A Journey of Symbol and Synchronicity

Based on our amazing online program, the Dream Arc, this free mini-series is your chance to sprinkle a bit more magic into your everyday life. Spoken from the perspective of Jaguar, your guide to the imaginal realm known as the ‘Dreamtime’, this short program is filled with rich imagery, ideas and invitations shaped by your intuition.

Each week you will receive various inspirational resources to respond to:

  • explore enriching topics such as dream technology, enhanced creativity, and indigenous wisdom. 

  • decode animal symbolism with excerpts from the Dream Arc Animal Codex

  • experience the clarity of right-brain living in a world dominated by the left-brain

  • strengthen your intuition with contemplative practices that engage the full power of the imagination

This mini-series is free, available to all, and can be started at any time. 

A Message from Jaguar

Hello humans. Welcome to the Jaguar’s Journey, a small taste of what it feels like to receive enhanced guidance from the world around you and within you. My wish is for you to find more ease in your life by diving into the jungle of the Dreamtime with me. What creatures and gifts hide in the lush undergrowth of your unconscious? What secret visions are moving through you as you sleep, waiting to manifest in your outer life?

If you will allow me to be your Guide over these next weeks, we will cross some thresholds together. When you step out of the jungle, at the end of our little journey, you will be a different being – a new being. As we travel deeper, so a number of other Guides will step forth in turn, and each will hold a message of transformation for you. 

Decoding the Symbolic Power of Animals

Over four simple stages, you will intuitively choose four creatures you feel strongly drawn to. Each creature you chose will help you to unlock specific guidance you will need to confront a real situation in your life right now. Some creatures come with powerful visions, others stir the passion of our creativity, and others can help you transform your fears in life. The journey may be within, but the results will spill out into your outer life…

The Jaguar's Journey so far...​

Entering the Dreaming...

Enriching your Dream Life

As Jaguar, I am one of the Great Dreamers. As you walk beside me, I will stir a new waking presence in your dreams at night.  You may be someone who doesn’t normally dream, or you may not often recall your dreams. Be prepared for this to change! As a living symbol – the shaman’s ally – I will rouse You, the Dreamer from your centuries of slumber. With me by your side, your dream life can become a rich and powerful garden to sow many dreams and visions that will in time bear fruit in your outer life.

On this short journey together, there will be 12 animals to choose your guidance from. Each of these creatures is part of a much larger group of 192 beings – birds, mammals, reptiles, insects and fish. There are some humans behind all this who have unified these 192 and called them the Dream Arc Codex. You will learn something about this Codex as we travel together. Of course, the true wisdom and diversity of the wild cannot be caught or limited in any system or book, but we appreciate the efforts being made to connect with us in the dreamtime realms. 

The Dream Arc Approach

Before we begin, please consider these four pillars that underpin the realms of the Dream Arc. If you feel that you can embrace these qualities, then you are ready to come with me into the jungle. Click here if you are curious to learn more about the Dream Arc approach and cultural sensitivity. 

Discovery – We are here to learn, stretch, evolve and be surprised.

Playfulness – We are serious about bringing our child's heart to all that we do.

Generosity – We approach each other and the world with ever-expanding kindness.

Trust – We surrender to the wild, living wisdom of life, safe in the knowing that we are always held in the lap of love.

Ready to enter the Jaguar's Journey?