Earth Day Celebration

Join Richard Rudd, Rosy Aronson, Matthew Ashdown, and guests for an Earth Day Celebration where we will invoke the elements of air, fire, water and earth, through music, meditation and contemplation from the Gene Keys and Dream Arc community.

Maureen Momo Freehill - Fire

Maureen Momo Freehill, MFA has been a professional teacher and performer of dance and somatic wellness work for over 30 years. Through the universal language of body movement, she guides people to connect with True Nature inside and out. Well-known for her work dancing the Gene Keys and the art of Butoh Dance. She co-facilitates a non-profit organization called NatureMoves, now in its 30th year of guiding the transformational LifeArt Process in natural landscapes.

Esha Chiocchio - Water

Esha Chiocchio is a photographer and filmmaker who uses her combined knowledge of visual storytelling and sustainable communities to inspire social change. An optimistic realist, she is focused on solutions to social and environmental challenges. Her current project, Good Earth, celebrates agrarians from diverse sectors who are revitalizing land through regenerative practices. 

Teresa Collins - Earth

Teresa Collins is cofounder of the Global Coherence Pulse and the Islands of Coherence Network and brings a rare blend of dynamic presence, a big loving heart and a whole systems strategic mind to the endeavors that call her into service. Some of the organizations she has served a leadership role in over the years include: Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Gene KeysWisdom UniversityThrive Movement, and Resonance Science Academy.

Starbird Maricle - Air

Inès ‘Starbird’ Maricle is a healing arts practitioner specializing in vibrations and energy.  Working with trans-dimensional guidance and shamanic lineage, she uses her voice as a healing instrument. Toning, ancient sounds and light language are specifically delivered to each client to assist in healing and to transmute ancestral wounds into resonant states for optimal well- being. She offers deep transformation through her devotional work.

Shay Nichols - Air

Shay Nichols is a recording artist, sound healer, teacher, and dedicated listener of the natural world.  A founder of the Wild and Sacred Voice school,  she offers private voice sessions, and teaches Singing the Land and Wild and Sacred Voice workshops. She is currently working on her latest album Lullabies for the Earth, nature inspired vocal soundscapes infused by time spent in the fertile ecosystems of Louisiana. Her hope is that through listening to nature and creating music from that listening, we create music that is healing for ourselves and the ecosystems of the planet.

Samson Turinawe - Universal Love

Samson is the Executive Director of the Universal Love Alliance (ULA), a human rights grassroots organization in Uganda. A humanitarian, educator and human rights defender, Samson believes that “every human being should be respected simply for being who they are, a part of Life’s creation.” Samson is working for a new generation — one that is open-minded, open-hearted, diversity-embracing, and committed to serving all of humanity. He looks forward to sharing about the ULA Harmony Gardens.

Kingfisher'S WisdoM

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. Let us honor this trust with gentle hands and loving hearts, ensuring every day is Earth Day, so future generations may inherit a world abundant and whole.”  – Grandmother Flordemayo

“In every human heart lies a wound. All wounds are connected. All wounds in turn are connected to the great wound of the Earth, our Mother. I come to give you the courage to face your own wounds, to transform the Earth into her highest raiment. My highest masculine expression is this – to bow to the Divine Feminine and offer my life in service to the Earth. Consider today how you can best serve the earth and all her creatures? No service rendered is too small.”

– Kingfisher 

Healing the Wasteland

‘In the Grail myth, the core wound is symbolised by the figure of the wounded king (sometimes called the fisher king). 

The King represents the old patriarchal model of the universe. Furthermore, the King’s wound is extended in the legend to the land itself, which becomes the ‘wasteland’.  

In the myth, the Grail itself represents the possibility of wholeness and healing, although it has been unable to fully heal the King’s wound despite its power. The great turning point in the Grail myth comes when the young Perceval approaches the wounded King and asks a simple and very courageous question: How can I serve the Grail?’

– Richard Rudd, Pearl Sequence