Privacy Settings

Levels of Privacy / Visibility

  • Only Me: Hidden to all users except you.
  • My Connections or “Friends Only” (Default Setting): If you accept a connection / friend request with another user, they can view this part of your profile. No other site user can visit your profile until you have consented via the My Connections option
  • My Group Members: You may be apart of a group such as a Virtual Retreat. This option lets you connect with users who you may not yet know, but share a common group.
  • All Members or “logged in members”: This allows any user of to view your profile, regardless of if you are connected yet. Only logged in users will see your information. This is good if you want to be visible in the larger Gene Keys community.
  • Public: This is the public to all users, whether they are logged in or not.

Edit Profile Visibility

Profile Drop Down Menu –> Account Settings –> Profile Visibility

Here you can choose if you want to…

  • Be listed in member directories of your associated groups
  • Be listed in member search of your associated groups
  • Allow other users to send you friend requests / connection requests
  • Show your “last active time” to other users
  • Show your profile, friends list, or groups to other users

Edit Privacy Settings for specific Profile Sections

Profile Drop Down Menu –> Account Settings –> Privacy

  • Here you can choose privacy options for your specific parts of your social profile
  • Any user that doesn’t qualify under your specifications will be unable to visit your profile screen
  • You can also edit your profile and visibility by visiting your Profile Page and clicking “Edit Profile” –> Choose visibility beneath each specific field
  • Default visibility sets your First Name as Public, but all other information set to “My Connections”.

Blocking / Ignore other Users and Moderation tools

For all community conversation, we ask our users to follow the values of the Gene Keys approach, and honor one another with respect and courtesy. However, if any conflict or inappropriate behavior emerges between users, we do have moderation tools to support a safe and inclusive environment for all.

If you prefer to ignore / block another user, you will not see their posts in any of your groups nor will either of you be able to message one another. For more information please visit the Moderation, Blocking, & Reporting FAQ