Open Community Calls

Free Zoom group video calls hosted by Gene Keys Ambassadors

Open Calls are free online gatherings for anyone who share an interest in the Gene Keys teachings. They are typically 60-90 minutes long and are hosted voluntarily by Gene Keys Ambassadors in multiple languages. Languages and times offered are listed below. The purpose of the call is to share your Gene Keys experiences, insights and breakthroughs with each other and to cultivate friendship. It’s a space to ask questions, listen and gain inspiration.

We ask that you embrace the Values that we hold at the heart of our Open Calls. 

We ask everyone for their consent and agreement to these Values within this open call:  

  • Embrace the Gene Keys Approach through the practice of Inquiry, Contemplation, Gentleness and Patience.  
  • Listen to others sharing without interrupting. Remain open hearted, respecting others in word and action.   
  • Help to model respect with your full presence. (Please don’t be distracted by your devices or environment.)   
  • Receive others in silence and compassion, without judgement. (if you find yourself judging another unkindly, pause and acknowledge your own feelings)  
  • Hold in confidence and respect what is shared between you and please do not share outside of the group.   
  • Use “I” statements and share from your own personal experience and feelings.  
  • Welcome feelings that arise as opportunities of insight and contemplation. (allow, accept, embrace)   
  • Avoid giving unsolicited advice and please keep any professional or therapeutic opinion to yourself whilst cultivating the quality of humility. 


Using the Gene Keys teachings is a personal journey of self-exploration that should not be entered into lightly. Your participation in an Open Call is your acceptance that we do not provide any type of psychological, therapeutic support or other professional advice. You are fully responsible for your own wellbeing, choices and actions.

How long are the Open Calls open for?

Calls are approximately 90 minutes long, though the Ambassador may choose to keep the call open longer. You are welcome to leave the call early if you wish.

Do I need a Zoom Account or App?

You do not need a Zoom Account or the app to join. Though a free zoom account and free download of the Zoom app is a great way to stay connected easier to all of our Gene Keys related community calls and features.

Zoom Privacy & Security

Please update to the latest version of Zoom app, if using the mobile app or desktop client. Please do not share sensitive financial or contact information on zoom. We do not send any emails about your personal Zoom account. If you see a suspicious email from Zoom, please double check the validity as there have been increases in phising attempts due to the popularity of zoom. For more information on our use of Zoom and addressing privacy and security visit this page –

Click the appropriate link below next to your chosen Language & Time zone. You will be directed into a free Zoom room. For more information about Zoom troubleshooting please visit

Click the appropriate link below next to your chosen Language & Time zone. You will be directed into a free Zoom room. For more information about these Open Calls, please consult the FAQ above

English Language

Wednesdays at 9am PST

[16:00 UTC]

Hosted by Maureen “Momo” Freehill
Meeting ID: 930 364 070
Password: 010327

Wednesdays at 7pm AEDT

[9am UTC]

Hosted by Gene Keys Australia Ambassadors
Meeting ID: 873 225 862
Password: Bekind

For those on Clubhouse, additional English Language calls are being held on the Gene Keys Club. Click for more information

Bulgarian Language

Every first Sunday of the month at 8pm EET

[18:00 UTC]

Hosted by Gene Keys Bulgaria – Elitsa
Meeting ID: 196 971 387
Password: 041633

Czech Language

Every Second Thursday of the month at 6pm CET

[17:00 UTC]

Hosted by Marketa

Meeting ID: 633 786 993
Password: 070787

Danish Language

Coming later this year

Hosted by Gene Keys Denmark – Pia Mark
Meeting ID: 514 430 259
Password: 078366

Dutch Language

On Hold

French Language

Every Second Monday of the Month at 8:30pm CEST

[18:30 UTC]

Hosted by Wim Ellul, Victoire Slakey and Bella Kristal

Meeting ID: 862 2514 7154
Passcode: 535731

German Language

Every Second Monday at 6pm CET

Every last Sunday at 11am CET

[16:00 UTC // 09:00 UTC]

Hosted by Jasmine Schoch and Katharina Rieder
Meeting ID: 501 225 121
Password: 094410

Polish Language

Every Second Thursday of the Month at 8pm CET

[18:00 UTC]

Hosted by Alicja Grabowska
Meeting ID: 214 402 405
Password: 011153

Romanian Language

Every Tuesday at 8pm EEST

[17:00 UTC]

Hosted by Claudia Ciocirlan
Meeting ID: 221 516 453
Password: 059536

Russian Language

Every 6 Days based on Gene Keys Pulse Transit

[Flexible Times – See below]

Hosted by Katreni Maticce

This group meets on the 6th day of the Gene Keys transit, so the time fluctuates each week. Please join the Telegram group @portallabpulse or @katrenimaticce or via facebook – for more details