June 8th - 13th 2023

Gene Key 45


Dominance – Synergy – Communion

This week we meet Gene Key 45 of Synergy and Communion. Bring a focus on working together with others in harmony during this week. Breakthroughs are possible.

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The Effortless Path To Enlightenment

Richard Rudd joins the Know Thyself podcast again for a deeper dive into the Art of Contemplation. He reveals how to pay deeper attention, take more pauses, and see the extraordinary in the ordinary. He redefines what he calls ‘the spirituality of effort’, and explains that the path to enlightenment can be a gentle, playful, and blissful one. He also gives his insights on the next stage of human evolution, and why he believes we are all moving towards a simpler life.

Union of all Beings

The 45th Siddhi is in the Ring of Prosperity and unifies all beings, all hierarchies. We have already seen how synarchy contains hierarchy within itself. In this way, everything is ordered to perfection, and in this great order – the last shall be first.

Excerpt from Dare to be Divine by Richard Rudd

Your true potential is limitless ­

This book offers a unique insight into the true magical roots of the universe. Richard Rudd takes us on a guided journey through the 64 expressions of enlightened consciousness (the 64 ‘Siddhis’ of the Gene Keys) and reveals a vast view of the true potential of humanity. Using his mystical, poetic insight, Richard show us the many facets of enlightenment in its varied colours, expressions and hues, from the wildest states of miraculous God-intoxication to the humblest lives of service and silence.

Hear what the author has to say about his new book, already available on Amazon.

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