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A Gentle Path

From the moment we are born, our life begins to trace a mysterious arc against the blue sky of existence. Because of this, we each come into the world with a deep sense of anticipation that there is something special we are here to do in life. 

The purpose of this book is to help you find, follow and fulfil the true curve of your life, and thus complete the circle you began to draw when you were born.

Whatever stage of life you are currently moving through, whether you are resting in a quiet eddy in the river or whether you feel immersed or even overwhelmed by the rushing cascade of life, this little book offers you a lifeline. As you imbibe the simple yet timeless teaching that lies inside, your life will gradually begin to evolve. At first it may hurt a little, as you come to see with crystal clarity that it is you who have stood for so long in your own way. But soon, as you follow the threads of understanding that dawn in you and as you begin to apply them to your life, many difficulties will drop away and you will find yourself living in a new way and inhabiting a new world.

Some of us read many books over the course of our lives. Some of us read only a few. It could be said that there are only three types of books in the world. There are books that entertain or inspire us. There are books that inform and educate us. Finally, there are books that touch our soul. Of these, some few may also include either or both of the other two groups. However, such books are rare and come along infrequently in our lives.

The true power of a book is its ability to reach into our hearts and change us in a permanent way. The Art of Contemplation is intended to be such a book. It is the beginning of a journey that may stay with you for many years. The journey leads inwards although it will also affect your outer life in mysterious and beneficial ways. This is because our worldly life flows from the roots of our inner life – in how we think, in what we feel and in what we choose to believe. 

Before you begin this perennial journey into the internal landscape of your life, there is only one quality you will need. This is the quality of gentleness. As you will learn, the art of contemplation is a gentle path, and as you sow the seeds of this gentleness in the various corners of your life, soon all manner of good fortunes will begin to blossom and grow around you. 

I wish you well on your journey.

Richard Rudd

The gentle journey

Contemplation in Action

Are you ready for a complete sea-change in your life?

Bring the quality of gentleness into an area of your life where it is most needed. This may be your work, a relationship, your health, your family or some very specific challenge you are currently facing. See how things change when this gentleness enters the situation.

Patience is a major aspect of the art of contemplation. You might like to wait until you have witnessed the power of this gentle approach in at least one area of your life. This would be a wonderful start to this course!

Module 1, Topic 2
In Progress