March 1st – 6th 2024

Gene Key 63


Doubt – Inquiry – Truth

This week we meet Gene Key 63 – Truth. This is a week to speak the truth and to uncover the truth. This is a week to move beyond your self-doubt and use the Gift of Inquiry. Look deeply into the challenges before you and root out the real truth of what caused them. You may find that it was you who created the situation, and you might even realise why and discover a great hidden gift.


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Hexagram 63 is called After Completion. This is a mystical name, for absolute truth can only be known at the end, when all are awake. So this is the dare for all beings – to be honest always, absolutely. Never tell a lie. When a man or a woman tells a lie, it kills a part of the world.

Dare to be Divine, Richard Rudd

Open Community Call

8th year anniversary 

Join Maureen ‘Momo’ Freehill in celebrating the eighth anniversary of the Gene Keys community open calls.

This session is open to everyone. Join us live this Wednesday, March 6th at 9am PT.

From the Heart of the Transmission

Personal Updates from Richard Rudd

In this video, Richard shares a couple of entries from a book he is currently writing called The Sage. This major work will be a Gene Keys I Ching, adding a whole new dimension to the Gene Keys, with specific mythic names and descriptions of each of the 384 lines of the Gene Keys.

Please be aware that the Golden Path and Seven Sacred Seals online courses will be subject to a 20% price increase as of April 1st, 2024.

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