Self-Organised Meetups

Finding your Fractal

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    One of the most fun and enriching ways to experience the Dream Arc is through expanding your circle and share your experiences, breakthroughs, insights, and stories with others.

    Our hosted Dream Pod calls are opportunities for this magic to occur by hopping online with people from all over the world, agreeing to the values of our Dream Arc approach, and then letting the synchronicity of randomized breakout rooms put you into a room with other Dream Arc voyagers for the chance to share. Our hosts aim to make these fun, playful, safe and inclusive spaces and work to handle all of the technical logistics so you can simply show up and experience the magic.

    However, you may feel the calling to meet up with a specific group of people to share with over a longer period of time. Maybe you want to meet with specific people in your own affinity group based on language, sexuality, gender, occupational interests, physical or mental ability, or family structure. Perhaps you want to meet locally or at a time that is not supported by our hosted Dream Pod calls. Or maybe you just really want to be in a flock of pelican lovers.

    Whatever is drawing you to start your own meetup, you are welcome to explore the resources here and connect with your fellow Dream Arc travellers in the Community Meetups forum

    While our Gene Keys events team won’t be officially hosting all of these diverse types of meetups as Dream Pod calls, we are happy to offer this forum and resources for those interested in organizing their own Meetups.

    Here you can view some suggested resources and find a special forum just for connecting with the Dream Arc retreat community. You can start your own discussion thread to invite others of your specific affinity group, or peruse to see what others may be inviting.

    If you want to use the tools provided on, you can send each other “connection requests” and “private messages” or just reply to the forum thread directly here. If you prefer, you can also send each other external tools or messengers services.

    Please note that while we want to be supportive of community connection, the events and opportunities listed on this forum will be outside of our official hosted retreats and recurring events. This is an optional invitation to help people excited to connect and share with one another beyond the hosted Dream Pod Calls and Webinars. If you are interested in the hosted retreat events, please visit your retreat calendar.

    Safety & Inclusion

    Some people may feel called to self-organize a safe space for themselves and others who identify with a particular group or attribute. By limiting specific meetups to people who share that particular identifier, the affinity group can be a comfortable, safe space where members can connect with others who can relate.

    If someone is asking to meet with a specific group, please respect their request. This particular area is not meant to promote division and exclusivity, but rather invite an opportunity for safety and affinity.

    These groups are self-organized and will not be directly hosted by our events team. We do ask that all meetups will honor the Dream Arc approach as well as the retreat guidelines listed below.

    Please remember that all of our participants are invited to attend the hosted Dream Pod calls. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our Dream Arc hosts in the “Ask a Host” forum or write to

    If you do feel called to attend a self-organized meetup, please honour and respect the Forum Guidelines listed below before posting.

    Free Resources for Online Meetups

    The Dream Arc Hosts & Gene Keys Events team won’t be able to technologically host your own self-organised meetups, but there are more and more tools out there to help you gather online. Please note that we do not specifically support any of these third party platforms. These have been used and suggested from within our community, and are options for you to explore for yourself.

    Skype - Meet Now

    Free unlimited video conference call

    Skype’s new “Meet Now” feature is a great way to have unlimited video conference calls for your entire Delta group. This feature is easy to use and requires no signup or download. One of your group members can create a Skype link and share it with the rest of the group via private message or email. You can use this same link together throughout for video calls and chat room.

    Free Group Chat / Messenger Platforms

    Share the Dream Arc Approach

    In addition to what platform you choose, you may want to explore the suggested approach & guidelines for community calls, or even use the weekly resources from the Dream Arc retreat to explore together in a more organized way. 

    The Monthly Gazelle

    Free contemplation resources for our collective dreaming...

    Forum Guidelines

    • This is for free meetups only, please do not post any marketing or promotional materials for any paid groups or services.
    • If a group is requesting to be closed to a certain affinity group, identification, or qualification please respect this boundary.
    • Please only start ONE new thread per group to allow others the opportunity to be seen & heard as well
    • These meetups are optional, self-organised, and outside of our hosted retreat. Please use your own discernment when sharing personal contact details.
    • Please respect each other in word & action
    • Hold in confidence what is shared
    • Avoid giving unsolicited advice
    • Share from your personal feelings/experience only
    • Please keep your forum discussions specific to this Dream Arc retreat you are currently participating in

    Community Meetups Forum

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