March 19th – 24th 2023

Gene Key 25


Constriction – Acceptance – Universal Love

This week we meet Gene Key 25, the Key of deep Acceptance. How deeply can you accept your lot? Acceptance is the pathway towards unconditional love, the highest essence of this Gene Key. This week look out for the Shadow of Constriction in your life. Open up your breathing. Contemplate the beauty of breath and breathe into anything that feels contracted. This will help open your heart.

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The Ecstasy of Fondness

Hafez, one of the greatest and most beloved of Sufi poets, is a paragon of softness, passion and mesmerising poetry. Here, Richard Rudd takes a playful approach to Hafez, using his Divan (the collected poems) as it is used in modern day Iran – as an oracle,  to guide us on a journey into love.

Join Richard on this free audio adventure into the realm of The Ecstatics (full series).

Healing the Core Wound

The second of a 4-Part introduction into the Venus Sequence. Here Richard Rudd describes humanity’s greatest secret – that we each come into the world with a core wound, passed on at the point of conception in our ancestral DNA. Here he outlines the six core wounds of repression, denial, shame, rejection, guilt and separation. Richard shows how working with your Venus Sequence can heal these wounds leading to their hidden gifts of trust, freedom, joy, gentleness, forgiveness and harmony. Find out which of the six you carry…

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