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Maureen Momo Freehill

About Momo

Maureen Momo Freehill, MFA has been a professional teacher and performer of dance and somatic wellness work for over 30 years. Through the universal language of body movement, she guides people to connect with True Nature inside and out. Well known for her work with the arts of Butoh Dance (add hyper link here www.dailydance.net) and transformational movement in natural landscapes; she co-facilitates a non-profit organization called NatureMoves, (add hyper link here www.naturemoves.org) now in its 30th year of working with LifeArt Process of Anna Halprin.

If you love to move, and you’re open to infusing your contemplative experience with a felt-sense of deeper meaning, check out Momo’s weekly online DanceWaves sessions(correct hyper link here to www.dancewaves.us

Momo, a Gene Keys Ambassador, will guide you gently to harmonize with life’s changing seasons. You will discover spontaneous embodied revelations and responses inspired by elements of Nature, the Dream Arc and Gene Keys.

… but you don’t need to be experienced in dance or familiar with the Gene Keys to enjoy the experience!