April 21st – 27th 2024

Gene Key 27


Selfishness – Altruism – Selflessness

This week we enter the field of selflessness through Gene Key 27. How do we drop the ’self’? What indeed is the ’self’? Contemplate these questions this week and you may have a taste of the field that exists behind our version of reality.

The 27th Gift has many insights for us. It is a profound and magical Gene Key. The most important Gift it brings is this unselfish attitude that comes from knowing the connectedness of all life. If we have the 27th Gene Key, or feel mysteriously drawn to it, then we’re fortunate. We’re a carer, a planetary healer.

The 64 Ways, Richard Rudd


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Earth Day Celebration

Join Us Tomorrow!

Join Richard Rudd, Rosy Aronson, Matthew Ashdown and guests for an Earth Day Celebration. We will invoke the elements of air, fire, water and earth, through sharing music, meditation and contemplation from the Gene Keys and Dream Arc community.

Free on YouTube Live – April 22nd at 7pm UTC

Three Harmonies – Meditation

Connect with the deep rhythms of your being with the Three Harmonies meditation by Richard Rudd. The first harmony we connect with is the breath, the second is the pulse, and the third is the cells of our being. Woven with beautiful singing bowl sounds and Richard’s voice, this twenty minute meditation is truly sublime.

Featuring singing bowls by Russell Feingold.

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