Generosity and the Great Change

February 17th at 8pm UTC

Syntropy in times of transformation

On February 17th, Richard Rudd joined forces with the Universal Love Curriculum (ULC) Team to deliver a powerful webinar centred on themes of generosity and introducing the vision of the ULC to our community. Please take some time to watch and learn about the Gene Keys value of Syntropy, and how you can play a part in bringing to fruition the vision of the ULC, of sharing Dream Arc and Gene Keys in schools throughout Uganda.

Join us in bringing the Universal Love Curriculum to life - a project that aims to radically evolve education, beginning in the Western Region of Uganda.

In this short video Rosy Aronson shares her passion for sharing the Gene Keys and Dream Arc wisdom with children, and introduces the vision of the United Love Curriculum.

Join us in bringing Universal Love Curriculum to life – a project that aims to radically evolve education, beginning in the Western Region of Uganda.

The Universal Love Curriculum is a revolutionary curriculum sourced from Indigenous wisdom, the Dream Arc, and Gene Keys teachings, that focuses on embodied learning, bringing students into a deeper relationship with themselves through their cultural roots, innate wisdom and expression, and boundless creativity. It will teach children how to develop skills like conflict resolution, teamwork, and empathy, orienting students to be able to work together effectively and engage solutions within their environments, thus empowering them to create their own opportunities with skills they’ll need to thrive after graduation.

We believe this is the bedrock of creating a more tolerant, loving society. With Phase 1 funded and complete, progress to Phase 2 of our pilot launch will allow us to:

  • continue to collaborate with local elders, educators, and community members to refine the curriculum to reflect local culture, wisdom, and tradition
  • train and provide teachers in multiple schools with the skills and tools they need to facilitate this evolutionary, hands-on curriculum
  • co-facilitate mini-pilots while receiving invaluable feedback on the curriculum and evaluating its impact
Be a part of our movement at this monumental time as we seed our intention to change the face of education – for our children, their children, and the future of our shared human story.

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