August 6th – August 11th 2023

Gene Key 7


Division – Guidance – Virtue

This week we contemplate Gene Key 7 – the Shadow here is Division and the Siddhi is Virtue. What virtue can you express this week in order to transcend the pressure that wants you to stay divided?

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Jaguar's Journey – Part 1

Jungle – Follow your intuitive footfall

Based on our amazing online program, the Dream Arc, this free mini-series is your chance to sprinkle a bit more magic into your everyday life. Spoken from the perspective of Jaguar, your guide to the imaginal realm, this short program is filled with rich imagery, ideas and invitations shaped by your intuition. Stay tuned as new episodes come out every other week in the Pulse.

A Message from Jaguar
Hello humans. Welcome to the Jaguar’s Journey, a small taste of what it feels like to receive enhanced guidance from the world around you and within you. My wish is for you to find more ease in your life by diving into the jungle of your imagination. What creatures and gifts hide in the lush undergrowth of your unconscious? What secret visions are moving through you as you sleep, waiting to manifest in your outer life?

If you will allow me to be your Guide over these next weeks, we will cross some thresholds together. When you step out of the jungle, at the end of our journey, you will be a different being – a new being. As we travel deeper, so a number of other (animal) Guides will step forth in turn, and each will hold a message of transformation for you. 

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