March 12th – 18th 2024

Gene Key 36


Turbulence – Humanity – Compassion

This week we meet Gene Key 36, whose highest purpose is to transform emotional turbulence into Compassion. Join us as we contemplate and learn how to activate the Gift of Humanity. This week your real work is to let life’s lessons open your heart rather than close you down, so try to remain open to any emotional situations that come your way.

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Compassion is an aspect of Grace. Arising out of the Gift of Humanity, it is paradoxically beyond humanity, for it comes from the stars. It is the stellar fragrance. Compassion is at the core of every atom of creation. This is what we discover as we reach right into the heart of the core wound.

Dare to be Divine, Richard Rudd

The Six Core Wounds

Free on YouTube Live – March 15th at 8pm UTC

You are invited to join Richard, Tanmayo and Elijah live on YouTube as we explore the deep-seated wounds that are shared around the world in relation to money.

In the Pearl Sequence, we find out how our core wounds can become a transformational path towards our true vocation, liberating prosperity in our everyday life.

Free Live Equinox Event!

March 20th 7pm UTC

With Shannon Lee (Bruce Lee Foundation) and featuring an exclusive recording by Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta. Celebrate with us as we bring together Dream Arc Wisdom Keepers with inspiring music and poetry from members of the community.

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