Open Community Calls

Free Zoom group video calls hosted by Gene Keys Ambassadors

Throughout the month, Gene Keys Ambassadors offer these free Open Community Calls for anyone to join. An Open Call is a safe and supportive vessel and space of equality and inclusion that honors all voices who wish to share on that call. These calls provide an opportunity and invitation for the global community to share their insights, questions, challenges, and breakthroughs with one another. 

Each call is hosted by one or more of our Gene Keys Ambassadors. They will be holding a space of mutual respect and reverence, while facilitating the conversation without cross talk. Hosts can provide guidance if information or support is expressly asked for by one or more of the participants on the call. This is a space where participants are welcome to feel empowered and informed as well as uncomfortable, vulnerable, unclear or un-resolved. These calls have been well received by the Gene Keys community, and provide a great service to any who feel called to connect with other like-hearted beings across the planet. 

Click the appropriate link below next to your chosen Language & Time zone. You will be directed into a free Zoom room. For more information about these Open Calls, please consult the FAQ button below.

How long are the Open Calls open for?

Calls are approximately 90 minutes long, though the Ambassador may choose to keep the call open longer. You are welcome to leave the call early if you wish.

Do I need a Zoom Account or App?

You do not need a Zoom Account or the app to join. Though a free zoom account and free download of the Zoom app is a great way to stay connected easier to all of our Gene Keys related community calls and features.

English Language

Wednesdays @ 9am PT

[9am PT // 16:00 UTC]

Hosted by Maureen “Momo” Freehill
Meeting ID: 930 364 070

Wednesdays @ 7pm AET

[1am PT // 08:00 UTC]

Hosted by Gene Keys Australia – Costa & Rolf
Meeting ID: 873 225 862

Bulgarian Language

Every first Sunday of the month at 8pm EET

[16:00 UTC]

Hosted by Gene Keys Bulgaria – Elitsa
Meeting ID: 196 971 387

German Language

Every Second Monday at 6pm CET

[10am PT // 17:00 UTC]

Hosted by Jasmine Schoch
Meeting ID: 501 225 121

Polish Language

Every other Thursday at 8pm CET

[12pm PT // 19:00 UTC]

Hosted by Alicja Grabowski
Meeting ID: 214 402 405

Romanian Language

Every Tuesday at 8pm EEST

[18:00 UTC]

Hosted by Claudia Ciocirlan
Meeting ID: 221 516 453

Russian Language

Every 6 Days based on Gene Keys Pulse Transit

[Flexible Times – See below]

Hosted by Katreni Maticce

This group meets on the 6th day of the Gene Keys transit, so the time fluctuates each week. Please join the Telegram group @portallabpulse or @katrenimaticce or via facebook – for more details