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Gene Keys Bulgaria

The human genius is boundless. It is a source of extraordinary strength and creative potential. The world constantly needs the power of creative energy, not only for its development but also for filling our lives with beauty, with inspiration… with LOVE!

A special light, power, and wisdom flow in the Bulgarian DNA! They can be felt through our amazing artists and their creations. We, at “Gene Keys Bulgaria”, want to empower this deep Bulgarian magic to reach all over the world!

And over the last few years, we’ve made a few small steps to make that happen, spreading the genius all around the globe with our unique “Gene Keys Pulse Calendar”, which each year contains the amazing art of truly incredible and talented Bulgarian artists to shine in our homes.

Touch the Bulgarian genius. Feel the magic encoded in our DNA!

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About Gene Keys Bulgaria

Gene keys Bulgaria is a young and committed team dedicated to spreading The Gene Keys in order to help people discover and share their gifts in their everyday life. 

“We from Gene keys Bulgaria are a team of seekers. We are walking a path of service and purpose. We met through our values, our aspirations of the heart, and our shared love of the wisdom of The Gene Keys — a transmission that gives us awareness, strength, and the tools to bring our genius out into the world. Each of us pours our heart into our common mission — to support people to live more conscious, happy and abundant lives with a higher purpose. We are grateful to be able to bring the Gene Keys to Bulgaria.

We believe that the wisdom of the Gene Keys can support all people to live their lives with an open heart, to awaken to their fears and gifts, to believe in their personal genius, and to find their place in the world. The Gene Keys liberates people from states of victimization and puts them in touch with their limitless power. As people are freed from living in survival mode, they are naturally drawn to living a life of self- and other-acceptance, as well as service and purpose. The Gene Keys remind us of the timeless values that have always lived within us, but have been forgotten. We believe that when one person truly changes, so does the world!”