How to use Community Features

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Feature Overview

Here you can learn about:

  • How to view and edit your Profile
  • Member Directories & Private Groups
  • Privacy Settings & Preferences
  • How to connect and message others
  • How to view your friends Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile
  • Your News Feed, Groups, and Favorites
  • Email Subscriptions and Bell Notifications

How to enable your Community Features

We recommend updating the following settings so you can best enjoy our community features. New accounts have several default privacy settings. You can manage these privacy settings, visibility options, and notifications at any time.

Navigating Forum Features

Each group will have a set of tabs to help you navigate the related features. Click below to learn more about each tab.

Navigating Forum Features

  • Members Tab: See a list of all other people in the Group, use the "Connect" or "Message" function to reach them directly.

  • Discussions Tab: See a list of all forums available within this Group.

  • Feed Tab: See the latest activity from this Groups including forum posts and activity updates.

  • Course Tab: If this Group has an associated self-study course you can open it directly from this tab. This does not include online retreat replays & resources.

  • Retreat Dashboard: If this is an online retreat group, you will find a direct link back to the related dashboard.

  • Live Events: If this Group has associated live events, you will find a direct link to the events calendar & replay gallery.

  • Ask a Host: Online retreats include an "Ask a Host" forum to help you direct your questions to one of the event facilitators.

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