May 10th – 15th 2023

Gene Key 23


Complexity – Simplicity – Quintessence

This week we meet Gene Key 23, which invites us to move from Complexity to Simplicity. What will you do this week to embody this beautiful journey of distilling the Quintessence?

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About this event

Into the Mystic is a full day workshop event with Gene Keys founder, author and mystic Richard Rudd, exploring the magical roots of the Universe. This one-day event introduces an amazing new spiritual technology of personal and collective transformation. Based on the coded sequences of DNA, Richard shows how the fundamental patterns of our higher consciousness can be awakened through deep contemplation on our own ‘Gene Keys’. This event is the first of its kind in several years and is suitable for those new to the Gene Keys and long-time voyagers alike.

We are so grateful that some community members from all around the world are making their way to the Boulder Theater to attend this event in person. We know not everyone can make this trip, so we want to help bring you Into the Mystic from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are around the world…

Live Stream Digital Access

Gene Keys is partnering with Portl, a fair trade media network, to broadcast this all-day event worldwide. Live stream tickets to this event are only $60 and include ongoing access to the event replay. Click here to purchase the livestream tickets.

Personal invitation from Richard Rudd

If you are interested in the Gene Keys, or my teaching on the Art of Contemplation, or the mystical roots of our universe, please join my team and I for a magical day or secrets, transmissions, meditations, connection and community (and some surprise gifts thrown in)… whether you are coming in person, at home in your sitting room, or joining with friends from anywhere around the world, know that you are warmly welcome in the collective field of Grace and Synchronicity that surrounds these teachings…

Richard Rudd

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