Part 1: Jungle - Follow your intuitive footfall

A Message from Jaguar

Follow your intuitive footfall

Hello, human. I am Jaguar. I am here to help you see through the inner jungles of infinite possibility. I am the master of manifestation through inner vision. The path of imagination is about learning to access the higher mind. This is the realm of the archetypes, of being able to see through the events and metaphors of the outer life and unlock the inner meaning behind every symbol. All is symbol, and every symbol has a secret essence hidden within it. I, Jaguar, am master of these symbols.

Do not confuse imagination with fantasy. Imagination is creative empowerment that leads to manifestation. So come with me on a journey into the eternal forests of the inner realms. There are so many secrets in your unconscious waiting to be rediscovered. 

Follow each intuitive footfall you take. Along the way you will meet many creatures, animals from the three realms who can help, guide and inspire you. In this first part of your journey, you will find three jungle-dwelling creatures who will support you in attuning to your intuition in three very different ways. Whichever creature you choose, or that chooses you, consider its guidance carefully and make your choices from that place of deep inner listening.

Which jungle creature are you drawn to work with?

Python, Sloth, or Parrot? Click one or all of the images below and chose the message that feels most right for you...


Journey with your Animal

Now that you have chosen one of my jungle dwelling friends and you have received its guidance and meaning, I invite you to explore your own jungle habitat through following your intuition.

  • Why this creature? Why right now? Might synchronicity already be at work? Is there something happening in your life and this moment where the guidance of this being is especially needed? (Perhaps in a relationship, your work environment, or your community?)

  • How might your animal inspire your imagination, support you through a challenge, or open you up to new possibilities? 

It is quite natural that you experience some fear or resistance as you explore the inner jungle of your awareness. I invite you to keep alive the spirit of your animal by inviting in Trust. Here are some simple, fun ways to infuse your journey into your everyday life:

  • Learn more about your animal’s behaviour and characteristics or its indigenous mythology (if it has one). Maybe chill out by watching a movie or a documentary.

  • Express your fear or attraction to this creature by sketching, writing, or doing a mind-map around this animal. Maybe share what comes up for you with a trusted friend.

  • Pay attention to any linked signs, symbols or synchronicities as you journey in the waking world, or especially in your dreams.

Resources for Deeper Dreaming

Enjoy these stories from the wonderful world of the Dream Arc as a source of inspiration for your journey...

In this video, Richard Rudd introduces you to three realms of the Dream Arc Animal Codex as illustrated by Rosy Aronson. Discover the hidden meaning of the Fear Keys, Life Keys, & Vision Keys.

In this video, Rosy Aronson invites you to work closely with the animal you have chosen to journey with and open up to dreaming and active imagination with it.

Go on a journey with your creature...

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