January 17th – 22nd 2024

Gene Key 60


Limitation – Realism – Justice

This week we contemplate Gene Key 60 – the Gene Key of Realism. This is the week for building structures or implementing plans. We need such forms in order for magical change to occur in our lives…

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Meet the Community

This month, we would like to introduce you to one of the valued members of our beautiful and diverse global community. Come and meet the inspirational BJ Garcia – a Gene Keys Guide and Ambassador from USA.

What is an Online Retreat?

Our Gene Keys online retreats have become well known over the years as life-changing events for many people. Whether you are new to the Gene Keys or a seasoned voyager, the power of exploring these teachings together in an organised form is incalculable.

The retreat hums along in the background of our busy lives, helping us to shine a compassionate light on some of our more challenging patterns in life.

In 2024, we will be exploring different days & times for each retreat, to allow various time zones the ability to attend. Check out upcoming events: https://genekeys.com/online-retreats/

Find out more about online retreats in this video.

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