Yin

In Part 1 of this series, I touched upon the dynamics of power between the masculine and feminine principles. It seems I hit a raw nerve, as the article provoked quite a response from both men and women. The very truth of this response illustrates exactly what the Venus Sequence is about – that the relationship between men and women and the balance of power in their dynamic has been dramatically shifting in the last 50 years or so. The nerve is evidently still twitching, and perhaps that is a good thing since the Venus Sequence is about transparency, authenticity and openness.

Let’s begin by getting one thing absolutely straight. Some men are from Venus and some women are from Mars. It’s not just about men and women, but masculine and feminine. Because the balance of power in the world is shifting back towards the feminine principle, this obviously does not mean that all men are suddenly becoming redundant. We are talking about a power change within the genetic sub-structure of humanity, which means that what will really change will be the structure of our society and the nature of our form. The global awakening that is upon us begins with the individual, regardless of gender. Whoever awakens, awakens, and awakening begins with the individual.

However, once an individual has awoken, which essentially means that they have become authentic, where does the awakening move from there? The answer, according to the Venus Sequence, is that it moves from the individual to the relationship. It moves along what is sometimes termed a ‘fractal line’. The fractal line is what brings individuals together in the first place. The ancients called these relationships karmic relationships. The moment an individual has awakened, then the force of that awakening begins to move into their relationships. The most key relationship of all is between mother and child.

When an awakened woman gives birth to a child, then that child will come into the world as itself, and what’s more, the child will be brought up without the full conditioning of the Shadow. Thus, the ancestral conditioning within that fractal line will have been broken. If on the other hand, the mother remains a victim of her culture and conditioning, then that Shadow ‘wounding’ is genetically passed into her children at the point of conception.

Authentic Relationships and the Sacred Wound

Just as the Activation Sequence awakens the individual, so the Venus Sequence awakens the Relationship, and in doing so, it passes the awakened mutation down the rest of the fractal. One of my first key realisations about the Venus Sequence was that in order to awaken a relationship, you only require one member of that relationship to awaken. The other person is then forced to either awaken or leave. The individual catalyses the relationship to become authentic, and when that happens, it sets off a chain reaction throughout the fractal. I have referred to this process in the past as ‘healing the sacred wound’, since it is a process which addresses the core issues within every relationship. It is also a ‘wound’ that has been here inside our genes from the beginning. Now is the time of the healing of the archetype of the mother and the father. Once this authenticity begins to travel down our DNA, then totally different kinds of children will come into the world.

So what exactly does an authentic relationship look like? Well, it isn’t perhaps what Hollywood would have us believe. As I understand the ‘sacred wound’, it is an in-built anomaly in our genetic makeup, and without it we would not exist. In this sense, the terminology of ‘healing the wound’ is not quite right. The wound is never meant to fully heal because the wound is what makes us human. But it is meant to be kept clean. This is what the Venus Sequence does – it cleans out the issues in our relationships but it doesn’t necessarily take them away. This is not all about those rose-tinted new age couples teaching tantra. All our mythologies show that the sacred wound actually conceals our greatest gifts, and in trying to fix it, we actually stifle those gifts. If you have the idea that the Venus Sequence is a ‘Love and Light’ system then you have entirely the wrong impression. Venus is an archetype that also has a dark side and was even worshipped by the Mayans as ruling executions.

The reality of the Venus Sequence is that it is a feminine transmission and because of its style and language it will appeal more to women than men. It primarily addresses feelings, and is presented in a hands-on way by hands-on people with real skills within the emotional domain. This obviously doesn’t mean that men will not be attracted to this work, but it is generally more challenging for us since we tend to be more mentally polarised than women. Anyone who has been around the New Age circles for any length of time knows that probably 70% of all workshops on just about any subject are made up of women. Even so, the world we see today is still essentially patriarchal, so the quickest way to change the world is through the feminine – through mothers and through women who will break the victim cycles within their relationships.

Venus Pour Homme – a new fragrance

As a man, receiving this Venus transmission has been very challenging. When I was in my twenties, I always remember something one of my male mentors said to me – he said that he would not go back to his twenties for all the money in the world. He said that it wasn’t until his forties that he actually began to feel something alive in his chest. Having said this, the Venus Sequence isn’t all about men’s groups crying together in the woods either! It’s about being real in your relationships. It’s about not hiding or escaping into your work or into your mind. It has been challenging for me personally to see my own issues and work with women bringing this knowledge to maturity. There are times when I have felt the swift edge of the executioner’s axe delivered curtly but compassionately by one of my female colleagues!

For a man, keeping the wound clean means that you can no longer hide, run or outwit your true nature. This means that we have to learn to come more into the moment and our bodies than we are generally comfortable with. Our normal solid defences are laid bare. Even our spiritual knowledge will be exposed. Below is an excerpt from Eckhart Tolle where he gives an excellent example of how easy it is to use spiritual or mental systems as a means to stay in one’s old patterns – the culprit in this case is Acceptance:

‘When you have been practising acceptance for a while, there comes a point when you need to go to the next stage, where those negative emotions are not created anymore. If you don’t, your “acceptance” just becomes a mental label that allows you to continue to indulge in unhappiness…true acceptance would transmute those feelings at once. And if you really knew deeply that everything is “okay”, as you put it, and which of course is true, then would you have those feelings in the first place? Without judgement, without resistance to what is, they would not arise. You have an idea in your mind that “everything is okay”, but deep down you don’t really believe it, and so the old mental-emotional patterns of resistance are still in place.”

We men are so clever at avoiding our feelings. I myself can say this with one hundred percent authenticity. As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series, the problem with all systems for awakening is that they can easily trap you. The Venus Sequence also falls into this category, but it is designed precisely around the six patterns that we humans use to escape true awakening. In the language of the Venus Sequence, if for example, you have a 5th line Core Issue or IQ, then you will use the Venus Sequence or indeed any other system to build your mental delusion even more strongly around you. If you have a 3rd line Core Issue or IQ, you will probably make fun of it, or use it as a means to escape whatever deeper fear resides inside you. The Venus Sequence confronts you directly and emotionally and for this reason, it is best done as a one-to-one session or even better, in a group.

The Venus Sequence meets Human Design

Since The Venus Sequence grew organically out of my own process of awakening through Human Design, it shares many similarities, even though its prime purpose is different. Whereas Human Design initiates the individual process of awakening, Venus specifically targets relationships. Both systems challenge the not-self or Shadow patterns within our nature, but in different ways. Once someone has been introduced to their own sequence, they can see clearly how they are not operating at their optimum potential.

In the months after the knowledge that is now the Venus Sequence streamed into me, my whole world was turned upside down. No one can ever predict when such encounters will occur or even know why. As I grappled with what I had been given, I found that I had to move away from my knowledge of Human Design in order to approach this knowledge in a fresh and untainted way. Now, as the Venus Sequence begins to mature, I realise how integrally interwoven these two systems are. I am not in any way suggesting that they should be fused or used together, as that would entirely confuse two different streams of knowledge. However, it is my hope that they can support each other without colliding or undermining each other. The underlying message is inherently the same.

The message is that spirituality is not outside of us. It is latent within our genes. My ongoing work on the 64 Gene Keys is showing me the truth of this – that within each of us lie real untapped gifts, and that when they are unlocked, we stop being an imitator or a follower of others. In my recent words taken from the 1st Gift:

Out of every dark hole the 1st Gift dives into comes forth a sally of startling and profound creativity. The genius of freshness is to bring something new to the world that no other has ever seen before and that no one else could ever replicate.

Our Gifts, whatever they may be, release us from the need to depend upon any authority outside ourselves. In these extraordinary times, a huge mutation is sweeping through our DNA and it is bringing an end to so many things that we hold dear. In the future, our relationships will look entirely different, since the old human ways are being superseded. In this changing epoch we really have the chance to live in relationships in a way that we never have before – without the need to change the other, deeply understanding the dynamics that lie between us and above all, releasing the hidden powers that lie at the root of all real partnerships.

In Part 3 of this series, I explore the 64 Siddhis, the hidden qualities of a higher consciousness hidden within human DNA. The 64 Siddhis, also sometimes known as the ‘64 tantras’ are an ancient Indian tradition that has come down to us through the Vedas and which over time became amalgamated into all the major tantric systems from China, India and Tibet. As you will also see, the Venus Sequence is a true Tantric teaching rooted in our genetics, whose sole purpose is the transmutation of the Shadows in relationships thus unlocking the potential of higher states of consciousness.

PART 3 – The Higher Purpose of Human Suffering

In all the great world myths and legends lies concealed the same essential code – there is always some kind of a journey, some kind of a struggle and finally an emergence. The meat in the sandwich is of course the struggle – and there is not a human alive who does not resonate with it, which is why the old myths have such a hold on us – because they represent our individual stories as well. In the Venus Sequence, we look in depth at our individual patterns of suffering, and particularly through our relationships we can see these patterns most clearly. Based on the same structural patterns as our genetic code, these patterns can be distilled down to six essential themes, making the Venus Sequence one of the simplest and quickest techniques for revealing the deepest issues in one’s life.

However, there is a whole other level to the Venus Sequence, which is provided through the 64 Gene Keys – an entire genetic matrix of higher human consciousness based on the 64 codon structure of DNA, and hidden within the core issues within our lives. Anyone who has worked with their Venus Sequence knows how explosive the initial revelations are from seeing which of the six patterns they are playing out in their lives. But the real work begins when we have that first glimpse of the wonderful secret hiding behind those patterns. Out of our very suffering comes forth our genius, and beyond that, even our transcendence.

Let me give you an example of how this works from my own life. In my Venus Sequence, my core issue is represented by the 57th Shadow. This 57th archetype is all about Distrust. I am talking about universal distrust here. This is a deep-seated visceral fear about the future, and it manifests as either impetuousness or hesitancy, depending upon your cultural conditioning. This distrust operates so deeply within me that I have never been able to do anything about it. It has simply always been there. With the knowledge I have gleaned from the Venus Sequence I have been able to dive deep into this Shadow frequency and really look this fear in the eye. The result is that I have discovered that it conceals a Gift within it – the 57th Gift of Intuition. The distrust is only there when I don’t trust my intuition, and the more I trust my intuition, the more stable and easy my life becomes. As I have now opened up a channel somewhere deep within me to my intuitive side, I have also at times hit even higher states. The highest vibration of the 57th Gene Key is called the Siddhi of Clarity, and it is about actually hearing frequencies from the future. It is because I experienced this siddhi right at the heart of my own wound that the Venus Sequence came into being in the first place – I picked it up on the higher airwaves. The most amazing thing of all is that it lay concealed right beneath the root cause of all my difficulties in life.

The 64 Siddhis and the origins of Tantra

As I have just recounted, my own higher Gift is about hearing higher frequency consciousness in order to ally primal human fears. I have used the term ‘Siddhi’ in my work on the 64 Gene Keys, which is a slightly controversial term if you know anything about spiritual seeking. Traditionally speaking, a ‘siddhi’ refers to a special power that can be unlocked during higher states of consciousness. But siddhis are generally seen by the wise as obstacles to the path of enlightenment, so the word has a bit of a bad rap. I am not using this word in the same way to denote any special powers, but rather to indicate the genetic themes of different states of realisation or final liberation. This is precisely what the word really means, and I think it has been misinterpreted down the years.

What I didn’t know, but what my higher intuition told me, was that there actually exists an ancient tradition of the 64 Siddhis. One evening, I put it into an internet search engine just for fun, and was stunned to find all these ancient teachings concerning the 64 siddhis! I have now researched the matter thoroughly and discovered an amazing ancient stream of knowledge deriving from the 64 Siddhis and rooted in the Vedic traditions of India. Obviously, some ancient sadhu sitting in a cave with the Siddhi of Clarity picked up the future frequencies of our genetic code!

However, the plot continued to thicken, as I was to discover, because these 64 states of higher consciousness from arguably the oldest spiritual tradition on our planet are specifically tied to the Divine feminine principle. Down the centuries, the matrix of the 64 found its way into the arcane teachings of tantra. There is actually a temple in Orissa dedicated to the 64 ‘tantrikas’ or feminine goddesses. There is also a well- known story of Shiva giving humanity a gift of 64 ‘tantras’ or special powers during the so-called Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga is the current epoch in which humanity is said to pass through the most difficult and critical point in the evolution of its consciousness. These 64 codes also evidently became amalgamated and popularised into the secret arts of the Kama Sutra, again carried mostly by women. The Kama Sutra itself details 64 sexual positions or 64 sexual arts, but what most people don’t know is that at least 80% of this book is given up to advice and insights on the relationship dynamics between men and women. Beyond this, there is also strong evidence that the knowledge of the 64 Siddhis passed into the Dzogchen traditions of Tibetan tantric spiritual practice and Vajarayana Buddhism where they became understood as the 64 attributes of the Buddha nature

From the above, you can see a clear pattern whereby this stream of knowledge concerning the 64 archetypal higher states follows a course that is tied strongly to the alchemical exchange of yin and yang energies. In this sense, the Venus Sequence is a true tantric system, made hugely potent through its wider connection to our genetics. In today’s modern world, the most powerful way of releasing one’s higher attributes is not so much through sustained periods of meditation but through deep acceptance of our everyday relationship dynamics. Most of us simply do not realise that right here in our everyday lives, and particularly in the energetic exchanges between men and women, is a vast secret waiting to be decoded. True tantra is the transforming of a negative genetic pattern between any two people into pure acceptance. This acceptance presupposes understanding must take place first, and this is what the Venus Sequence brings – the understanding that all relationship dynamics are ruled by specific Shadow patterns inherited through our DNA. The understanding born of this is so powerful that it shatters this whole game of the battle of the sexes and leads to an entirely new way of relating.

The Western Mystery Schools and power of the 64

The mystery of the 64 Siddhis as a fractal of man’s higher evolution has not only been limited to Oriental approaches to the Divine, but is also prevalent in most western esoteric schools. One of the most obvious places to find a deep contemplation of the 64 in western schools is through Pythagoras. Pythagoras based his contemplation of man’s Divine attributes on his theories of music and geometry, which are based on the eight octaves or 64 notes and the Pi ratio also based on the key number 64. It is also clear that the ancient Egyptians saw the 64 as one of the great mystical numbers as it forms the basis of a magical number system used to access higher states, and known as the Magic Square of Mercury.

More recently, the well known Cabbalists McGregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley who arguably spearheaded the revival of the western New Age also used the 64, drawing upon ancient systems such as the tradition of 64 beneficent angels and the ‘64 Devas of light and sound’. Another of the most recent revelations in this same stream is an extraordinary book called the ’64 Keys of Enoch’ by JJ Hurtak. This book was a channelled work transcribed in 1973 and describes 64 keys whose function is: ‘to re-balance or ‘unlock’ the perceptual apparatus so that the creative consciousness within the material-physical body can perform its functions when it blends with the discreet spiritual forces behind the physical universe’. In other words, these 64 Keys open the doorway to higher states or siddhis.

Enlightenment – the great confusion

Perhaps the greatest role played by the 64 Siddhis is as dispellers of spiritual confusion surrounding the so-called enlightened state. The state of consciousness known as enlightenment or realisation is the same as the true siddhic state, but in the language of the 64 Siddhis you can see how it is simply filtered differently according to our genetic programming. In other words, enlightenment has 64 different languages, and many of them are directly contradictory, even though the state itself is the same. For example, there are sages who tell you to seek God with all your heart and sages who tell you to forget seeking altogether. Who are we supposed to believe? The answer is in our genes. DNA is unchangeable. The only thing that can change is the frequency of our DNA.

The great question of all seekers is ‘How?’ How do I attain this exalted state? It is perhaps the greatest mystical question of all. The answer is that there is no definitive ‘how’. Each of us has to live according to our true nature or design. That is all. If our design leads us to seek a higher consciousness, then that is our ‘how’. If our design leads us to stop seeking altogether, then that is our ‘how’. The secret is to be natural. Of course, if you know what your prime siddhis are, you will know exactly which of the 64 spiritual paths belong to you. This is a truly groundbreaking knowledge. You can look at the words of any great master and you can see the limitation of their siddhi at work. They simply say what their genes want them to say, and they do not judge that. They are simply being themselves, even though they have gone beyond such definitions.

Ironically, the real purpose of the Venus Sequence does not really concern the 64 Siddhis, which really represent humanity’s future consciousness. It is still a very rare occurrence for someone to make the quantum leap into the siddhic state. A siddhi is a spontaneous flowering of an aspect of humanity’s consciousness. But the Venus Sequence is really aimed at the mass consciousness, and its target is to bring people out of the victim patterns of their Shadow frequency and into the creative fulfilment of their Gifts. However, for the few who are ready, the Siddhis await, and they demand only one thing of us – that we do nothing outside of our own nature. They are a complete enigma. From time to time we may taste them, but to truly enter them is to never return, and that is something that can never really be explained by anyone.

To find out more about your Venus Sequence, you can visit and explore Part 2 of the Golden Path Program.

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