February 13th – 19th 2024

Gene Key 30


Desire – Lightness – Rapture

This week we meet Gene Key 30, the Key of Desire. This is the tantric path of using desire to awaken our heart. We have to lighten up and become looser in our being through this Gene Key. Trust your feelings this week. You need not follow them, but trust them. How else will you unlock a heightened state known as Rapture?

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Every desire you have can really be reduced to a single overarching desire — the desire to know your true nature.

The Seven Sacred Seals, Richard Rudd

Generosity and the Great Change Webinar on YouTube

February 17th at 8 pm UTC

We are delighted to announce a live webinar, Generosity and the Great Change, to help launch our current Syntropy campaign, the Universal Love Curriculum (ULC). Richard Rudd and Rosy Aronson will share the concept of Syntropy from the Gene Keys, and you will learn about how the ULC is bringing the teachings of the Gene Keys and Dream Arc to children in Uganda.

Seeds of Love – Valentine's Day Oracle

Which Type of Love Chooses You Today?

Every one of the 64 Gene Keys represents a kind of love. Here are 13 examples you can play with today. Invoke synchronicity, click the Oracle Generator and see which love chooses you! Try to spend at least a full day following this love in your life.

Ask the Oracle to discover one of the 13 Seeds of Love….

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