Hear the amazing story about our Gene Keys Delta Programme as it was recently introduced en masse to the famous Auroville Community, based on the teachings of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, in India.

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The Delta in Auroville Community

Please enjoy this inspiring short video, where Richard, Natasha and Pia share their beautiful vision for the role the Delta may play in bringing harmony, healing and transformation to communities across the planet, and receive a glimpse of the powerful changes the community Deltas in Auroville have already brought about.

Auroville – The City of Dawn

The Mother (founder of Auroville) seeded ‘A Dream’. Thus, Auroville was born and steadily grows. Lead by the teachings of Sri Aurobindo, its residents continue to carry the dream in their hearts and minds, making Auroville an ongoing experiment in human unity and transformation of consciousness. The challenges are enormous and daring but when this dream touches a person, there is no hesitation to enter the path of an Aurovilian. The first necessity is the inner discovery of a being that is free, vast, and knowing and ought to become the active centre of our life. To enable consciousness to be put into matter, the Mother laid down the task to build ‘the city the earth needs.’ 

The community is 55 years old with a population of 3300 people from 60 different nationalities. Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics, and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity. This is no simple task and Auroville is no utopia. It is a microcosm of the world with all its gifts and shadows.  

Gene Keys meets Auroville – The First Dance

The Delta Programme was generously gifted and received with much gratitude by Auroville, and the beginning of a relationship between our two communities. The Delta is truly a beautiful dance. Beauty obviously is not a neutral thing, as it has drawn in over a hundred Aurovilians. Each called — to be themselves, to transfigure what has hardened or wounded. A creative act, a dance, that elevates, ennobles what we are doing anyway. We just never stopped to notice these huge gestations and fermentations going on in us that we are not even aware of; and then the Delta was some sort of threshold, a crossing over, by which we are able to be different, because some secret work has been done. And now we are suddenly in a new place surprised by where we get taken. 

The Delta Experience in Community

It was lovely at the beginning when many of us found ourselves starting in positions that suited us precisely. In witnessing that position, we actually provide this incredible service. We see that the positions that are given to us as individuals are not for us alone, or for our own self-improvement, but they’re for the community and to be offered. During a Delta we understand our lives, how we view others and their presence or absence; and, perhaps most importantly, what we dare to believe and what we are afraid of believing: an honest appraisal of our relationship to the divine, the natural world, darkness, the appearance and disappearance of form and friendship. We are at the frontier between deep internal experience and the revelations of the outer world. When this is physically shared by all members of a Delta, a new territory is made tangible. It creates a door through which others can walk into what previously seemed unobtainable realms, in the passage of a few weeks. 

The Delta experience hasn’t been all about just the nice loveliness of sharing in community. It has been a more rounded, substantial sense of something emerging from an inner landscape. Here we found a secret hidden resource, areas of ourselves that keeps us wide awake and makes us ask ourselves the hard questions of our identity as a community. This has been pivotal. It helps us in knowing ourselves as part of a greater whole, through which we are slowly learning to listen to ourselves. When the Delta is played in the “landscape” of a community, it is pivotal. It helps us in knowing ourselves as part of a greater whole, through which we are learning to listen to ourselves. We discovered that connecting to community through the Delta can be a way of coming into rhythm.  

The Delta experience during a Crisis

Like all divine gifts the timing of the Delta in Auroville was impeccable. The time of the great divide. A time when woundedness as a community had never been so apparent. The identity of belonging to a unified whole was being challenged. The Delta gave the community the ability to turn inward as a collective. Each reclaiming all that was apparently lost. It showed the way back home, a way that no matter how far from the Auroville Dream, all that is needed is to dive deep into the planes of our own being — see the inability to integrate within — and through the Delta once again see the dimensionality of our own exile, and in that awareness, we already take the path of integration, back to the place we should be. In communion with unity, in community at home.  

It’s no coincidence that the Delta chose this time to enter Auroville. A tool that became available in our time of crisis in which individuals holding out onto frontlines, are holding on simply because there is in us some kind of sense that knows that what we are really called to, is in some way beyond the circumstance and allows us to endure the bleakness of it all. Through the Delta we are able to stop and ask the question of identity, for there is a place in our identity, where we have never been wounded, where there is still a certitude, where there’s a seamlessness, and where there is peace and tranquillity. The Delta has been a vehicle, to visit that inner sanctuary. 

There is always an uncanny symmetry between the way we are inward with ourselves, our intentions, our dreams and the way they get played out. It’s as if there is an evacuation of interiority going on and that we need to draw back inside. Where we can return to our highest self, a kind of antidote, even to the most pressing crises. The experience has been an opportunity to see that the spirit and soul dimensions are not luxury items but are actually the very origins and sources which will enable everything to flow and unfold in a new way, ennobling the heart and allowing us to endure the outer reality. 

With much gratitude to the Gene Keys Community, Auroville keeps dancing. 

-Natasha Storey

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