The Gene Keys – live in London

The Great Change and the Dawn of the Future Human

November 23-24 in London, UK

Join a two-day event with visionary, author and mystic Richard Rudd for a profound journey into the power of the Gene Keys – a set of self-illuminating teachings designed precisely for this time of Great Change, as humanity undergoes a collective transformation.

The Great Change and the Dawn of the Future Human

Over these two days, Richard will unpack the key insights of the Gene Keys, through a poetic blend of story, science and mystical techniques to bring us into an unforgettable experience of living coherence.

Deep within our biology lie the sleeping codes of an undreamed-of technology that can change our lives and the life of our planet forever. You will have a direct experience of these codes coming alive inside your body.

Whether you are brand new to the Gene Keys or a long-time voyager, this event will be a deep dive into the divine intelligence within us all.

“The Gene Keys are a living wisdom. These are teachings to imbibe, contemplate, and apply in your daily life. As you allow them to percolate inside you, one by one, your troubles will begin to fall away, and you will find yourself inhabiting a new and brighter life.”

-Richard Rudd

Event Details

Join us in the heart of London. We will gather together in the beautiful Light Auditorium at Friends House for two full days of transmission, experience, and connection. This central location is easily accessible by public transit and within walking distance to nearby restaurants.

At this special time of year, we also get to see the beautiful holiday lights displayed all around the city!

November 23rd & 24th
9am - 5pm

Friends House - The Light Auditorium
173-177 Euston Road - London, England

Diamond Pass Evening Celebration
November 24th from 6:30 - 8:30pm

Limited tickets available for this special celebration afterwards with Richard Rudd

General Admission:

General Admission:

Includes 2-day event

Diamond Pass:

Diamond Pass:

Includes 2-day event AND evening celebration

Early bird sale - $75 off until August 9th!

Day One

The Intimacy of the Divine (Gene Key 25) – uncovering Love as the hidden agenda of consciousness

The Biology of Light and Shadow (Gene Key 41) – the nature of the soul and its unique frequency as it moves through the underworld


—Lunch Break—


Collective Awakening & the Solar Plexus (Gene Key 14) – the principle of syntropy as the basis for our future civilisation

The Stars Within Us (Gene Key 12) – secrets of longevity and immortality.


Day Two

The Great Change (Gene Key 31) – instructions for riding a whirlwind and how to navigate the chaos to come

The Higher Mind – a Glossary of Empowerment (Gene Key 57) – attaining pristine clarity in the mind and decision-making


—Lunch Break—


Treta Yuga – The New Epoch of Transition and Healing (Gene Key 6) – Deep Peace as a cellular truth

The Good News and the future human (Gene Keys 18, 55, 8 and 44) – Knowing our trajectory in the years ahead. Integrating higher truths into daily life.


What is the Great Change?

The Great Change refers to a specific time period in which human awareness is moving from being self-centered to being collective. In order for this shift to take place, a worldwide genetic mutation is underway within the human species. This unprecedented event is taking root within humanity between the years 1987 and 2027 and its repercussions will continue to evolve and transform our species for many hundreds of years. The result of the Great Change will be the gradual dawning of a new kind of human, Homo sanctus, the sacred human.

-The Glossary of Empowerment

We offering a limited selection of special tickets called the Diamond Pass for an additional $200. This ticket provides...


  • Access to the full Two-Day Event November 23rd-24th (9am - 5pm)
    • Preferred seating sections in the auditorium
  • Access to the Sunday Evening Celebration
    • Come meet Richard Rudd and the Gene Keys team in a relaxed informal atmosphere.
    • Receive a signed, first-edition copy of Richard's new pocket-sized book, The Freedom Prophecy.
    • Connect with the Gene Keys community
    • Light refreshments will be served

Due to the expensive nature of in-person events, we are unable to offer Scholarships, affiliate sales, or other discounts to ticket purchases. 

The Early Bird Sale offers $75 off until August 9th 11pm London.

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The program is designed for adults, so we kindly request that no children or infants be brought to the event.

No previous experience or understanding of the Gene Keys is required.

This event is great for newcomers and returning voyagers alike!

This event will not be available via livestream. At this time, there are no plans to record or release the event in a digital format. If this changes, we will update this page accordingly.

The venue has water stations and will offer tea/coffee with some sweets. Lunch isn't provided. However, there will be a lunch break of a suitable length to give you time to get something to eat in the area. 


Please note the venue has a very strict policy prohibiting you from bringing external food and beverage into the venue.

Yes! This particular event is hosted by Gene Keys founder Richard Rudd and his trusted team.

This event will be held in the heart of London with plenty of transit available and nearby restaurants for lunch and dinner. Whether you choose to stay in the city nearby, or use the wonderful trains nearby to shuttle back and forth, there are many wonderful places to stay in and near London.

Event Venue - Friends House

173-177 Euston Rd., London NW1 2BJ, United Kingdom

Doors will open no earlier than 8am and the event is planned for 9am-5pm. 


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