Integral Human Design

Discovery Series with Richard Rudd & Werner Pitzal

Integral Human Design

During a 7-year period between 1997 and 2004 Richard Rudd studied and taught the Human Design System with founder Ra Uru Hu. Much of this knowledge was integrated to become the foundation of the Gene Keys. Werner Pitzal and Richard then combined these 2 different streams into a more transcendent view using both systems. This became Integral Human Design – a powerful way of using the Gene Keys Spectrum of Consciousness in the Human Design Bodygraph. Werner and Laura Pitzal then further developed Integral Human Design by combining it with the Integral Approach inspired by Spiral Dynamics and blending it with insights from modern neuroscience.

Integral Human Design provides a means for going beyond all system-based thinking, transcending and including both Human Design and the Gene Keys. To learn more about this inspiring approach, please visit Integral Human Design © –

IHD Resources

Below are some of the resources created by Richard Rudd and Werner Pitzal for your inspirations.

Integral Human Design (IHD) is a major long-term project of Richard Rudd, Werner Pitzal and others. Please note that these resources are for your personal contemplations only. Please visit our terms & conditions for more information.

There is a new IHD & Gene Keys course currently in development, so stay tuned to the newsletter for future announcements.

The Integral Human Design Discovery Series

Free Series with Werner Pitzal and Richard Rudd

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