Into the Mystic - Global Livestream

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Sunday, May 14th from 3pm - 11pm UTC

Global Livestream & Digital Access: $60

‘Into the Mystic’ – a day with Gene Keys founder Richard Rudd, exploring the magical roots of the Universe. No previous knowledge of the Gene Keys is required.

The Gene Keys Synthesis is an educational voyage into the fractal nature of the universe and the enlightened understanding born from an immersion in its infinite dimensions. This is your invitation into wisdom, mystery and magic.

Replay coming soon on

Join us for...

  • Gene Keys transmissions from Richard Rudd live

  • A journey through many of the mystical aspects of the Gene Keys Synthesis

  • Embodiment practices to bring the mystic here and now

  • Gathering with a community of like-minded seekers

Broadcast live from the Boulder Theater

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! will continue to host this replay even after the live stream ends. Purchase of the live stream includes ongoing access to the replay. 

Yes! Though we hope you will join us live, there will be an option to purchase this event as a “video on demand” via the platform. More details will be available after the event ends. 

We are very grateful to have the technical expertise of the Portl Team to help us with the livestream from Richard’s in-person event in Colorado. Unlike a normal Zoom webinar, this will be a live in-person event with multiple cameras and more complicated setup than our team is used to. We want to give our audience the best opportunity to view this event live, so we are glad to have this support from

In addition, we get to collaborate with a new network partner and show our Gene Keys community other amazing events and opportunities hosted on this live stream platform. We hope that this collaboration will be a great opportunity for everyone involved. 

To attend the livestream, you will need to have created a account and purchased tickets through their website. The video on demand replay, hosted on their website, will also require your login. There may be an opportunity in the future to host this replay on as well. However, at this time we can only confirm the event will be available on 

Yes! Everyone who joins the live in-person event will also be given digital access to the replay. Stay tuned to your email that you registered for tickets via AXS. We will be asking for verification to your purchase in order to receive the digital replay. If you purchased multiple tickets at once, there is an option to give the other ticket holders access to the replay. Please keep in mind, it may take up to two weeks to process the replay access for in-person ticket holders. 

This is a special event, hosted on At this time, we are not offering discounts, affiliate sales, or opening a scholarship fund for the global live stream.

If you are having financial difficulty, please explore the free resources available on our website. The content included in this event may become available in a different format later this year. At which point, we may hold a scholarship option for accessing the materials. You may apply for a scholarship to one of our many amazing courses hosted here on Click here to learn more about our Gene Keys Scholarships

This is our first time using the Portl live stream service as well. We are excited to find out with you! The event itself will have several cameras, and a digital feed for the projections. We will be doing our best to provide an exquisite live stream version of the event. 

There are no community calls or breakout room functions like some of our other online retreats. 

We hope this will be a chance for people in our global community to connect with one another in smaller, local groups. requires one person to sign in to purchase and have access to the replay. If you do choose to join as a group, anyone who wants the replay afterwards will need to purchase the video-on-demand via