Human Design and Gene Keys

Exploring the Synthesis

The Gene Keys owes much to The Human Design System, which was transmitted by Ra Uru Hu between the years 1987 and 2012. Richard Rudd was a senior teacher of Human Design who brought the system to the UK and set up a school training many students. Here you can find a rich library of projects and resources by the leading lights exploring the interface between the Gene Keys and Human Design. Also here are Richard’s own books and a treasury of free articles and writings from his Human Design years.

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Global Cycles – Interview Series with Devon Martin

In this spontaneous sharing, Richard and Devon discuss the current global crisis using the pattern of Global Evolutionary Cycles discovered by Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design. Filled with insights that encompass both Human Design and the Gene Keys, this is an uplifting but also sobering examination of the current changes shaking our world. Click here to see an image describing the Gene Keys cycle of 2027

Devon Martin –

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Foundational Human Design Course and Creative Workbook by Rosy Aronson PhD

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Integral Human Design

Gene Keys & Human Design Synthesis with Werner Pitzal and Richard Rudd


Interview Series with Devon Martin

Human Design and Gene Keys interview series with Richard Rudd and Devon Martin