April 15th – 21st 2024

Gene Key 3


Chaos – Innovation – Innocence

This week we contemplate Gene Key 3. This is about seeing life through the eyes of a child. This is also a great week to start something new, but do so with deep patience, as beginnings can bring their own challenges.


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No matter who or what we are, we’re subject to constant change. When we let that truth in, it’s very uncomfortable, at least in the beginning. This Gene Key is all about the process of letting change in. We have to let it into our heart, body, and soul. This is a contemplation on change.

The 64 Ways, Richard Rudd

Transforming Overwhelm into Play

Transforming Shadows Series

Richard Rudd shares a powerful and very simple technique for anyone who feels overwhelmed by life, whether momentarily or habitually. With compassion and precision he invites us to use the state of overwhelm itself as a means to create spaces and pauses in our daily life. Using this technique each day can transform your entire life from being a terrible burden into a playful adventure.

Gene Keys Facebook Global Group

New Guidelines / Implementing the Gene Keys Approach

Richard Rudd shares updates to the Gene Keys Global Facebook group. Learn more about how we will be implementing the teachings into our social media groups, including important changes about post moderation and new guidelines based on the Gene Keys Approach.

May this innovative approach bring about greater playful contemplations for all. (Gene Key 3)

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