Category: Laughers
Vision Key: Vision of the Innocent Child
Dream Arc Partners: Coyote / Adder
Related Gene Key: 3

I, Puffin, am here to tell you that you are growing too serious in certain aspects of your life. You need to loosen up and remember the joyous possibilities that lie all around you. Playfulness is an inner spirit that we can bring to anything we do. Dig a little deeper into your life and see where this spirit of play is most needed. If you were to look back on your life, what are the experiences you would most value? No matter what you have done or not done, you can never, never lose touch with the child inside you. Nurture the playful puffin inside you. Be disciplined about play. Carve out the time for it in your life.

If possible, come into my realm – visit the ocean and walk along the cliffs. Breathe the salty air into your lungs and remember why you are here. If you live far from the ocean, find a lake or large body of water instead.  My people are great laughers. Who and what makes you laugh in life? Consider spending more time with those people. They are your people. Go out into the wind and feel its aliveness. Lift your wings to the air and send a song of innocence out into the world.  Never mind achievements and success.  Go out and find some young puffins and play seriously with them. Then you’ll remember that there is nothing you cannot do, and it is never too late to begin it now.

North America/Inuit – The puffin or auk is equated with Ta Shaa, the Lady of the Lake, a goddess who rose from the waters and brought good fortune.

Despite its cuddly image, the puffin is as sharp as it is soft. It is a bird full of surprises. Puffins live in burrows under the ground, which they dig with their powerful beaks, therefore combining an interesting mastery of all the elements – earth, sea and air. People with a puffin symbol are called to always stay in touch with their sense of innocence. Children will play a very important role in such a person’s life, as will the need for spontaneity and change – all to be balanced with the need for a strong sense of home and community.

A vital ingredient of the contemplative life is a sense of humour. Humour begins with oneself, as we learn to laugh at our self and our over-seriousness. When you touch the essential in life, all else falls into perspective, and contemplation brings you naturally to the essence of things. Things that used to seem important to you begin to fade. The need to be right, or the urge always to express ones opinion and be heard seems less important through the prism of contemplation. What does become important is to connect with people, to listen to their hearts and to enjoy their company as much as possible in the brief time we have on this Earth.

-The Art of Contemplation

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