December 14th – 20th 2023

Gene Key 11


Obscurity – Idealism – Light

This week we explore Gene Key 11 – behind all form there is Light. In this coming week, we invite you to bring your attention to the inner light within your soul. Have you been listening to this precious inner Light?

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To See Life with Soft Eyes

A poetic dance around the notion of softening one’s gaze when looking at the world ‘out there’. This article evokes the power of the feminine, encouraging us to yield, dissolve and ultimately relax into the easiness of existence…

Transforming Fantasy into Reality

‘How do we bring the essence of our fantasies into reality?’ Richard Rudd shines a shaft of clear light on our tendency to indulge in fantasy without ever bringing it into the world. By having a clear ideal at the core of your life, and by nurturing that ideal every day, you can stir the genius in your soul and finally actualise your highest dream. This is less about achievement and more about deep and lasting fulfilment.

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