Category: Dreamers
Life Key: Dreamtime Imagination
Dream Arc Partners: Peacock / Lobster
Related Gene Key: 64

I am Jaguar. I am master of manifestation through inner vision. How strong is your inner vision? A person living from their vision is a person of determination and power. I come therefore to offer you this Gift. Use the wondrous power of the imagination to build your inner vision. Vision itself does not even have to have a goal. But it must be filled with your love, your enthusiasm and your questing spirit.  Ask yourself this question: how can I be the greatest service to the whole?

Then let your imagination see through the inner jungle of infinite possibilities. Find a structure in the dream realm. Follow each intuitive footfall. It does not have to make sense. Use creativity to help you bring your inner world out in some way – it could be through art, word, music or any form of working with your hands.

You are a great Dreamer and inside you lives a mandala of light. Our Mother gave this to you when you were born. In this life web is contained your past and your future. You, however, get to colour this mandala in.  So, fill it in with your imagination, however you wish. Dream widely. Allow yourself to create a rich inner life, filled with inspiring characters, shapes, colours, light and landscape. There is a direct link between your imagination and the cosmos. The divine light lives in both. So play. The path of imagination is about learning to access the higher mind. This is the realm of archetypes, of being able to see through the events and metaphors of the outer life and unlock the inner meaning behind every symbol. All is symbol, and every symbol has a secret essence hidden within it. I, Jaguar, am master of these symbols.

Immerse yourself in the myths of the world. You need not try and understand them. It is enough to simply contemplate them. Study the past and unlock its secrets. There are so many secrets in your unconscious waiting to be rediscovered. Live an imaginative life. Do not confuse imagination with fantasy. Imagination is creative empowerment that leads to manifestation. Come with me into the eternal forests of time and space. Let me be your guide into the inner realms. You are the eternal inner voyager, and the journey never ends. Never forget that you my friend, you are a god at play…


The jaguar is an ambivalent symbol representing both the creative aspect through its power and the destructive aspect through its association with darkness.

Mayan – The jaguar and the shaman are said to be one and the same. In some Aztec myths, the jaguar consumes the sun and the moon, either when set or during eclipse, making it a symbol of cosmological catastrophe.

Toltec – The jaguar and eagle represent night and day.

In Central and South America, the jaguar is the shaman’s ultimate familiar and is the great symbol of magic and sorcery. In the Dream Arc, the jaguar is also of prime importance as it is the master symbol of the human imagination itself. It is through the imagination that the world of myth and dream can be accessed, travelled and explored. As an elusive and solitary jungle cat, the jaguar has taken on mythical status in many cultures, as have other elusive cats such as the snow leopard or mountain lion. The jaguar is given a symbolic sacred role in many mythologies as a creature that transcends the opposites. If you have the jaguar as one of your symbols, then you must understand the awesome power of your own imagination. Imagination can create, destroy, worship, kill and above all, it generally leads to manifestation. In the inner world, the jaguar is the symbol of the great responsibility of being aware of the power that can be awakened through merging the emotions with the mind and the will.

What happens is that our DNA vibrates at such a high frequency that it becomes very, very pure, and an essence begins to crystallise within the core of every molecule. The DNA spiral is like a vortex, and it creates an energetic spin throughout our being. This draws higher dimensional energy fields into play, fields that we call the higher subtle bodies, quantum bodies that interpenetrate deep space and cross over the boundaries of time. The inner light is everything, everywhere, and everything is woven from it, even darkness.

-Richard Rudd

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