March 24th – 29th 2024

Gene Key 17


Opinion – Far-sightedness – Omniscience

This week we meet Gene Key 17, which offers us an invitation to enter the field of Omniscience – to step outside the boundaries of our five senses and tune into our higher capacity to sense the path that lies ahead. Try to spend some time in quietness this week and listen to what is coming… 


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The Ecstasy of Revelation

Julian of Norwich, or ‘Mother Julian’ as she is tenderly known, was a Christian renunciate living in England in the Middle Ages. Her ecstasy came through a series of Divine revelations in which she directly experienced the Passion of Christ. In this monologue, Richard enters deeply into her gentle spirit and into the field of her revelation, pinpointing her core contemporary message through the understanding of Divine Grace and forgiveness.

Join Richard on this free audio adventure into the realm of The Ecstatics (full series).

The Future of Making Money Effortlessly

Just Tap In with Emilio Ortiz

In this episode of the Just Tap In podcast with Emilio Ortiz, Richard introduces the Pearl Sequence and its role in unlocking prosperity. He also discusses the future of making money, as well as the integration of generosity and syntropy in business. Richard delves into his deep connection with Merlin and the Celtic lineage, emphasising the deep language of the soul and the journey of human evolution and transformation. He also shares a beautiful poem titled ‘The Blessing of the Good Work‘ for the first time in public.

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