Gene Keys Global

Gene Keys Global is a place for anyone exploring the Gene Keys teachings to connect and share their own experiences, insights, & creative contemplations. Whether you are brand new to the Gene Keys or a long time voyager, all are welcome here in this sacred space of contemplation, playfulness and presence.

The Guidelines / Pillars

We are excited to re-affirm our commitment to the Gene Keys Global group and invite you all to embrace and model the Four Pillars of the Gene Keys Approach. The purpose of these four powerful principles is to create clarity and safety in this group so that it may continue to be a place of inspiration for the Gene Keys community. 

These Four Pillars are the essence of the Gene Keys teachings and therefore underpin all our community interactions. 

1. Contemplation
Share your own original, creative and unique contemplations that are directly inspired or connected to the Gene Keys Synthesis. No advertising for paid offerings.

2. Inquiry
Create and share unique content using your own words. Please refrain from simply re-posting other links or posts without providing context to how this relates to the Gene Keys teachings and your own journey of contemplation.

3. Gentleness
Interact in a spirit of gentleness and courtesy towards fellow members. We value and respect the diversity of beliefs, systems and approaches within our global community.

4. Patience
To prevent spam and promote spaciousness, please limit sharing to 1 post per day. You may comment and dialogue on posts as much as you like!

5. Modelling Honour
Please honour authorship and copyright of others by citing sources, acknowledging credit, and respecting IP.

For technical support or license questions on official Gene Keys products, courses, events, and resources please contact us here.

The First Pillar


This group is dedicated to the contemplation of The Gene Keys. We encourage members to share their own original, creative and unique contemplations that are directly inspired or connected to The Gene Keys Synthesis.  

Please ensure that all posted content is on your contemplative Gene Keys journey only. Advertising for paid events, services and offerings are not permitted (you may visit the Gene Keys Guides Marketplace – Coming Soon!) People who are interested to learn more about you or your offerings can visit your profile and follow your posts outside of this group.  

The Second Pillar


We encourage the creation and sharing of unique content, using your own words. Please refrain from simply re-posting other links or posts without providing context to how this relates to the Gene Keys teachings and your own journey of contemplation. The Gene Keys Approach points us towards an inward process of slow and steady revelation as we allow our natural wisdom to emerge from within. 

You may wish to ask yourself before you post: How is this post connected to the Gene Keys teachings, and how does it reflect my own specific contemplative journey?  

The Third Pillar


We value and respect the diversity of beliefs, systems and approaches within our community. Accordingly, we ask that you interact here in a spirit of gentleness and courtesy towards fellow members. 

As an inspirational resource, you may enjoy reflecting on our Gene Keys Noble Code – an ethical agreement for those working with the Gene Keys. Our team strives to model these virtues and we encourage our entire community to discover how this approach can support our relationships, both inside and outside of this group. 

The Fourth Pillar


To create the feeling of spaciousness that contemplation requires, we kindly request that members limit their sharing to one post per day. This helps prevent spam and oversharing, allowing each post to receive the attention it deserves. You may, of course, comment and dialogue on others’ posts as often as you like. 

We encourage everyone to invest time in crafting deep, contemplative content as well as rich fuel for discourse. Let us focus on quality rather that quantity. 

Free Study Groups

No paid offerings will be posted here outside of official events. Instead, soon you may visit the Gene Keys Guides Marketplace (Coming Soon!) for a rich forum filled with offerings from our official Gene Keys Guides. 

For those interested in meeting together as a community with free meetups or self-organised study groups, we will provide a weekly pinned post to make it easier for the community to find and connect without overwhelming the main contemplative feed with logistical information.  

You will see this post pinned towards the top. If you are hosting a free meetup or are interested in finding others, you can read the comments on this post each week. Each month we will pin a new Study Group post.  

Any post with direct advertising to paid offerings will be removed.  

Modelling Honour

Honour the source – Central to all our teachings, we ask that you honour your sources. We would like to foster a respect for all authors, musicians and artists by citing sources & honouring the copyright for all involved. This includes the creations that each of our community members makes and shares within this group. Please respect that the Gene Keys resources are available for personal use only, except in the case of our Gene Keys Guides, Ambassadors & Collaborators, who have signed specific license agreements with us. Click here to learn more.

Honour privacy and confidentiality – Please honour each other by not sharing information or contemplations about other people, using their name or content without their consent.

Honour the container – Please respect the above Pillars and Guidelines of this group. Do not engage in excessive self-promotion or sales and only use the agreed marketplace rules as outlined below.

Guides Marketplace

Though we will not be permitting advertisements for paid services, events and offerings on Gene Keys Global group, we are going to initiate a brand-new group called the Gene Keys Guides Marketplace.

This new Marketplace group will be an extension of our official Gene Keys Guides Directory, offering a place for them to share events, study groups, sessions, products and offerings based on the Gene Keys teachings. Whether you are a newcomer or a long-time voyager, you might find support from the services posted here by this group of committed Gene Keys students, ambassadors and guides.

Our Guides & Ambassadors are those who have committed to these contemplative teachings in their own life and seek to share in that journey with others. In addition, they have agreed to a set of principles and branding guidelines with Gene Keys Publishing to provide their services and offerings to the collective in alignment with the Gene Keys Approach. 

We will share more details about this group coming soon! 


While this group will be actively monitored by Gene Keys team members as well as include long-time voyagers, ambassadors and guides, please be aware of the following:  

  • Technical support for offerings or licensing issues should be directed to our Contact Page or by emailing directly 
  • This is a contemplative community, we do not provide medical advice
  • Gene Keys can’t verify all third-party comments 
  • If you are looking for individual support and reflection, you can also peruse the Gene Keys Guides directory


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