September 21st – 27th 2023

Gene Key 46


Seriousness – Delight – Ecstasy

This week we will meet the great truth of ecstasy, which can be accessed through our hidden nature. To experience this ecstasy, we must be willing to transform every last vestige of our lower nature, by looking through the lens of delight.

This audio is no longer available to stream. Click below to purchase, or listen to the latest free audio contemplation in the current Pulse.

Blessing of the Mystic Biome

During his recent visit to the United States, Richard wrote and shared a prayer ‘Blessing of the Mystic Biome’. A lovely, printable copy of the prayer is now available to download, or you may prefer to just place your hands on your belly, close your eyes and listen to the audio. Let these words soften your heart and open your mind.

Richard Rudd & Alan Green on

Robert Edward Grant Think Tank podcast

Richard Rudd returns to the Think Tank in response to popular demand to continue and expand on the topics where they left off. To open up the discussion into new areas, they are joined by Alan Green, a celebrated pianist, composer, author and Shakespeare scholar. This captivating episode delves into the hidden secrets of the Freemasons intertwined with Cleopatra’s Needle, while shedding light on the mysterious inspirations behind Shakespeare’s timeless works.

Don’t miss this extraordinary conversation, where ancient mysteries converge with modern wisdom, forever altering your perception of the world!

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