November 17th – 22nd 2023

Gene Key 14


Compromise – Competence – Bounteousness

This week we explore Gene Key 14, one of the great keys to creating abundance and prosperity. In order to prosper, we must first breathe deeply into the belly – for true prosperity is about embodiment.

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Transforming Poverty Consciousness

Richard tackles the common unconscious belief in lack. Drawing on an experience he had while working in a refugee camp, he uses a story of the Kurds to illustrate how to respond to lack with creativity and empowerment. Translating this into our own lives, he shows how this simple yet radical shift in view can transform all aspects of life from lack into prosperity.

Golden Path Open Call
What is your deepest talent?

Join Tanmayo and Elijah as they journey into the Pearl Sequence with special guest and fellow Guide, Maria Hoffman. This week they dive into the Sphere of the Vocation, which deserves perhaps the deepest contemplation of any of the Spheres along the Golden Path. The Shadow of this Gene Key conceals your highest Vocation – that great Gift that can one day motivate you to excel in life.

These free online sessions happen bi-weekly and are open to everyone, whether completely new to the synthesis or a long-time traveller. Join us live this Thursday, November 23 at 8pm UTC, and sign up to be notified of upcoming topics, hosts and replays here.

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