Affiliate Changes

Richard Rudd & the Gene Keys team feel the best way to get the teachings out far and wide is to support our growing Guides community as much as we can. To support this mission, from April 1st 2023, only Guides will be able to be an affiliate.

Please watch Richard’s video message, specifically to affiliates, to explain the reasons behind this transition and to invite you deeper into a collaborative relationship with the Gene Keys. 

We originally announced this transition in April of 2022 to give all of our amazing affiliates a year to digest this change and consider joining the Guides community. We understand this may be a financial challenge to some of our affiliates, so we want to remind you that we currently offer up to 50% scholarships on the Guides course. There are no guarantees of getting the assistance you request, but there are also no limits on how many times you can apply.

We are working hard to support our Guides Community – in particular those who are or are thinking of becoming entrepreneurs and using the Gene Keys in their business. One initiative we are working on for our Guides community is an entrepreneurs club with regular talks and community networking opportunities. 

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We hope to have you join our growing Guides Community and continue to share and prospser with the Gene Keys moving forward. 

Please note: if you represent a larger network partner or community, we are happy to continue to collaborate with you on special promotional offers and opportunities. If you would like more information about continuing your affiliate sales through your organization as a Network Partner please let us know at