Venus Origins

Meeting the Divine Feminine – the story and true depth behind the Venus Sequence

The Revelation

On June 7th, 2004, the planet Venus passed in front of the sun.

For most of that day, I was sitting on a train! I had just completed teaching a 3 day seminar called the 64 Gifts. I had my Human Design chart on the tabletop before me, and I had a pen. For some unaccountable reason I began to draw lines within the chart, connecting up different planets. Soon, I found myself looking at a star tetrahedron, and at some point I passed into another realm – a realm of pure intuition. A great energy and excitement rushed through my body, and I begun to ‘see’ things. No one can aptly describe a spontaneous mystical experience in words. It is simply not possible. The thing I remember most clearly is the fire inside my body.

This experience was to last a full four days and four nights. Over the course of this period I fell into progressively deeper and deeper states of consciousness. My mind was operating at a frequency that my body could barely handle. My desk filled up with bits of paper with countless scribbles all over them. After I came down from this experience, I spent months trying to decipher what I had written! The result is the Venus Sequence.

The one thing I try to make clear to anyone who comes to this knowledge is that it isn’t knowledge, and it isn’t another system. It is a living Dharma Transmission. It came to me as a transmission, and it passes into others as a transmission, no matter what any of our minds think. Because the Venus Sequence is a living presence, it cannot be mentally understood, but can only be grasped intuitively. It is in essence a deeply feminine transmission that has chosen a very masculine form through which to propagate itself.

The Divine Feminine and the Bees

Along with this Transmission came the bees. I know that may sound odd, but you have to take all of this with a pinch of salt anyway. As I have learned since, in occult tradition, bees are said to come from Venus, or at least their frequency matches that of Venus. In any case, as I entered the halls of the Venus Transmission I found myself entering the world of bees. Bees really are incredible creatures for many reasons – their ability to alchemically make honey, their incredible ways of communicating through dance, and their highly organised hive society. This last point is really the essence of what the bees represent for me – that they offer humanity a model of a truly selfless society.

The Queen Bee

To me, the Queen Bee is one of the greatest symbols of what the Venus Sequence is all about. The Queen represents the pure ideal of a perfect society. She is the heart of the Hive. Everything turns and spins around her. As is evidenced from real life, if the Queen Bee dies, the hive soon falls into chaos and will also die. She represents Love, as Venus represents Love. They are both an expression of the Divine Feminine principle. The following words are from a recent article of mine:

The Bees are our thoughts. The Hive is our body. The world is the orchard. The flowers and blossoms are our experiences in the world. As the bees draw the pollen from the flowers, so we have to draw as much sustenance as we can from the experiences that come our way. Like the bees, our thoughts always return to the Hive, our body, and it is there that they store the precious substance they have gathered from their adventures. Deep within the Hive, an alchemical process takes place, as life is broken down and its essence is extracted and refined. All this work is done by the bees. Those wonderful, busy bees.

But there is one more thing. Within every Hive, there is a heart. This heart is the Queen. Collectively, the bees serve the Queen. If the Queen is removed from the Hive, or if she dies, the entire colony will soon die. The Queen bee actually secretes a physical substance that galvanises every individual bee into service of the whole, and every individual bee visits the Queen to sip of this substance. The substance of course, is Love.

Everyone who drinks the transmission of the Venus Sequence can feel this love. It is something that lies within each of us.

Saturn and Chiron – The Dark Mother and the Wounded Healer

After I had received the Venus Sequence, I had an intuition that there was something missing, and as I explored this feeling, another vast realm opened to me – the realms of Saturn and Chiron. At this stage, everything turned macrocosmic. The Venus knowledge was so simple and beautiful to understand and use. This knowledge was different. It had no real use, but it held all the keys to existence. Outside the Venus Tetrahedron lay another Sequence – the Saturn Sequence. The geometry of this sequence was not Euclidean, but was fractal geometry involving Fibonacci spirals and the golden mean proportions. It is not a sequence that applies to individuals, but to collective groupings of individuals – soul groups, families, tribes, races and eventually the whole of humanity.

To me, Saturn is not a male archetype. It is the dark side of the Feminine. It controls karma and the machinery of incarnation, ruling life and death.

You can see from the tables below how the same wound keys seen from the Venus context are translated into racial wounds that bind whole genetic groups together at the karmic level of The Saturn Sequence. You can see for example how the same energy that manifests as personal insecurity (line 1 in the Venus Sequence) becomes the threat of invasion at a racial level (line 1 in the Saturn Sequence), and that this individual fear is actually the root cause of all physical disease on this planet.

Chiron, Ancestral lines and Fractals

Chiron was discovered only recently, in the 1970’s. His myth is deeply associated with the sacred wound, as he is sometimes known as ‘the wounded healer’. In the geometry of the Saturn Sequence, Chiron represents the bridge between the personal and the impersonal. Through Chiron, we can see both paternal and maternal DNA strands, and we can read the repeating patterns that follow our family lineages through time. Ancestral patterns can all be followed back to the very source of the sacred wound itself at the big bang. This is where the science of fractals comes into play.

To put it very simply, fractals are self-replicating patterns that are found hidden almost everywhere in the universe. If you slice open a grapefruit, you will see a similar geometry to a spiralling nebula. Even where there appears to be chaos, there are hidden harmonics at work. The principles of fractal geometry can be applied to anything. When you apply them to genetics, it becomes fascinating. All Europeans, for example, are descended directly from one of seven women. By simply taking a swab of DNA from your saliva, a geneticist can tell you which woman you are descended from in a matter of minutes. The lineage that connects you back to this woman is a fractal line. Her lineage has divided and divided in dendritic fashion through her children and her children’s children.

Fractal lines also link us to archetypal patterns through karma. Certain family lineages carry certain karmic residues from the beginning. The sacred wound has its different branches of suffering. Through Chiron, we can see for example, what health patterns are passed karmically and genetically down a certain family lineage. When I was looking into these things during my mystical experience, I heard a statement that must qualify as one of the great sweeping statements of all time – it was ‘All illness is ancestral’. This suggests that disease is pre-programmed into our nature and that the only way to truly heal an illness is to break the pattern all the way back to its source at the big bang! That means you are healing an illness carried by literally millions of others who are in your fractal line.

The implications of this knowledge to health are astounding. It means that the real source of any disease cannot be located in one’s lifetime. It can only be understood as an archetypal illness, and not necessarily one that even needs to be fixed. It really needs to be accepted totally.

The Three Source Codes and the Avatar consciousness

As you trace the sacred wound deeper and deeper back through time, it can be traced to three source fractal lines. In other words, when the big bang occurred, the one exploded into three, not into two. This is very important to the emerging geometry of the universe. These lines, or source codes, relate to the three aspects of Divinity or Trinity found in almost every religion on our planet. Man has a knack of intuitively sniffing out the truth. The patterns are after all the foundation of our being. The three aspects of the Trinity I have called Krishna, Christ and the Mother.

The Krishna Ray came into the world through India and it followed the fractal lines both through birth and through the earth (known as leylines) as this transmission was carried and passed on down the generations. This is the ancients knowledge held by the Rishis and written down in the Vedas.

The Christ Ray came into the world through Jesus and it too has followed the fractal lines into many corners of the world. These three Rays have little to do with our outer lives, but are really source vibrations carried by all human beings. You can be a Hindu or a Moslem and be on the Christ Ray, and vice versa.

The Third Ray, the Mother Ray, has not yet fully incarnated on this planet. It is actually in the process of incarnating now. None of the Three Rays is a single person. They are each an entire fractal lineage – what I call a synarchy. In other words, Jesus was at the core of the second Ray fractal, but as it divides and sub-divides, the essence of the Christ also incarnated and continues to incarnate through countless other beings carrying the vibration.

The Divine Mother

With the incarnation of the Mother, the third aspect of the Trinity, the sacred wound itself will eventually be healed. Three, as they say, is the Charm. With the Divine Mother comes Grace. Essentially, the Mother Incarnation has a very practical feel. These incarnations may be scientists and economists, politicians and educators. The job of this incarnation is to bring together the yin and the yang – to unite scientific thinking with religious thinking. The real healing coming from this multi-generational incarnation will be through world economics. When debt is forgiven and money is eradicated entirely, then we will know Mum is fully present in our midst! The Divine Mother brings synthesis, and ultimately she brings collective enlightenment, as human consciousness ceases to identify with the local vehicle it happens to be operating through.

To find out more about your Venus Sequence, you can visit and explore Part 2 of the Golden Path Program.

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