March 25th – 29th 2023

Gene Key 17


Opinion – Far-Sightedness – Omniscience

This week we meet Gene Key 17, which offers us an invitation to enter the field of Omniscience – to step outside the boundaries of our five senses and tune into our higher capacity to sense the path that lies ahead. Try and spend some time in quietness this week and listen to what is coming… 

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Liberating Your Prosperity

Are you ready to let go of success in order to find prosperity? A personalised map of your Pearl Sequence can help you understand how prosperity naturally flows for you and where and how you best fit within any culture, organisation and even society as a whole.

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Spirituality and Money

A probing and far-reaching contemplation on the subject of money and how it sits within spirituality. Here, Richard Rudd, explores how to integrate money in a healthy way into any spiritual approach, as well as how to lay the foundation for balanced prosperity in your life.

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